Dirty Dining visits restaurateurs dealing with multiple shut downs.

Dirty Dining visits restaurateurs dealing with multiple shut downs.

some familiar faces are back on the dirty dining list this week from rodents gnawing on bags of rice to roaches crawling up the walls local turn investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know in today’s dirty dining can we talk to somebody about the rodent problem he hits straight to the managers office when he sees the dirty dining camera and seconds later by the boss of a lock the back door lock the back door yeah okay nobody can talk to us no we are at original julie’s this Caribbean restaurant is located one 8400 Northwest 2nd Avenue it is just north of Miami Gardens Drive on 441 in Miami Gardens hello can I talk to somebody wow what are you doing I want to talk to somebody about a rodent issue there was good reason why no one here wants to talk last week this place was ordered shut the inspector ordered a stop sale on rice because rodents had chewed through the bags rodent droppings were found in the kitchen specifically by where food is stored and by a sink live and dead roaches were found on shelves where clean plates cups and utensils are kept but there is no explanation here rodent issues on the rice sir we moved to Fort Lauderdale and we are back at beg for more Japanese Thai and tapas you look like you don’t know what I’m talking about we featured this place last week in our dirty dining segment after they were ordered shut down because of a roach infestation and we were told by a manager during that first visit not gonna happen again no not happen again three days after that interview when I asked you you told me it wasn’t gonna happen again remember right but it did seven violations were found at the restaurant during a second inspection roaches were found crawling around the kitchen and sushi bar again it won’t happen again because they you told me that once before beg for more is located on Oakland Park Boulevard just west of the Intracoastal he now says an exterminator is coming here every week Jeff yeah yep you think so I clean it’s not very assuring our final stop another repeat offender and you may remember this guy you have nothing to say nothing don’t let don’t lift that at me we think he owns praia roti shop at eight zero zero seven west sample road this place was ordered shut last week for the fourth time since 2016 Wow among the eight violations roaches were found throughout the kitchen this time he has very little to say he doesn’t even get up from behind the califor whatever bro don’t care all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen and serve you food again following an ordered clean up and then a rien spec ssin jeff wine seer local 10 News four times Jeff’s a busy man good lord alright

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