Dirty Dining: Waffle House, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wingstop among 14 places ordered shut by state

Dirty Dining: Waffle House, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wingstop among 14 places ordered shut by state

welcome back a popular South Dakota deli ordered shut again Tuesday afternoon despite the fact that we were told everything was taken care of records show the situation went from bad to worse here’s local 10 News investigator Jeff wines here with tonight’s dirty dining report first of all you misrepresent me misrepresented you shall owe me as redun like the way we operate and that’s ironic since his restaurant has been ordered shut twice by the state this month I’m not willing to continue talking we do unless you’re gonna put a full interview I’m willing now I can’t pull the full full interview on we only have a certain amount of time his request denied we first confronted Ezra earlier this month after inspectors found roach and rodent activity inside bagel Cove at 190 ahthe and Biscayne Boulevard and ordered the place shut Ezra told us then no rodent issues were found inside he takes us to a outside patio and tries to pull one over on us where do you keep the three compartments saying Oh over here in the kitchen yeah that’s where they found the dropping snow but he took care of everything no he didn’t take care of everything Tuesday inspectors were back 32 violations were found this time dead roaches were found on the floor at the bake station there were live roaches rodent droppings were found inside the restaurant a stop sale was ordered on seven layer cake because quote the cake was placed on top of a tray with hair on it that we take and kill everything we took it seriously and we took care of all of the problems were told they were taking it seriously two weeks later this is the same issues it’s already right here they still are the issues that we have to take care we taking care of it right away you told me last time we moved to Miami Gardens to another repeat dirty dining offender min-ji’s Chinese was ordered shut at the end of August and again last week among the 12 violations found live roaches were crawling on open bags of flour and sugar and there were rodent droppings found in those bags as well no one at Mindy’s would talk this Dunkin Donuts is located on a hundred and 67th Street at the Golden Glades Interchange in North Miami Beach a stop sale was ordered on doughnuts bagels croissants and muffins after the inspector saw flies quote sitting on and flying on all those items flies land on unsanitary things and are landing on the food do you see it do you try to do anything about it in a statement to local 10 News a corporate spokesperson said the issues have been addressed all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered clean up and then a rien spec ssin Jeff Wayne Cyr local 10 News

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