Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can Still Order

Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can Still Order

When one of your favorite fast food menu items
disappears, it can be completely heartbreaking. But with these ordering tricks, some of those
discontinued options may not actually be gone forever. Prepare your guts. When IHOP discontinued its cult-favorite Cinn-A-Stack
pancakes, there were hundreds and hundreds of requests submitted to bring them back. Sadly, they’re not coming back, at least not
anytime soon, although there is a way you can still get them. If you just order a stack of regular buttermilk
pancakes, you only need three other ingredients to put this one together yourself. The cream cheese frosting is still around,
as it’s a key ingredient in other items. And cinnamon spread is still around too, since
IHOP almost always has something cinnamon on the menu. So just ask for the plain pancakes, along
with cinnamon spread, cream cheese frosting, and a dollop of whipped cream. You can even ask for extra cinnamon on the
side, because everyone knows that cinnamon spread is the best part. Lifelong Taco Bell fans might remember the
Cheesarito, a simple, straightforward, vegetarian option that was a part of the chain’s original
menu. Since they’re so simple, they’re also super-easy
to still order. Just ask for a Cheesy Roll Up, which is basically
a soft tortilla with piles of melted cheese. Add scallions and red sauce, and that’s it. You now have a vintage throwback so good it’s
had people clamoring for its return. The few ingredients are all staples on Taco
Bell’s menu that are unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon, and that’s a good thing. They’re perfect for a quick snack, and they’re
not going to break the bank, either. Since it was such a popular item that was
on the menu for so long, there’s probably a devout following of people who ask for it. And even if they have no idea what you’re
ordering when you ask for a Cheesarito, you now know just what to ask for. Taco Bell’s Enchirito is a discontinued menu
item that’s so popularly hacked that it’s rumored that some locations might even have
a button for it on their cash registers. It’s no wonder, as it was on Taco Bell’s menu
from 1968 to 1993 in its original form, and it made a reappearance from 1999 to 2013 in
a modified form. It disappeared completely after that… or
did it? Everything you need to make one is still right
on Taco Bell’s menu. Start with a Burrito Supreme with double meat
and cheese but no lettuce or tomatoes, then go for a side of red sauce and two sides of
cheese. If they don’t look too busy, ask them to put
the sauce and cheese on top, and heat the whole thing until it’s melted. Add a few optional black olives to the top,
and there’s your Enchirito, just as good as you remember it. We’re not done with lost Taco Bell classics. There’s a lot of fast food items that aren’t
really good for you, but at least you can’t say Taco Bell was trying to pass anything
on their “Stuft” menu off as healthy. They may have been filled to the brim with
all kinds of stuff that would go straight to your waistline, but they were undeniably
delicious, too. Take the Nacho Crunch Grilled Stuft Burrito,
which had a relatively short run from 2005 to 2006 before it disappeared forever. Or did it? You can actually still make this one, and
that’s great news for anyone who loved the cheesy-but-crunchy texture of this massive
burrito. Start with a Beefy Nacho Griller, then add
extra meat. Add sour cream and tomatoes, and that’s it! 2005, here we come! If you’re someone who prefers when the mercury
is rising, you may have loved the Volcano Taco. It became a Taco Bell menu addition in 2009,
but it was subsequently dropped when the Fiery Doritos Locos Taco became a thing. The Locos Taco is great, but by no means is
it the same thing. There’s one thing the new Doritos taco doesn’t
have: Lava Sauce. “You ever been face down in lava sauce,
son?” Fortunately, there is a way to hack into getting
that hottest of hot sauces. Just order a side of nacho cheese, mix in
two or three Fire Sauce packets, and you’re super close to getting that extra-hot, cheesy
goodness back on your taco. As for the rest, just order a Fiery Doritos
Locos Taco, then add the sauce you just mixed up. Bon appetit! “It’s the Big N Tasty!” The McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty wasn’t popular
enough to stay on the menu full time, as it was discontinued in 2011. But it still comes back every once in a while
for special occasions. But what if you don’t want to wait? You can still get put this one together, for
the most part. McDonald’s created the Big N’ Tasty to go
head-to-head with Burger King’s Whopper, and that’s essentially what it is. Start with a Quarter Pounder with Cheese without
ketchup and mustard, then add lettuce and tomato. The Big N’ Tasty also came with a smokey sauce,
but it’s so close to the Big Mac’s special sauce that you can add that and you’re 99
percent of the way there. Just ask for BBQ sauce on the side. Mix, apply, and you’re good to go. You can’t get a 100 percent authentic McDLT
from McDonald’s anymore, but that’s completely fine. When this Whopper-esque burger was discontinued
in the early 1990s, it was due to a shift in how environmentally conscious the chain
was. It was served in a two-part polystyrene container,
so it’s a good thing they don’t do that anymore. But the burger itself was a brilliant concept. The idea behind the McDLT was that it was
served to you in a single container with two sides: hot and cold. The hot half was the bottom bun and the burger
patty. The other half, with the top bun, lettuce,
tomato, and mayo, was kept cold, since it was served in a separate side of the insulated
container. On top of all that, a pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander
was the pitchman in a McDLT commercial. “Could be the best-tasting lettuce-and-tomato
hamburger, ever!” McDonald’s still has all those ingredients,
so you can still put it all together. Just ask for a naked Quarter Pounder, then
add lettuce, mayo, and tomato – packaged separately, of course. Sure, it’s a little extra work on your end,
and a lot more environmental waste, and probably an annoyed cashier, but who wants hot lettuce? We’re not savages. In 2016, countless Chick-fil-A aficionados
were devastated when the Spicy Chicken Biscuit was dropped from the menu in many, though
not all, locations. While some spots still offer the spicy slice
of breakfast deliciousness, some Chick-fil-A devotees may have to resort to other means
to procure this fan favorite. This one takes some timing. Chick-fil-A stops serving breakfast at 10:30,
and that’s when they technically stop making those incredible buttered biscuits and start
making lunch, which includes the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. If you have nothing better to do, you can
time your visit for that sweet spot between breakfast and lunch, and ask nicely for a
leftover biscuit from breakfast to go along with a lunchtime spicy sandwich. If you loved Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha
Frappuccinos during the holiday season, you’re not the only one. They were amazing, a combination of chocolate,
mocha, and caramel with just a dash of sea salt. Here’s the good news: though they’re technically
not on the menu anymore, you can still order one, if you know what to ask for. Start with a Caramel Frappuccino, and ask
if they’ll make a few adjustments for you. Blend mocha and toffee nut syrup into the
coffee, and finish it off with the usual whipped cream and a caramel drizzle on top. As for the sea salt, that’s the only ingredient
that’s not going to be in stock, but one barista who posted on Reddit discovered a bit of a
workaround. Just take one packet of raw sugar and mix
with two packets of ordinary salt. The effect is so similar, you’ll believe that
you actually ordered the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino straight off the menu again. The Yumbo is such a weird name for a sandwich
that it’s hard to believe anyone ever took it seriously. In fact, according to Snopes, a theory started
circulating on social media in 2014 that said that Burger King had created a fake 1970s-era
sandwich in an attempt to get everyone talking about their product instead of lamenting the
loss of McDonald’s McRib. But the Yumbo was actually real, and when
it came back in 2014, it was to a somewhat confused reception. It garnered headlines like the Houston Chronicle’s “Burger King’s uninspired Yumbo may give sandwiches
a bad name.” So it’s no wonder you can’t find it on menus
today. If you’re so inclined, though, you can still
piece it together, as long as you head to BK during breakfast. That’s when you can get ham from the Croissan’wich,
along with cheese. Ask for it on a sesame seed roll with some
mayo, and you’ve got your old-school Yumbo. And lettuce isn’t necessary, despite what
the 21st century Yumbo might have you believe. But really… it’s just a ham sandwich. Make one at home. America has been in a serious relationship
with bacon for years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect complement to just about
anything so when Burger King released the Bacon Sundae in summer 2012, it was shocking
only because it had taken them so long. It debuted in Nashville and then spread to
other markets, but it was always designed as a limited-time offer. That’s a bummer because of how perfect bacon
and chocolate are together, with both caramel and fudge adding to that perfection. The good news is you can absolutely still
order this one. BK still has both caramel and chocolate fudge
sundaes, so just order one with both toppings. Then, order a side of bacon. Smash, sprinkle, and dig in. Frings were perhaps the laziest of all sides,
and they were only on the menu at Jack In The Box for a short time in the 1970s. They’re exactly what they sound like: half
onion rings, half french fries. They’re literally what happens when someone’s
not being too careful with their scoop and you get some of each in an order, and it’s
not strange that they were discontinued. What’s strange is that you could ever order
them at all. Although they are fun to say, so we’ll give
Jack In the Box credit for that much. You can still easily get this option, and
not just from Jack In The Box. In fact, you can get it from any fast food
place that has both onion rings and french fries on the menu: just order a half-and-half. Or if that’s not an option, order a small
one of each, plus a large container to mix them in. And just like that, your most important lunch
dilemma is solved. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one!


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  2. Really! There are a thousand things on every fast food menu and you're going to drive up and ask some sweaty under paid worker to make something special. ..I don't think so. ..
    Believe me. .you want special sauce, well you'll get it. ..what is wrong with people. .don't they have enough options out there to choose from. ..geesh. ..

  3. McDonald's need to bring back their spicy popcorn chicken balls
    Wendys pretzel bacon cheese burger and
    Burger king buffalo chicken tenders

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  5. Taco Bell was and still isn't "filled to the brim." The only filled was veggies. Lots, and lots of veggies on your taco or burrito. You only get a teaspoon of meat. The only way you're getting filled to the brim of meat if your dating someone who works at TB. Or go to the one's in the hood.

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  7. The Quarter Pounder Deluxe is now on the menu in some markets and, except for not being separated, is virtually identical to the old McD.L.T.

  8. Erm….Taco Bell doesn't have Black Olives on the Menu anymore…….
    But if you live in North texas, there's a small "local" chain that DOES have an extremely close version (if you hold the sour cream….just ask for sour cream on the side or ask for the sour cream to be added inside) Taco Casa.

    They not only have the old "Enchirito" (sans sour cream, BUT with the olive slices on top, they call it a "Chilada" Had it myself, can confirm it is exactly the same thing, just add your own sour cream) but they also have the old Taco Bell Taco Grande "Lite" which had a fried flour tortilla shell in place of the corn one…..and, unlike Taco Bell, Taco Casa does not skimp on the freshly shredded cheddar cheese….and if you ask for extra…oh man….

  9. Honestly I do not get this post. They shoulda labelled it "How to be an asshole to wage slaves for a product you can't even remember ordering". Get over it, the world does not revolve around you or your wanna be retro coolness. Fucking edgelords.

  10. You know what if they have the ingredients to these items already they should just put them back on the menu. That’s my opinion.

  11. The Chick fil A spicy biscuit doesn't require timing games. Just order a chicken biscuit, ask for a spicy filet. They are more than happy to change it. However they will always say "It is going to take about 7 minutes" because they have to get a frozen one. So be patient, and you can continue getting this amazing biscuit. Oh and don't order this in Drive through.

  12. How do I get Jack in the box to put brown rice back on the menu to use in their rice bowel? I've tried writing about this to several websites claiming to be contacts for Jack in the box; but it is doubtful they are; however, I did use a couple to make this request anyway. Brown rice was only available for about 6 weeks before it was taken off as an option. I'd eat there every day for at least one meal if brown rice was brought back on their options to have. Jack in the box has a very poor contact to not a contact dialog box which comes up on their main corporate site.

  13. What's a chocolate and mocha? Chocolate is an ingredient in a mocha. They cannot be separate. Basically what you said was… Make me a mocha with extra chocolate…

  14. The hamburgers at Macdons are only 15 percent meat the rest Is filler this why they dry out after 30 minutes if not steamed

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  17. I'm lucky if my taco bell doesn't run out of meat or mess my order up let alone add stuff to items. They probably think scallions was some kind of new musician ooowwoo

  18. as a fan of the big and tasty and someone who worked at mcdonalds for the majority it was on the menu heres whats on it.
    top bun ketchup mayo then onion then lettuce then tomato and one slice of chesse and meat a bun

  19. I worked at mcdonalds if you want a mcdlt and big and tasty or whatever. It is the quarter deluxe sandwich. Just ask for that. Dont have to do that extra shit.

  20. Taco Bell still has enchiritos. I worked at one a couple months ago and we still had them on our menu.

  21. LMFAO. How the fuck did I end up on the Fat American Internets! Go to Germany and eat some real food!

  22. I work at taco bell, we dont carry black olives or "scallions" and if you ask for an enchirito at my location (and most locations) we arent allowed to make it for you, the closest thing to it would be a bean burrito, extra beef, and extra red sauce, its cheaper than the option they chose and its almost the same thing with every ingredient inside

  23. As a barista, you are almost correct on the salted caramel mocha, its a mocha frappuccino with toffee nut, not a caramel frap. And yes whip and drizzle on the top. The salt topping is literally salt and sugar and you can ask us for a few salt packets, we have them in stock for the salted cold foam cold brew. Grab some sugar off the condiment bar and there you go.

  24. So are you saying with the pictures that taco bell isn't made for human consumption or that they use dog meat?

  25. The Mc DLT is still on the menu, just order a quarter pounder deluxe. Just make sure to specify no mustard as I had to at the MCD's close to work, or the cashier does not ring up a double quarter pounder. Then again at that MCD's I also got a double quarter pounder deluxe about 70% of the time, talk about being stuffed after a med fries and eating as much of that monstrosity as I could…

  26. Lol Runza still does frings & us here in Nebraska love them!! Then again, we are the only real place to find a Runza so it makes sense!

  27. I worked at ihop, the pancakes are available every fall. And they don’t carry the cinnamon spread year round.


  29. lets see here…
    Taco bell does not have Scallions or black olives anymore, they haven't had them for about 10 years…

    The Big N' Tasty did not have BBQ/Hickory sauce, it had Mayo.

    I Have yet to see a Chick-fli that didn't have a spicy chicken biscuit, like iv'e been to a lot of states, its always been there. in the odd case its not, you can just order a spicy chicken sandwich from the lunch menu, and have them put it on a biscuit. That way you can order it whenever rather than having to wait til breakfast is almost over.

    please do more than 10 seconds of googling before making a video next time. Literally any one who has been to a Taco bell in the last decade knows they don't have black olives or scallions anymore.

  30. Mashed- *uploads video called ‘discontinued food items you can still order *

    FBI- ‘stay where you are’

  31. How to get fast food workers to spit in your food while pissing off absolutely everyone in the restaurant. Great job!

  32. McDLT was the best, and I've been making it since realizing I could. The need for the giant packaging wasn't to keep the lettuce fresh once it was made, it was to keep it fresh once it was ordered and the meat side was removed from under the heat lamp, and served. So, making it by adding the needed ingredients will give you the same result, only without the hours old meat patty.

    As for the rest, I don't miss any of them. I do miss Taco Bell's Chili Cheese Burrito, but you can't order that anymore.

  33. Taco Bell doesn't have black olives, few locations have scallions/green onions, and the Enchirito absolutely did not use a Burrito Supreme as a base. The Burrito Supreme has lettuce, tomato, and sour cream that the Enchirito did not contain. You would need to start with a Bean Burrito (which has the correct onions, cheese, and red sauce ingredients) and add Beef to get the Enchirito base.

  34. Yeah, that is what you want to do. Is harassing the busy fast food worker, with an order they never heard of before, a good decision? I say NO way. You are much safer in just ordering a simple menu item without any changes. What do you think is going to happen? Do most people have any clue in how much training and oversight goes into a fast food employee? My experience has been almost zero. Surely washing one's hands and handling food safely is truly asking too much of fast food worker. We are a nation of sheep, and our use of fast food restaurants is one of many signs this is true. We refuse to use our rational minds and see that the increase of fast food eating has equal a steady increase in American's obesity and the development of secondary health issue due to being obese, like diabetes. 80,000 American's died from diabetes in 2015, and 371 millions of people in the world now have diabetes, and about half of these don't even know they have the disease. Our exporting fast food to the world is going to be killing more people than we do in our fighting each other. We humans are pretty stupid in our behavior and our beliefs.

  35. When I was in grade school, I was able to spend
    a couple hours a day, actually "working" in the
    cafeteria. In 1970, they had Enchiritos. Have LOVED
    them ever since. A bean and cheese burrito, coated
    with Enchilada sauce and cheese, and run under the
    broiler or "salamander." Olives optional.


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