Distillation Essential Oils And Hydrosol Ukrainian Copper Distiller

Distillation Essential Oils And Hydrosol Ukrainian Copper Distiller

hello dear friends today we will be
making essential oil out of lavender and I will show you how to do it so to make
essential oil we need distilling equipment our Ukrainian alembic which we call “Phoenix” it consists out of next parts the pot where you put water the column where you fill the herb inside the sieve to close the column so the herbs will not
fall out. Silicon gasket, Tri-clamp. So the first step is to fill the pot with
water I have already put some one and a half liter of boiling water I boiled it in the
boiler so it’s faster so I put some more water I put a little bit of salt some
two spoons of salt so it will increase temperature of vapour and make essential
oil separation better. So next step is to fill the Column with the herb (any
herb) this time we are using lavender it’s very easy to do and we close the column with the sieve
press it and then remove the rests of herbs next step is to connect cooling water tubes but before connecting the tubes I recommend to grease a bit with any oil and sunflower oil or any other oil will
be okay so it will be much easier to put the tube on and to remove the tube
afterwards. So you just grease it a little bit and it becomes much easier to
put the tube on so on the lower tube you put cooling water and from higher tube
the hot water will be going out so once the column is filled with herb
and water supply is connected you put silicone gasket on the tri-clamp
then you put the column it’s very stable equipment you see it
stays like this then you close tri-clamp it’s very easy to do. For essential oil
distillation you don’t need thermometer but you need to make the heating as high
as possible because high temperature will allow you to get more oil so you
just can use oil diffuser To separate hydrosols from oil you need oils separator(diffuser) it’s very easy tool and it will be very efficient to separate oil
from the hydrosols. And we use short tube to arrange like this so
all the drops will go directly into that oil separator. You need some vessel to
collect hydrosols after oils separator and bigger one to
collect hydrosols from the smaller container afterwards we will use be peppete to
collect oil so basically we can start. We put heater on and we put water on as
well so within five minutes after we started our distillation process we have
already some drops of hydrosol and we can see that hydrosols are below
and now we have already few drops of essential oils. Lavender
essential oil. And once it will reache this level Hydrosols will be coming out
in the Vessel and we will be getting our essential oil first half an hour of some
40б 50 minutes will be is the most efficient to collect essential oil and
the biggest quantity of essential oil which content which has some herbs it’s it will be already here so if you need to get more essential oil
you have to refill the column with a new fresh herbs now I will be refilling
column with a new herb. So I will get more essential oil within one
distillation so I switch off the heater I leave the cooling water flow I take some clothes to take the column and open it you can easily take the column by using the cooler it’s cool enough but of course you have to be very carefull so I have open
the sieve and remove with a spoon used herbs and then I fill the column with pressure And close it with a sieve as I did it for the first time and put the column back on the still quite hot so you have to be really
careful so now you can put the heater on and get more essential oils so after few minutes it will be coming


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