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Hi everyone, this is EmI today I’m going to show you how you can make three more Paper earring then please check out my other two videos on how to make paper earrings So let’s get started to prepare my cardboard for making earrings I Always glue two layers together using Elmer’s glue or Mod Podge. I happen to find a spot on a box That was a pretty color of blue So using my template that I just cut by folding the paper and cutting out shapes. I traced my Shape on that blue Cardboard and now I have my section here. That is two layers thick and I’m going to glue this on here And place this down and wipe off the extra glue and use my body heat just to hurry up the drying time cut it out Like that and always coat all of the edges with either a glaze or Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue to make them waterproof And I cut a piece of 20 gauge wire approximately one foot long, form a loop on one end I’m going to hold it behind my section and I’m going to fold this up and Then I’m going to go around one time around the top part and Then I’m just going to start winding it down along the full length of the cardboard Fold it over one last time and Fold it down like that and I have just a little bit too much there. So cut that extra off and form a loop like That now, I just made a little Dangle by making one loop. I passed on a silver bead and a blue bead and a silver bead And I’m just going to open that up and place it on that bottom loop Like that, and now I’m going to attach an ear wire and I have a video on how to make your own ear wires I’ll put the link below Close up my loop and that’s this style to make the next set I found some pretty colors on this box of ice cream cones, so you can see right here. I have this section And I drew my lines on there. I brushed on some Mod Podge and I let it dry And I’m just going to cut this out Cut that like that like that, I think I’ll just shorten these up a little bit and With my silver pilot pen. I’m going to put a metallic edge all along The edges And the back Like that and that will make it look like metal and I’m going to finish it the same way I did this one and for the next set. I’m going to choose a color from here trace on a heart shape Glue it to the cardboard cut it out Punch a hole do an edge and silver And the back And on this heart I’m going to pounce on some glittery nail polish Add a jump ring and an ear wire Close that up and there you have it. You could also have a dangle on this one if you liked and There you go There are three more paper earrings that you can make Just using pieces of cardboard boxes and I put the link below for the other two videos on paper earrings Thanks for watching bye for now

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