DIY 3D Paper Flower Earrings/ How to Make Colourful Paper Flower Earrings/ Paper Art Flowers

DIY 3D Paper Flower Earrings/ How to Make Colourful Paper Flower Earrings/ Paper Art Flowers

Hey guys, welcome back today I’m going to show how to make these beautiful 3D paper flower earrings Let’s start I am going to use Mod Podge and craft glue Blu-tack earring findings a spoon some paper flowers i will put the products information in the description box I have shown how to make paper flower templates in different sizes and shapes in my last video so I have prepared these clourful flowers from the templates i have made. They are construction paper flowers which are tough and solid , and tissue paper flowers, which have gentle colour intensity, and kind of silk fabric look, i will be using construction paper flowers in 4 colours and 2 sizes tissue paper flowers in 3 colours and 2 sizes. A piece of leftover red construction paper. Put one earring finding on Blu-tack today you also can use flat disc earring findings. Take some Mod Podge with the spoon drip it slowly into the blank plate it’s quite fluid lean the blu-tack to make mod podge cover the plate evenly put it aside it will not dry fast Now i will layer up the construction flowers i will use craft glue there is little applicator to apply it Just apply more glue to cover bigger space if you want the earrings to be more durable and make sure all the petals are visible not covering each other there are four layers for the construction paper flower draw a small circle on red paper cut it to stick on the center of the flower it looks very flat now but i will make it look nicer later Same way to layer up tissue paper flowers there are 3 layers i will layer up two red paper dots even though they wont be visible, I just need to make the tissue paper flower look thicker (and 3D) Curve the red and blue petals from the back of the construction paper flower with a cotton bud bend them a little bit squeeze the pink and yellower petals so the construction paper flower looks 3D looks much better then stick these two flowers together the tissue paper petals give sort of transition colour for our skin construction paper flower gives 3D shape and better color intensity so it’s just like how i explained makeup Now just stick the back of the flower setting to the earring finding not the center part, i prefer a bit close to the edge so the flower will be hanging nicely on the ear You can still move it to adjust the flower setting position here you can use glue gun rather than Mod Podge for today’s design the glue dries really fast and save a lot of time but you are not able to adjust the flower setting position after a few seconds or clean the extra glue so it’s your choice to choose which tool you need after we finished, have to leave them for a night to wait the Mod Podge getting dried totally. the next day you can wear these beautiful paper flower earrings I hope guys you this design. Thank you so much for watching I will see you next time xoxo

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