DIY Arizona Green Tea Cuff Bracelet (Recycled Soda Can Jewelry) – DIY & I

DIY Arizona Green Tea Cuff Bracelet (Recycled Soda Can Jewelry) – DIY & I

Hey everyone today I wanted to show you how
to make this really cute cuff bracelet using an Arizona green tea
can so let’s get started! to save time
already cut open my can but if you’re not sure how to do that I’ll put a link to a video in the Description box below I also cut a couple flowers out of the
extra space of the Can to glue on later take a toilet paper roll and cut it in
half mark off how big you want your bracelet
to be. mine measures about 2 inches wide then just cut it down to size place the cardboard on the can and trace
along the edge so you can cut the can down to the size you want also apply glue to the cardboard and position
the can onto it to add more dimension you can glue the
flowers you cut out earlier onto the cuff put them anywhere you like apply duct taped to the back and
outside to finish it off and cover any possible sharp edges I cut-out tiny squares in each of the
four corners to make it easier to fold the duct tape over now I’m taking some scrapbooking
stickers and sticking them on the bracelet place the cuff around something circular
to help hold its shape I left mine on overnight just to be safe take it off the next day and enjoy your
new bracelet here the others I made using coke and 7 up cans so I hope you have a wonderful day and
feel free to subscribe and check out my other videos see you next time


  1. I am making one for my cousins 12 year old daughter. I am making one for myself, but I am going to cut a hole in the center and make it a watch. These would make great bookmarks too. 😁

  2. Pretty cool! As you can see from my profile and profile picture. I like ben 10. So I used your idea to create an omnitrix out of a soup can. It's a bit different though. But you gave me the concept so thanks!

  3. I always feel guilty throwing away my monster cans, since I'm addicted to them. It's like throwing away a piece of my soul. I've cut down some to use as planters. Totally gonna make a bracelet. ha! yay!

  4. What a cute idea! But I have a couple of concerns.
    First, after cutting up some aluminum cans in hopes of making earrings, I'm concerned about the jagged edges. The flowers you cut out and added to the surface look like they could be dangerous. Were you able to wear the bracelet without cutting yourself? (And did it hold its shape without the duct tape separating from it?)
    Second, I'd like to think that there must be a more elegant way to finish the sides and ends. Have you by any chance had any alternative suggestions that didn't require professional skills?
    I don't know if you still monitor your comments here, but if so, thanks in advance for your response(s).

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