DIY bohemian accessories! Tumblr inspired bracelet, ring & necklaces!

DIY bohemian accessories! Tumblr inspired bracelet, ring & necklaces!

Hi guys!! Today I bring you some super cute accessories mostly inspired by Tumblr and all of them really easy to make. For the first one you just have to cut a piece of round elastic cord open a jump ring and place your charm Mine is a peace sign but you can use whatever you want Thread the cord too, and close the jump ring again. Then just make a double knot, as the cord is elastic you won’t need any closure to put it on make sure it fits you well by trying it on while you make the knot Cut the excess and that’s it! As you see, it’s super simple and a lot cheaper than buying one at stores For the second one, take a piece of wire place a gemstone in the middle and wrap it around the stone You can obviously use any type of stone you want You will get something like this Take those two ends and twist them Cut the excess and bend them like so and twist them a little more to make the hook. Then just add a chain or a cord that you like I made the closure with just a jump ring because the chain is long enough. This one is also really pretty and perfect for summer The next one is just an idea and it’s gluing down a coin onto a ring, just like that And I think is better use a coin that is not from your country so it’s more special and unique The last one is actually my favorite and you start off by taking a piece of leather like cord and threading any two or three charms or bead you want Take another piece of cord and make a knot on one side of the beads as I’m doing here and them make a braid Repeat the same for the other side. Cut the excess and secure the ends with some glue or clear nail polish To make the closure, on one of the sides glue down a button, and for the other side take a little piece of cord, make a loop and secure it with more glue as I’m doing in the video I’m so happy with how this one turned out and it actually gave me more ideas for bracelets let me know in the comment if you would want another DIY bracelets video So I hope you like all these ideas I will leave all the material and measurements in the description box if you want to check them out Have an awesome week and I will come back next week with more DIYs. Thanks for watching! Bye!


  1. This video was uploaded today and today's my birthday 🙂
    Now, seriously, I love the ideas! I'll try the gemstone pendant as soon as I can!!

  2. I only had a little bit of my leather wire and I made a bracelet for Mother's Day can't wait to see my moms reaction

  3. This is great!Owl bracelet and gem necklace are my favorite ones!Btw I would love more videos like this ♥

  4. my favourites are the pendant necklace and the bracelet! they're so cute omagosh❤ diy for birthday gift please~?

  5. Hello ! Can you make a tutorial on how to make a big fluffy unicorn (like in Despicable me2)? 😃☺️ please-thank you 🙂 you are awesome and creative 😉 please do the unicorn 😍

  6. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiloook at this coment upsidedown and it will turn out I looks like ! and ! loopks like I!

  7. I have a good idea… Could you PLEASE do healthy food ideas with fruits that grow in the summer such as Kiwi and watermelon, etc.

  8. Ok I might actually I am not exaggerating. With all your amazing DIY accessories and everything who wouldn't want another DIY bracelets video!! I love your channel and all your videos!

  9. From where did you buy the rock you use in the necklace I am from greece do you now any web I can buy it
    You are great and so T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D- nice video

  10. The owl one was certainly my favorite. For the gemstone one, I thought it would be creative to make your own gemstone. I've watched a few videos how to make a DIY Crystal, and it would be perfect! Thank you DIYLover!!

  11. You are so sweet and beautiful ❤ 😘 ❤ 💘 💗 💖 💕 😍 😍 😍 I love you so much ❤ 😘 💗 💖 You are so cool ❤😘💗💖😍❤😍💕☺💚😊💛💞💓💜

  12. OMG I love the gemstone pendant!! I've want one for a while but I didn't want to spend too much money, this is a great found 😀

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