DIY Bracelet! Bracelet Making Tutorial with String and a Heart Charm

Phew, that was close! So today we are making
this super cute bracelets. I made two of them since I like to wear them together. They are
so easy to make and they are seriously my favorite bracelets to wear right now. So I
hope you’ll try to make them yourself and here’s how to do that. In this tutorial you’ll
learn how to easily create these charming bracelets. They are adjustable in size, which
makes it easy to put them on and of your wrist. Here’s what you need to make them: colorful
nylon cord, I went for a lilac and a hot pink; any kind of connector charm, I am using these
beautiful gold hearts; some small beads, which is optional and for the tools: scissors, embroidery
needle, a super glue or a lighter. You will need 5 pieces of knotting cord to
make one bracelet. Cut 2 pieces of the cord first. These must be 15 inches or 40 centimeters
long. Fold the first cord in half and pull the loop through the heart. Then fold it over
the heart and pull the rest of the cord through the loop. Repeat the same step on the other
side of the heart. As you can see you can use any connector charm you want as long as
it has a hole. Place the bracelet on the flat surface and
fix the two strands with a piece of a tape or a heavy object like me. Cut another piece
of a cord, this time a bit longer — approximately twenty inches should be enough. Square the
first string over the stationary one. Now it’s time to start knotting with a basic square
knot technique. Take the marked side of the cord, I started
with the one on the left side of your screen – go under the middle strands and over the
one on the right. This will create a loop on the left side. Take the cord on the right
and pull it through the loop. Pull tightly and slide the knot up to the charm.
Next, switch to the opposite side. Since I started with the cord on the left side of
the screen before, I am now first taking the string on the right side. Again, go under
the middle strings and over the strings on the left side of the screen. Pull the left
string through the loop and pull both cords tightly.
And you just need to repeat these steps until you end up with a beautiful strap. Again,
take the string on the left side. Go under the middle cords and over the cord on the
right side. Pull the right cord into the loop on the left and tighten the strands. Take
the right string and again navigate under the middle strings and over the left string.
Switch to the left string, go through the loop and tighten the knot.
Let’s watch this vital step one more time, so that it prints into our memory. I like
DIY bracelet projects especially during winter. Here in Norway days are becoming very short
already and it usually rains. So I like spending my free time creating some cute accessories.
I have several easy bracelet tutorials in mind so definitely stay tuned if you are a
bracelet lover. Back to our bracelet.. continue knotting until
the strap is long enough to cover a bit less than half of your wrist. Turn the bracelet
over. To make a neat ending to the strap we now need to work with these two side cords.
Thread the first cord onto an embroidery needle, which is basically just a normal needle but
bigger. Then sew up the center of two to three knots along the backside of the bracelet like
me. Repeat this step on the other side. This will assure that our knots are well secured
and that the bracelet will last us many years. So this is what you need to have at the end.
Cut the excess cords that you’ve just sewed up and melt the tips with a lighter for the
extra hold. Now we need to repeat the same process on
the other side of the bracelet. Here I am starting on the left. Go under the middle
stings and over the strings on the right. As you see a loop is formed on the left, so
take the right string and go through that loop. Pull both side strings to tighten the
knot. Since we started on the left before, we must
start on the right this time. Go under the middle strings and over the left string. Take
the left one and go through the loop. Tighten and repeat these steps — left, right, left,
right until your bracelet strap is long enough. Here you can see closely why this knot is
called the square knot. You get a square pattern with the strings when you’re knotting. Finnish
off the strap the same way as the first one. Trim the excess cords that were sewed up the
center and melt the tips. Be careful that you don’t melt the rest of the bracelet, the
flame must only slightly touch the two tips. To make a sliding closure, shape the bracelet
into a circle so that the middle strands overlap. Make two loose knots like me to temporarily
tie the cords together. Fix the bracelet so that it stays in place with some object.
Take ten inches of a cord. Now start knotting exactly the same way as before with the bracelet
straps. As I am starting on the left, I need to go under the four middle strings, and then
over the right string. With the right string I am going through the loop on the left and
I finish the knot by tightening. Next, start on the right side, go under the
middle cords and over the left one. Take the left cord, go through the loop on the right
and tighten. Repeat this a few times until your clasp is about half an inch or a centimeter
long. Make the same ending to the clasp as you did before with the straps.
I love this sliding closure for my bracelets as it makes it really easy to put the bracelet
on and of my wrists without damaging it. Cut the excess cord and melt the tips. Untie the
temporary knots. See how simple it is to make such an adorable
bracelet. It really doesn’t take much time either, one hour or maybe two if you’re new
to making bracelets. You can just finish your bracelet by making
little knots on each of the 4 cords like this or you can thread on a bead first for a lovely
detail. I decided to use these little golden beads. In any case make sure to leave enough
space so that you’ll be able to put the bracelet on and off your wrist. Just make four final
knots, trim the excess cord and we are finished. This bracelet will spice up any outfit as
it looks so casual and elegant at the same time. I made another one using a hot pink
cord as well. They look absolutely adorable layered with other bracelets and nonetheless
these make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. And that’s how easy this was.
Pretty cool, right? Since they look so adorable I am thinking of making more of them with
different colors of string. Please send me a picture on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
if you try to make them yourself because I love seeing your recreations. Thank you for
watching and bye, bye until next time!

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