DIY Bracelet Tutorial with Natural Druzy Connectors and Gemstones Beads – Easy Design Idea

DIY Bracelet Tutorial with Natural Druzy Connectors and Gemstones Beads – Easy Design Idea

Hello! Welcome to channel! Today we are going to make bracelets
with Druzy Stones and Gemstones Beads Let’s check our huge collection of gemstones Bright pendants for summer necklace Take a simple silver chain Attach a clasp and your necklace is ready You can also try an unusual option with turquoise chain Some stones don’t have a bail It is not a problem Attach a bail and gently squeeze the pliers How about rectangle shape? If you use a chain with a clasp And you can pass jump ring through the bail You can use pliers to open jump ring Attach a bail and then close jump ring Other kinds of druzy pendants All of them you can buy on our website There are also a lot of connectors You can use them to make bracelets We will show the technique in a while Let’s start our bracelet tutorial You will need a piece of elastic thread, several gemstone beads and a connector Take crystal elastic thread, choose length accordingly to the size of the wrist + a few centimeters on each side to tie knots Fix the end of crystal elastic thread with the piece of sticky paper, so the beads will not fall down Start stringing beads on crystal elastic thread Now take the connector and pass your thread through the loop Pass the thread back through all beads Take another thread of the wire and do the same Now firmly tie a few knots Check the size on your wrist Glue the knot and cut ends with scissors after drying Did you like this video? Please press “like”, subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment. Thank you 🙂 SEE YOU!


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