DIY CD/DVD jewellery with rubberstamps

DIY CD/DVD jewellery with rubberstamps

hi today I want to show you a very quick and simple technique to reuse your old CDs or DVDs and make pretty charms or even jewelry with them what you need first of all is a stays on stamp pad that a stamp pad that is permanent on non-porous surfaces like the city is made of plastic and a cheap scissor don’t use your expensive or your best juicers because they can be damaged it happened only once to me but well it can happen and so don’t use your best systems it works with every seven with the cheap ones and you need a CD or dvd important is that it’s printed on the back that it’s that it’s an industrial produced CD or DVD the custom made or you burn on your own computer I don’t know if this is correct term it that you can do on your own computer won’t work because it after you cut them the silver paint whatever will come off you need a city that is printed on the back and one thing you have to keep in mind that the image is not bigger than a CD as you can see I’m trying several images if they fit on every image that is smaller than the CD like you can see is this perfect for city stamping yeah and um even this big one will work for me Inc carefully the stamp with those days on Stan yeah I’d check several times to make sure that it’s all covered with ink and press to the city to make a crisp image the ink will drive very fast so you don’t have to wait until it’s dry the next step is the most important one because you only can cut the city without breaking it if it’s hot if it’s warm so I did this technique outside outdoor so I recommend that if you do this open a window or take care that you have a good ventilation in that area so heated with a heat gun don’t burn it it has only to be hot like like a toast or so take care if you touch the city I explained that to game later then you can cut sse the city easily what I do is to cut a rough shape so that that I can handle the city better to cut the details as you can see here when the city is warm you can cut cut it like yeah not like butter but almost like butter it’s very easy to do you even can cut a detailed curves or the details of the stem not like like a hair a single hair single line or so but well when when I have worked on the image for like 30 or 60 second I will heat it again so that it’s still hot when I cut then you can hold it with with the tool like I do with the scissors so that your fingers won’t be burned then I show you how to cut edges or more detailed parts then I cut it from two sides the first cut from one side and then I move the image and cut the other direction so I can cut into an image without breaking it now as you can see it’s not that hot it’s it’s warm it’s a bit more than lukewarm well done if you want to use it as a charm and punch a hole make sure it’s hot here reheat it only to be sure if it breaks it’s only a cheap CD that you have used so you have no expensive ways and it doesn’t happen often so you can use a punch take care that the punch is a very small one it won’t work with the bigger hole only with a very chanyeol yeah done if you like you can color the images with every color that works on plastic I hope you enjoyed and have your own ideas and I would be really really happy if you command and send me images or videos of your craft ideas with it with with this technique sorry bye


  1. Of all the ideas I've looked at on Pinterest, YOURS is the prettiest, most clever and easy. And best of all I actually have all of the supplies needed for a change. Thank you for sharing your very creative art. It reminds me of the many Shrinky Dinks I've made.

  2. Thank you so much for this Tutorial and all the tips you gave,Love them and will know to heat them before cutting,thank you.xx Have Subscribed.

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