DIY Chain & Rhinestone Friendship bracelets {How to Make}

– [Voiceover] Hi there. So I am back with another
fun bracelet tutorial. This first style was
inspired from and the second style was inspired from JuBalduinomakeup on YouTube. I enjoy the creations so much, I wanted to share my take
on how to make these. So first off, when I saw
these new chain bracelets at Michael Craft store, I
was pleasantly surprised. I knew that I wanted to
share this with you guys. They are so pretty and
perfect to create with. These are supposedly Tori
Spelling’s Styled line for craft making. I’ve never seen these before, but anyways, I really like them and
so I bought four packages in silver and gold. So other materials you would
need to create these bracelets, some faux suede cord and if
you can’t find faux suede cord, that’s totally okay, just get
some ribbons that are about a quarter of an inch wide
and it should work just fine. For the first design, you
also need rhinestone chain. And remember guys, I always
list stores on the bottom of this video if you’re
wondering where I purchase it. Alright, so first design
you’re going to need to take out two chain bracelets. I took off the extra
hooks and links on here since I only need one. Before we begin, I just
want to warn you guys that these chains are not easy to handle. That’s the only frustrating
thing about this. I find holding it up and
letting the chain hang downward make it easier to lace them. Okay, cut a very long cord,
about 40-50 inches long. Better to make it long
than be sorry later. Okay, so we’re going to
start by tying one end of the cord to both ends of the chains. Then starting from under,
I am inserting the cord from underneath the chain
and out above the chain. Take that cord now and
insert it from above and into the next chain. Pull the cord out from underneath. Now, you can insert the rhinestone chain, as I am doing right here. Pull the cord in tightly. Hold the rhinestone. Now, as you’re lacing the cord, go around the rhinestone. Again, you are inserting
the cord from underneath and pulling it out from above. Then insert it on the
other side from above and pull it out underneath. Keep on repeating this. The first few steps are
going to be difficult, just because you’re going to have chains all over the place and
the rhinestone’s going to slide off and on. Just try to hold it
tight together in place and once you get a feel of that in then it’s going to be easier. ♫ I’ll still be here when you’re older ♫ And I’ll still be feeling the same ♫ And I won’t be tired or sober ♫ And I’ll still know just how you came ♫ Just how you ♫ Now, just repeat the same thing over and over until you reach the end. Once you reach the end,
just simply tie a knot and snip it off. Use a little dab of glue
to secure it in place. And since my bracelet came with hooks, I don’t have to add them in, but if you bought a
different type of chain and you don’t have a hook closure to that, you can watch my past bracelet tutorials, which have many different
ways how you can add on a hook or anchor to your bracelet. So, this next design is
basically a complicated version to my other chain bracelet tutorial, but if you like mixing
multi-chains and colors together, then here’s a great, fun way to do it. The lacing for this is
pretty much the same to the last design. This cord should be at least
one and a half yard long. And you will need to
use about three chains for this design. Okay, so take out your long cord and tie the center of
it to the middle chain. (gentle guitar music) Okay, so these chains are pretty
difficult to keep in place. Again, start from under the right chain, pull it out from above,
then insert the cord from up top into the middle chain. Pull out the cord from underneath and lace it through the next chain. Repeat until you’re done. Tie a knot and do the
same on the opposite side. You can flip this over if you like working on your right side. ♫ When I was hollering for my mother ♫ The sky refused to give me cover ♫ I just cried to save my soul ♫ And laid out tomorrow ♫ And so I look up at that morning sun ♫ And howl till it give me some ♫ I look up at that morning sky ♫ And howl until it’s mine ♫ I look up at that morning sun ♫ And howl till it give me some ♫ I Look up at that morning sky ♫ So once you’re complete,
do the same thing again just make a regular knot, snip it off, add a dab of glue and you’re all set. Again, thank you guys so much for watching and please thumbs up to
support this channel. Thank you and have fun creating. ♫ All of the time and ♫ If I go hollering up to the heavens ♫ It just echoes in a whole lot of nothing ♫ It’s just trying to say to me ♫ You got a heaven right
under your feet now ♫

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