DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet

DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet

In this tutorial we are making an adorable
chevron friendship bracelet. It is extremely easy to make and if you want to know how,
keep on watching. Hey loves! I have another friendship bracelet
tutorial for you. All of you seem to really like my heart friendship bracelet video and
I am very happy about it. But many also asked if I could do another easier bracelet design.
So now we’ll make a simple, but very adorable chevron bracelet, which is perfect if you
are a beginner. Sounds great? Let’s get started! You will need 4 strands of the embroidery
thread and a button if you want to make an awesome closure to the bracelet. I want my
bracelet to be colorful and fun so I am combining four different thread colors. Each strand
needs to be fifty inches or one point two meters long. Put the four strands together,
fold them in half and make a knot like so. Tape the knot to a flat surface and separate
the strands in two sets. You also need to arrange the threads into a mirror image pattern
with the left and the right set of threads. You can see that on both sides yellow is my
outside strand, then I have blue, orange and white as I am moving towards the center.
Before we begin, let’s see how the pattern will look like and how to achieve it. Each
row is represented by one solid color and has a shape of a letter V. Since I am using
four colors, I will have four different colored rows before the colored pattern repeats again.
To achieve that chevron shape we need to always make forward knots with the strands in the
left set and backwards knots with the strands in the right one. So let’s see the difference
between a forward and a backward knot. For the forward knot you have the working
strand on the left. Make a four shape over the strand beside on the right like this.
Take the end of your working strand, loop it under the blue strand and back out through
the opening. When making a backward knot you have the working strand on the right and you’re
knotting over the strand on the left. Make a reverse four shape and loop the working
strand under the blue one and back through the opening.
Now that we know how to make a forward and a backward knot, we can start with our bracelet.
Start on the left side with the outermost strand. Make a forward knot by creating a
four shape over the second outermost strand, go under that strand and back out through
the loop. Pull the thread to tighten and make sure to always knot twice. Continue making
forward knots over the remaining two strands until the working strand reaches the middle
and leave it there. This is one half of the chevron pattern. On the right side we need
to make backward knots. I am taking the outermost strand on the right, which will be my working
strand for this half of the chevron row. Make a reverse four shape over the second outermost
strand, loop it under and back through the opening. As always, don’t forget to knot twice.
Continue making backward knots over the remaining two strands towards the left until the yellow
working strand reaches the middle. Make two backward knots with the middle yellow strands
to connect the two halves. And our first chevron row is finished.
I’ll show you how to knot one more row. Since now my outermost strands are blue, I will
get a blue chevron row. You need to keep making these exactly the same rows until your bracelet
fits your wrist perfectly. Make two forward knots over each of the three strands of the
left set, until the working strand reaches the middle. I love making friendship bracelets
while watching TV. In that case you can safety pin the bracelet to the pillow to keep it
in place while knotting. Then take the outermost strand on the right and make two backward
knots over each of the three strands, until the outermost working strand reaches the middle.
I like to wear these bracelets mostly during spring and summer when I have short sleeves
so I usually make them using bright colored embroidery thread. Tell me in the comments
what your favorite colors are, so I can design my next bracelet using those. Make two final
backward knots with the two middle strands to connect the two halves.
As you can see, making a chevron friendship bracelet is very easy, you only need to remember
to make forward knots with the left set of strands and backward knots with the right
set. And don’t forget to always knot twice. Since you are repeating the same row all along
the bracelet, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. It takes me just about an hour and
a half to complete one. Perfect for a quick little gift to your best friend or yourself.
Just the final row and my bracelet is long enough for my wrist. Make a simple knot at
the end to secure your work. Now I’ll show you how to make a button closure, which allows
taking the bracelet on and off your wrist easily, without damaging it. Choose one strand
of embroidery floss and thread the button on like so. Make two to three knots to secure
the button as close to the ending of the bracelet as possible. Cut the excess thread and you’re
finished. The button closure is very practical and so adorable at the same time.
The chevron pattern looks sleek and elegant but the colors I chose make my bracelet more
funky and happy. I also like to stack on some other bracelets like this golden chain with
spikes for a bit more edgy feel. I hope you liked this tutorial and even if you haven’t
made a friendship bracelet yet, don’t be afraid to try it. It’s really simple and I am sure
you’ll like it! Thanks for watching and see you soon!


  1. I keep doing it and it always turns out wrong. My brother started doing it and his looked like the photo. It’s only 1 time not 2.

  2. Yay! I’ve been searching for a tutorial that i can actually follow, and Sara’s video is the only video I’ve found that breaks it down and is easy to follow ❤️

  3. I spent 3hrs on this and by the middle one of the colours was so small
    Another Color was externally long
    The other colour was small and long ?

  4. So simple, yet so time consuming.
    I managed to finish mine in 4 hours
    Never would do it again, but it looks adorable!

  5. This is amazing I love the DIY its easy and simple to make and looks really was well explained and I know where to come to find more DIYS🙃

  6. to me its super super hard. my strings tangling when i do the foword and backward knots,so i cant keep the big knot right and my strings keep tangling its sooooo hard to me i cant do it,help!!!!!

  7. i dont understand… ive made so many and yet they all come out the same: messy and full of holes. am i doing something wrong? any suggestions?

  8. I’ve been making bracelets for a while and this video popped up on my recommended and how you finished this of with a genius idea I will definitely try it the instructions are also very clear for beginners I love this video 🙂

  9. This lady said 50 inches, WHICH IS FALSE. because it needs to be longer. This took me hours and it barely fits my hand. To say I'm peeved is an understatement. 😡

  10. I can’t even make one because all the strings get tangled together and then there would We a tiny knot in the middle of it.After that it looks go bulky!

  11. At first i was watching other vidios and i always messed up but with your video i finally got it so thank you so much

  12. Every time I make one of these, it ends up having just a bunch of holes🙄🙄🙄I’m soooooo annoyed.
    Why does this keep happening😡

  13. Heres where i f’d up i pulled both stings while making knots.. make sure you keep the string under, still and pull the string on top only

  14. I have been trying to do this for 4 hours and I had to restart each time for like 5 times. I just wasted my time and I still have to do homework. 😔😭😒

  15. To the ppl thats made this bracelet before: How long did it take? Reply how long plz ☺❤ (i know she said how long but it varies from person to person. She an adult so I mean…)

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