DIY – Concrete table with copper-pipe legs

DIY – Concrete table with copper-pipe legs

Hi, I’m Sari. Today I will show you how to make yourself
a nice table out of concrete and copper tubing. You’ll need:
a mixture of concrete and floor screed. Sari has around 12 kilos and water. Gloves and a mask. A large container for a casting mold. A bucket to mix the concrete, and a trowel. Fine sandpaper, masking tape, and scissors. Three copper pipes, all the same length. Sari’s are 50 centimers long . A hacksaw. And a file. First saw the copper pipes to the length you
desire. You can file the flash away from the cut surface. You only need to file one end, because the
other will be in the concrete. Now we mix the concrete. Be sure to wear protective clothing and mix
the concrete outdoors, because it creates concrete dust. For the right consistency, follow the manufacturer’s
instructions. Pour half of the well-mixed concrete into
your casting form, distribute it with the trowel, then add the rest and smooth it, too. Shake the container to remove all the air
bubbles in the mixture. To determine the precise positions for the
table legs, use masking tape to mark a triangle over the casting mold. Press the copper pipes halfway through the
concrete. Let the concrete harden at room temperature
for three days. Now remove the masking tape and loosen the
casting mold. Set the table upright and remove the container
you used as a casting mold. Finish by polishing the table’s outer sides
with fine sandpaper. You can use wood rather than copper for the
legs if you would like.


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