DIY Copper Light Switch | Kin Community

DIY Copper Light Switch | Kin Community

– I love copper. I use it everywhere in my house, and today I’m gonna show you how to add a little copper to your home using just a light switch in your house. For this project, you’ll
need a sheet of copper, a knife, either a box knife or an Exacto, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a ruler, bonding glue, and lastly, a light switch. You’re gonna take your light switch cover, lay it down on the copper. Make sure that each edge is lined up. And then you just trace it out. The ink won’t stay on the copper, so don’t worry about that part. Next you’ll cut on the
lines that you traced. Use gloves if you’re worried. Sometimes knives can
slip, safety is first. You’re gonna take your
ruler and your knife. Lay it along the line that
you have traced, and cut. It probably won’t cut
through the first time. Just have a little patience
and do it a few times. I don’t like to rush this part because that’s when you
get the bends in the metal. You cut that side and then the other side. And then you have your main plate. Next we’re gonna cut the hole where your actual light
switch is gonna go through. You’re gonna get your cover again, lay it so it’s centered, and then you’re gonna
trace a smaller rectangle, and cut that out next. Make sure when you start cutting that you cut on whatever
side you want the back to be. Now that the copper part is done, let’s go put the light switch back up, and glue this on. I have my light switch
cover and my screwdriver, and I’m gonna put it back on the wall. (upbeat music) When I was tracing it, I made
sure to stay on the outside of the light switch edge just to guarantee that this copper would be bigger than the plate. Once you have enough glue on there, carefully fit the switch on. Push down for about 15 or so seconds. You can sort of feel when
the glue starts to bond. And there you go. I made my ugly light switch pretty. It wasn’t even expensive or hard to do. I hope you liked this
project as much as I did. Please be sure to
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  1. okay you should have put it straight on the wall because now you have sharp edges sticking out you should have tapered it over the light switch

  2. why go through such a hassle when you can just take it out and spray paint it? no dangerous sharp edges, less expensive, less time consuming and will definitely look more polished…..

  3. Overall, I love the concept, and the use of copper in home décor. However, I would probably taper the edges down alongside the curve of the light switch. The sharp edges both cast a shadow, as well as prove to be a potential hazard, as well as be a weak point where the metal could bend and warp.

  4. Those sharp edges are so dangerous. And copper sheets are very expensive. The idea is nice copper is very beautiful but this idea has too many flaws sorry.

  5. at least make the video 1 minute long, so it has less effect of its uselessness, make it like 1 min diy,,,
    So soooorry, but I have to say it.

  6. Where is Robert Mahar @craftedwithrobert when you need him? He would not make something that ugly. I am sorry, but that girl is a joke. DIY for teenagers.

  7. The end result of the copper not molding to the light switch plate is unappealing. You can make a better cover for the switch plate by using fabric, or copper spray paint.

  8. Guys, don't judge too hard. We can do whatever we want with the steps she gave us. Just add the detalls you think necessary :3

  9. i probably would have just removed the existing plate, spray painted it, then put it back on. that way it's easily removed and won't hurt you or get in the way when you want to repaint the wall

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