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Hello everyone I’m Cara and this is cynch
makes. Um, I just wanted to clarify that. A YouTuber, the other day, thought that my
name was “cynch” so…no. So this week’s DIY is a copper wire lampshade
and they are everywhere at the minute, they’re in Urban Outfitters, they are on Pinterest
everywhere and they are so expensive. So I thought that I would DIY my own version
of it and just to see how easy or how hard it is to make. I will tell you this, it is so cheap to make,
second only to my last video it is the cheapest thing I’ve ever made. So I’ll tell you at the end exactly how much
it costs but it is super easy, anyone can make this. Although, it does require a lot of patience. So if you don’t have any patience whatsoever
look away now. OK guys, So I really hope that you enjoyed
this tutorial and I am going to get the receipt, to tell you how much it was. Ok, so 16 mm of PVC cable that was 7 core,
so I got 7 pieces of wire per metre. Which was £1.60 a metre and I used 8.3 metres,
so divide that by 7? So…that’s like, that’s like, less than
£2, or roughly, per lampshade. I mean you can’t go wrong, you cannot go
wrong with this lampshade, even if you try and make it and it’s a total fail, y’know,
no one is going to care, it’s like two quid. So thanks so much for watching guys, give
me a thumbs up if you like this video and subscribe for more of me and I will see you
in the next one. Bye.

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