DIY Earrings Tutorial: Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial Sushi Style

DIY Earrings Tutorial: Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial Sushi Style

Hi everybody, this is Jessica from
and Bespangled Jewelry. Today I’m going to show you how to make some
really cool earrings out of an upcycled sushi container. First you want to make sure, of course, that
you have cleaned the container very well with hot soapy water. Or you can actually put this
in the dishwasher – it’ll be safe on the top shelf. And you’re going to grab some sharp scissors
and cut around the edges so that you’re left with only the flat part of the sushi tray. I’ll have a complete list of all the materials
and tools that you need for this tutorial in the blog post that will be linked in the
notes section. Now you’re going to grab a paper punch – this
is a 1.5 inch circle punch – and hold it upside-down so that you can see where you’re cutting. You can find sushi to go at a lot of grocery
stores, or obviously from your favorite sushi restaurant! Now I’m going to make a second punch, trying
to match up the pattern as much as possible. And moving on to our smaller circles – this
is a 1 inch circle punch. Now I’m going to punch out two more circles. Be sure to avoid the embossed part of the
sushi tray – that can ruin your design. If you use your punches a lot, it’s a good
idea to sharpen them often, and you can do that easily by punching through several layers
of aluminum foil several times. That will sharpen up the blades for you. I’m going to arrange my pieces how I’d like
them to hang and get them straight and even so I can see where I’m going to mark the holes. I’m using an awl to mark where I want to punch
my holes, just because it makes it easier when I line up the hole punch. You can use any other sharp pointed object
just to make a little divot in the plastic. And I have actually already punched these
holes but I am having to refilm this because it didn’t come out. So just pretend those
holes aren’t already there – I’m not crazy I promise 🙂 Line up your punch – this is a 1/16 of an
inch size hole punch. Punch the small piece once at the top in the middle. Not too close
to the edge but about 2 millimeters and the same for the bottom of the big piece so that
you have room for your jump ring to connect those pieces. And then you punch one hole at the top of
each large circle in the middle – lined up with the hole at the bottom so it will hang
straight. I’m using 6 millimeter jump rings, I think
it’s about 20 gauge. I don’t recommend using smaller jump rings to connect your two pieces
because there won’t be enough room inside the jump ring to hold both pieces at the same
time without them getting crowded. The correct way to open a jump ring is to
use two pairs of pliers, one in each hand, and twist the jump ring. Basically one hand
will rotate away from you while the other hand rotates toward you. That’s so the jump ring doesn’t get distorted.
And then to close it you do the same thing in the opposite direction. Now for the finishing touches, I’ve got a
pair of brass ear wires – just open up the bottom like you open a jump ring and close
it back after you attach your piece. Do the same on the other earring and you are
finished! Thank you so much for watching! I hope you
enjoyed this tutorial and that you’ll come back and see me again soon. Be sure to subscribe
to my channel if you like what you see. You can also find me at
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  1. love your videos easy quick and straight to the point … wow i also saved the sushi trays bc i had the same thought about making earrings with them very cool keep those videos coming i enjoy them thanks for posting .

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