DIY Elegant Anklet | Φτιάξε Κομψό Βραχιόλι για το πόδι | Jewelry | IMAGINE HEARTS

Hello! We are in a summer mood today, so we will make an elegant anklet for our beach oufits It’s very easy to make, let’s go make it! You will need army chain of 2mm or less depending on your taste You will need a gold plated heart, make sure the hole of the heart charm is big enough for the chain Finally you will need a ball chain connector Our first step is to measure our anklet and cut the chain at the right length Take the cutter and cut the chain to fit the size of your ankle Take the heart charm and pass it through the chain Place the chain connector on the one end of the chain Place the anklet around your ankle and put the other end of the chain in the connector To make sure that the connector will not open while we are swimming, we use pliers to tight it The anklet is ready! Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Good luck!

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