DIY Evil Eye Bracelet | Φτιάξτε Βραχιόλι Μάτι με Κρύσταλλα | Jewelry | IMAGINE HEARTS

Hello! Today I’m gonna show you how to make Evil Eye Bracelets with crystal beads and macrame closure, let’s go make them Take the 20cm leather cord and fold it in the middle. Tape it to a surface Take the 1m synthetic cord, make a simple double knot and tight Cut the short synthetic cord and then burn with a lighter. Use a paper clip and tape to adjust on the surface Take the synthetic cord, put it on the left side and pass it underneath the left leather cord. We are ready to put the first bead. You can burn the edge of the cord to make it easier for the bead to pass through. Once you pass the bead through the cord, place the synthetic cord underneath the right hand leather cord. Pass the syntetic cord through the same bead again, this time from right to left. You might want to use tweezers to help you pass the cord from the same hole. Once the synthetic cord goes through the whole for the second time, place the synthetic cord underneath the left hand leather cord and tight. We now take two beads and pass them through the synthetic cord exactly as we did with the previous row.

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