DIY Faux Mercury Glass

DIY Faux Mercury Glass

This week we’re doing another super fun DIY project – it’s do it yourself mercury glass vases or candle holders. Mercury
glass is really popular right now and we see it a lot in the high-end stores.
This is a great way to get the look without having to spend the money. For this project you will use the Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray-paint. You can also use the Krylon Looking Glass
paint. Both of these can be a bit difficult to find, especially in Canada.
I found mine at Home Depot, but I’ve also seen it at Michaels. Gather your
vases and make sure they are all clean. Mix equal parts water and vinegar
into a spray bottle. I’m using a smaller bottle here so that I get a fine mist
when I spray. Spray the base with a medium coat of the mirror spray-paint.
Immediately after, spray a light mist of the water vinegar solution, then blot
with a paper towel. This is what gives it the crackle antique finish. This is what
it looks like after the first coat. Repeat the process a second time. And
this is how it looks after the second coat. Depending on how it turns out as each
one will turn out differently, I may add a last light layer of the mirror paint. I
don’t want the glass to be too transparent, but that’s a personal
preference. And this is the completed look. I think these are beautiful and
they will go with any decor style. Use for vases or votives, or just to
dress up otherwise boring glass containers. Get a high-end look without
spending high-end prices. I hope you like this week’s tidbit and if you do decide to
try this project, I would love to hear how it works out for you. Don’t forget to LIKE, Share or Subscribe
to my channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!


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