DIY friendship bracelets! 4 Easy Stackable Arm Candy projects!

DIY friendship bracelets! 4 Easy Stackable Arm Candy projects!

*music plays* Hey guys, today I bring you some DIY bracelets, Perfect as gifts for friends and with colorful designs for some. For the first design, you’ll need any kind of cord and some small beads. You start off with three pieces of cord, tape them to your table so they don’t move, and start making some square knots. For that, take the left cord, cross it over the center and under the right corner, and thread this right cord under the center and through the loop created by the left and center cords. *music playing* Then do the same on the other side. take the right cord, cross it over the center and under the left cord and thread this left cord under the center and through the loop created by the right and center cords. *music playing* Make a bunch of those. Take two small beads like these ones and thread them through the side parts. Then make a couple of square knots, and repeat as many times as you want. Make some simple square knots like in the beginning to complete the bracelet. Then, as in my other DIY bracelet videos, cut the side cords, and secure the last knot with some clear nail polish. To make the closure, tape down the two cords, and start making some looser square knots with another cord. *music playing* To finish the bracelet, thread a bead on each side and tie two little knots to secure the closure. And the first bracelet is finished. *music playing* For the second one, you will need any type of cord in two different colors you want. Take the three pieces of cord of each color and make a regular knot. Then tape it to the table. Separate the two colors and make some square knots on each side. Then make two more square knots but this time using all the cords at once with two cords on the left, two in the middle, and two on the right side. *music playing* Repeat this until you have the length you want. Then make a knot, just like in the beginning. *music playing* Keep one cord of each color on each side and cut the rest of the side to here. Secure the knot with some nail polish and make the same closure with it with the first bracelet. And this super-cute bracelet is all done. *music playing* For a third one, you will need suede rope in three colors and some crimp end closures. Take two pieces of each color and tape them. To make the braid, start with the cord on the left side. Cross it over the second cord, and under the third one. Now start on the other side. This time cross it first under the second cord and then over the third cord. Finally cross the two cords with each other. *music playing* Then repeat over and over again until you have the length that you want. Once you get there, cut off the excess and add your closure. *music playing* And that’s it! For the last one, you will need some cord, some beads, and some smaller beads. Take a piece of cords and thread some beads. I start off with a small one then the large one and repeat like so. Then make a knot on each side so they stay in place. You can leave it like so or add some more small beads. and tie some more knots like so. Finally, make the same closure as for the first two bracelets. And that’s it! *music playing* So those were all the bracelet ideas. Thumbs up this video if you like them and if you have a question, leave it in the comments section and I will try my best to answer it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and thanks very much. Bye! *music playing*


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