DIY Galaxy Solar System Easy Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

DIY Galaxy Solar System Easy Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to channel! Today we will make Galaxy or Solar System Bracelet Let’s prepare all materials All materials you can get on our website Click link in description box Let’s start! Take tiger tail wire and tie temporary knot on one side Pass the wire through first hole of connector Then string on Saturn bead (#41392) Now string on 1 Orion bead (#41539) Continue with Jupiter (#41393) Then 1 Orion bead (#41539) String on Mars bead (#41421) 1 Orion bead Earth bead (#41386) 1 Orion bead Venus bead (#18476) 1 Orion bead Now Mercury bead (#41378) And 1 Orion bead Tie a temporary know Let’s continue with the other side Start with 1 Orion bead String on Uranus bead (#41420) and 1 Orion bead Then Neptune bead (#41407) and 1 Orion bead Add Pluto bead (#41379) and 1 Orion bead Let’s add some Lava beads (#41418) Alternate them with Orion beads Add 3mm bead (#31194 at the end) Tie a temporary knot String remaining beads on the other side the same way Now take crimp bead, string it on tiger tail wire Add a jump ring Pass the wire through 3-4 beads Pinch crimp bead and carefully cut off end of the wire Now attach lobster the same way Let’s add a star to the bracelet Open jump ring and attach the star Now attach the pendant to the lobster And close jump ring Our bracelet is ready to wear! Did you like this video? Please press “like”,
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