DIY Gucci-Inspired Earrings

DIY Gucci-Inspired Earrings

¡Hola! Welcome to another DIY video on my channel. In my last DIY video I’ve shown you how to make the Gucci crystal stockings. And today’s video is also about Gucci. You all know, Gucci is creative Romantic Polarizing Progressive Eclectic has a great love of detail it’s also timeless innovative (if I haven’t mentioned it before) and totally overpriced. For this reason, I’m going to show you how to turn this tiny earring into that big one. Let’s go! The first Gucci earrings that I made. Are these ones. You probably saw them in one of my previous Lookbooks. I got the idea for making these earrings, while I was shortening some trousers. A while ago, I was shortening these trousers from Dolce & Gabbana. However, it would be a pity to throw away the remaining fabric. Therefore I decided to make these Gucci earrings from this material. The second pair, I made, is this one. Perhaps you have also seen them before in one of my previous videos The elephant ones. As you can see. I was also using the remaining fabric for these elephant ones. Before I made these ones, I got a little bit inspired by the new Gucci winter/fall 2018 collection. There were male model who was wearing an orange knitted sweater with a stitched elephant motif. The elephant was so adorable that I had to make earrings with the same motif. The next pair, I made, is this one. Some of you may well have seen them in a previous video. The one, where I was wearing the Gosha Rubchinskiy gym bag. To make these ones, I was also using remaining fabric of some trousers. Namely these pants by Zara which I have shortened as well to make these earrings from their fabric scraps. My favorite earrings, I made, are these ones. My favorite thing about this pair is the yellow and purple sequins. They match so well together because they are complementary colors. I designed the earrings the way that the colors are mirrored. I like when the earrings not look exactly the same. This is the latest pair, I made. And they are the reason why I’m filming this whole video. I filmed the whole process, while I was making them. Now I will show you a fast tutorial, where you can see how I made them. Let’s go! This how they look like, when they are finished. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and got a little inspired not to spend large amounts of money on jewelry, when you can actually make it yourself. You only need a will, motivation, discipline and especially patience. You can’t make them in 3 minutes. (like you just saw in my video) They actually take a couple weeks until they are finished. Because they require a lot of hand sewing, which is really time consuming. And… I hope could inspire you and I see you in my next video. Bye!





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