DIY Guy: How To Sweat Copper Pipe

DIY Guy: How To Sweat Copper Pipe

oh Alright copper, tell us what you know. I’m not telling you guys anything. We’ll see… Marv make him sweat. Sweating copper pipe, isn’t as difficult as you would think. Start by taking some open mesh cloth and sanding the copper. Make sure you get down to the smooth surface of the copper and get all the imperfections off. Also, do this to your fitting. Once your fitting and pipe is clean, take your flux.. Flux. A substance applied to a surface to be joined by welding, soldering, or brazing to facilitate the flow of solder and prevent formation of oxides. …put a thin layer on the pipe and the fitting. And assemble your joint. Now it’s time to solder. When you solder you want to put the heat to the inside of the joint and it will suck the solder in like this. When you’re done, make sure you let the solder cool off enough to set up. Go ahead and wipe down your joint with a wet cloth. Wiping the joint down with a wet cloth when you’re done does more than cool off the pipe. What it does is it removes the extra flux, so you don’t oxidize your joint. That’s it.


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