DIY KNIT BRACELETS | How to Make a DIY Knitted Knot Bracelet Tutorial! ✨Alejandra’s Styles

DIY KNIT BRACELETS | How to Make a DIY Knitted Knot Bracelet Tutorial! ✨Alejandra’s Styles

hola my name is Alejandra and welcome back to my channel so when I first started this channel I loved making bracelets tutorials and i have not made in a couple of months so I wanted to make this new design is a knit bracelet tutorial i hope you guys try it and if you do you can send me photos to my social media because I really enjoy looking at all the photos and i hope you guys enjoyed it to make this bracelet i use a very thin yarn and i also created a knitting loom out of a hair roller and four bobby pins so what you have to do is evenly place the four pins around the roller making sure you leave a little bit of space on the top sticking through so it’s easier for you to knit on them later and once you finish hot glue the pins in place now we’re going to cast on the yarn so pass it through the center of the roller grabbing the end with your other hand then start wrapping the yarn around the four pins in a counterclockwise way like this once you reach the first bobby pin repeat the steps again wrap it counterclockwise each pin until you have two loops for the next step you can use your fingers or you can use a knitting tool like this and what you have to do is lift the bottom loop up and over the top loop and repeat with the next three pins until you have one loop on each pin again then wrap the yarn counterclockwise on the 4 pins until you have two loops again so now you’re going to keep repeating the steps over and over first wrap it counterclockwise and then lift the bottom loop over the top one until you have a yarn that is eight inches long then cut your yarn leaving a tail of about six inches and carefully remove the loops of the pins then thread the end of the yarn on a needle and pass it through the four loops pulling it tight to close it now for the next steps you’re going to need 2 cords so go ahead and make another eight inch yarn cord it’s time to make the knot of the bracelets so start by making a loop like this and grab your second cord and make a u like this and you’re going to place it under the cord A so we’re going to be working with the end of the C cord so the first thing you have to do is pas it under this loop then pass it over the cord D and back under the loop finally pull the four ends to tighten the knot and you have the bracelets for the last steps you’re going to need end caps and what I did is use a plier and attached it to both ends of the bracelets and you’re done that’s it for this video I hope you guys give it a try and let me know you want me to continue making more bracelet tutorials so thank you so much for watching until the end that always means a lot to me and if you have questions you can let me know in the comments below I love responding to you guys and I’ll see you in my next video bye


  1. Wow this is so cuteee! I'm definitely gonna try to make some! Please continue to make bracelet tutorials Alejandra! All your videos are always so unique! ^_^

  2. Make more bracelet videos please!!! I love your style and creativity, and you make great quality videos!!! So please make more!!!<3

  3. Please make your videos more often! They are so creative and wonderful, I was so happy when I saw you had made another video. Continue on!

  4. This is brilliant ! I think I'll use this technique for making me a headband. Your videos are so relaxing and creative, I love it !! I follow you from France, keep doing excellent content !

  5. These bracelets are so beautiful, Alejandra!! What a fun way to make them too! Thank you so much for this great idea and as always for a beautifully filmed and edited video <3

  6. Savannahandstuff featured your video in her recent video talking about other content creators who do diys who need to be watched. I saw this bracelet and immediately knew I needed to watch. This is such a beautiful bracelet. I have seen similar ones go for $20 or more online. You really should start an etsy page and sell some of your stuff online. It is so stunning and the best part is people could request specific colors.

  7. i like the bracelet, but i suggest to get the watch from the model's wrist so that it will become the highlight

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