DIY Learn How To Make Easy Baseball Cuff Bracelet leather bracelets from baseballs jewelry jewellry

Hi I’m Donna from Today I’m with my friend Charisse. And we’re going to teach you how to make baseball cuff
bracelets. For this project you’ll need one baseball. Baseballs come in several
varieties – you can get synthetic leather, real
leather, or even novelty balls. The first thing we’re going to do is cut
a few strands of the red thread on the baseball. Try to be careful to not cut the ball
itself. If you don’t have scissors you can use
an Xacto knife to cut the threads as well. Just keep cutting the thread around
the ball. At some point you can kind of pull the ball apart a bit and sneak your
scissors in there a little easier. This could take a while if you have
nails like mine. You’ll be surprised that the underside of the leather is rather
sticky. Once your cut the threads you can peel
the cover off of the ball. You’ll have enough for two bracelets.
Take a pair of tweezers and pick out all of the threads from the baseball. For the
next part of this project you’ll need one piece of craft felt, a sewing needle,
scissors, embroidery floss, a button, two elastics,
– and of course – the bling. Now it’s time to measure the felt for
the bracelet lining. We’re going to position one of the
pieces on the felt and trace around it. You can use a white crayon or chalk or a
seamstress pencil – or anything that shows up well on the felt. Once you do that it is time to cut the
felt along the lines. Then, position the back of the felt on to the bracelet. Trim the excess felt again if needed. Another thing to consider is using a
used baseball to give the cuff a more rugged look. Next pull out and cut about 40 inches of
embroidery floss. Thread your sewing needle with the
embroidery floss. Then make a knot at one of the ends. For
your first time I would suggest starting in the middle of the bracelet. Insert your needle – this way – to hide the
knot in between the cover and the felt. Then reach around and insert your needle
into the hole – then out the back – making sure you pierce the felt. Repeat this process – reach around and
insert your needle into the hole, then out the back… piercing the felt. You’ll do this until you reach the one
edge. Once we reach the middle of one of the
edges, we’ll need to incorporate a clasp to hold the bracelet on. Being a baseball
mom I prefer much quicker elastic stretch
method clasps… but there are other options as well. You can use traditional jewelry clasps,
like these… these… or even these. If you use our elastic method take a two-hole
button and sew it on at the edge here. I like to put a few extra stitches in it
to reinforce. Once you do that – keep going around this
edge now, this time stopping at the middle of the next side. These are just clear hair elastics that
you can purchase at most local stores in the hair care section. Because these are
clear and a bit thin I like to use two of them to ensure a
good hold. I’m using the small ones because my wrist is thin… but if you aren’t
as bony as Donna is you can use the medium or larger size elastics in your
bracelet. I just incorporate them into the stitch
on the edging. You can also put two stitches in for a
very good hold. Then, just keep going around the bracelet
again until you reach your starting point. Once you reach the center I like to weave in my ends very securely –
by going in and out – in and out – several times to ensure a good hold. Some people like to put a drop or two of
fabric glue here and there to ensure a good hold. So what do you think Charisse? Is it a good time for The Bling now? Absolutely – it’s always a good time for
The Bling! There are many types of embellishments.
For your first time we recommend either something that just
slips on – or you can glue on. You can also do sew-on bling – however you will need to think about that beforehand and incorporate it when you sew your
edging. This one is a rhinestone belt buckle that you just slip on. And these
are ones that you can glue on. You’ll just need to ensure you use glue that
says it can work on leather. Once you are done just clasp your
bracelet and wear it to all of your favorite team games! We hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to Donna’s YouTube channel… and visit my website at for more tips and tricks on creative
self-sufficient living. (bloopers) Hi! I’m… Oh I always forget to look in the
camera… Hi! I’m… oh I’m looking at the wrong place – me too… Today I’m with my friend Charisse… I don’t like that… I hate saying my own name… You say my name… you say my name and then I’ll say… I just don’t like saying my own name…I don’t know why… It’s a weird thing I have. Baseball… cuff… bracelets… I don’t know if I like that…. I don’t like the way I said my name… Today’ I’m with my friend… Now we’ve got to do the… I’m not saying my own name … … for more… (loud background noise) … Trucks! And please visit Donna’s YouTubes… YouTube what? No, you subscribe to my YouTube channel… OK… alright… What do you think? Yeah! Alright!

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