DIY MACRAME BRACELET 🌈 Square Knot/Cobra Stitch Friendship Bracelet πŸ’–

Hello, everybody. I was in Switzerland during my holidays And I saw in some fancy stores Macrame or Square Knot bracelets for an insane price. I used to make this all the time when I was younger and once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy. They are a cute fashion statement
but also are great as a gift. First of all you need some thread. I used this braided nylon thread. Cut off a piece that is a little bit
bigger than your wrist. This will be the middle string of the bracelet. Before we start however, I would advise
to make some measurements With a measuring tape or a piece of paper, like me, measure the size of your wrist. With a little bit of tape you can
now mark the middle of the bracelet. Now also mark at the top and bottom
the length that you want but make it a little bit smaller. Later you will see why. And now we get to the actual Macrame, sometimes also called Square Knot. You need another piece of nylon thread
that is about 90 centimeters long. This string goes under the middle string and you need to have the same length
of thread on each side. Let’s start with the left side. Bring the thread over the middle one to the right side, leaving behind a small loop. Now you take the right thread. This one will go over the previous
left thread, in a downwards motion, now under the middle string. and lastly brought through the loop. This might sound complicated right now but after doing it a couple of times it gets easier. Now you do exactly the same, but the other way around starting with the right thread. If you’re not sure which thread is next,
just look at the last knot. If the little bump, like here, is on the left it means you need to start with the left thread. If it were on the right you have
to start with the right one. You repeat this process until
you get your desired length. Cut the thread near the Macrame. If you’re younger, or simply don’t like to use fire. You can now use some strong glue
to finish off the Macrame. Normally fire is used to lightly melt
the ends to secure in place. As said do not do this if you’re younger. Either use glue or ask your parents. Now you can use whatever pearls
or decoration that you want. And again start doing the knots as before. When you also finish this side, you will notice it’s a little bit
smaller than my wrists. Like I said before we need it to be like this That’s because we will now make with
Macrame something similar to a clasp. A sliding clasp. Both ends of the Middle thread
need to be side-By-side. Take a little piece of thread
around 30 centimeters. Put it around the middle threads and start doing the Macrame. It can be a bit tricky. So if you’re starting, maybe it’s best to
ask someone to hold the threads. Make sure to tie this knot strongly. To make the ends prettier,
I added a gold bead. And you are finished with this
cute Macrame bracelet. This all might sound complicated But trust me after a while it gets easy. This technique can also be used
with spacer pieces. And you only have to do one
little thing different at the beginning. I decided to use this cute gold heart. Cut two pieces of thread about 30 centimeter each. Thread each of the strings through the heart and fold it in half. Again mark the length and
now everything works like before. Again, I also add a little gold bead at the end and you’re done. These bracelets are super cool and
you can do them however you want. Whether you use it for yourself or you give it as a gift for your best friend. Each one is unique and special. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please leave me a thumbs up. And if you haven’t already,
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