DIY Mermaid Sequin Bracelet | Amazing Viral Color-Changing Bracelet | Kids Cooking and Crafts

DIY Mermaid Sequin Bracelet | Amazing Viral Color-Changing Bracelet | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Welcome everybody today, I’ll be showing you how to make a mermaid sequin bracelet out of this cool material This stuff is really popular I see that on hats pillows shirts and even bracelets So today, I’m gonna teach you guys how to make your own So on to the fabric store and found this amazing mermaid sequence It was only three dollars for 1/4 of a yard That’s a pretty good deal, and that’s all we’ll really need for this project other than that we are gonna use sticky back velcro Scissors a tape measurer and a sharpie. Oh and the glue gun So what I’m gonna do is flip this fabric over and You see how it’s checkered That’s kind of like guidelines to where to cut we’re gonna measure and cut seven and a half by five and a half Okay, this is My wrist measurement and I’m 11 years old so you might have to make it smaller or bigger It depends on who you’re making it for let’s start cutting it’s kind of hard It’s like cutting little pieces of metal so be sure you have really strong scissors There we go Wait you can also use this for your for your brother’s Halloween costume, I’m a ninja. Now be sure when you cut this the sequins are running the long ways so it’s not like this It’s like this it makes it so you have more room to play with it Now we’re going to flip it over and glue one side Okay now we’re gonna grab the other side and hot glue it so it’s just barely overlapping the other one This is what you’re gonna end up with a mermaid sequin snake. See how there’s holes right there. We don’t want that so we’re gonna glue them shut Time for the other side Now we’re going to get our velcro and get one funky side and one soft side So we want the velcro to be on opposite sides like this one is going to be on this side and the other kind is Gonna be on this side you want the velcro to be a little bit smaller than the width of the bracelet There we go if you look at it. There’s a sticky side so you can just like Peel this part off But it’s it is pretty sticky, but just in case we’re gonna add a little bit bit of hot glue to the back of it There Okay, so when it velcros. It’s gonna be like this Like wrap around so we need the other kind right here And that’s it we’re done Okay, let’s put it on what I do is you could find the crease of where we glued it together and Put it on that way So that there’s no crease on the other side boom I’m Wonder Woman Got my amazing gold cuff that Change color oh Yeah This is like super soothing and I can do this quietly during class nobody will know It’s so Thank you guys so much for joining me today, and don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below What else we should make out of these mermaid sequins see you guys!

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