DIY Minimalist Bracelet || Unisex Gift

DIY Minimalist Bracelet || Unisex Gift

Hey Everybody! So today I’m going to be teaching you guys how to make this awesome bracelet. I think the minimalism in this bracelet is perfect for either a boy or a girl. It’s
unisex in a sense, so you can gift it to your girlfriend, you can gift it to your guy friends this valentines day season! So I will jump right on ahead to the tutorial! Here are the materials that you will need for this DIY So first off you’re going to find
out the measurement of your wrist or your friend’s wrist or whoever you are giving
this to, and for me my friends wrist is five inches and so I’m gonna be halfway
point but I’m gonna add about half an inch to this so instead of measuring 2.5,
I’m measuring 3 inches. You are going to pull the leather cord like how I’m doing here,
and the cut 2 pieces. And this is what you should have. So these are the two folded
pieces. And if you unfold these you will have 6 inches folded they are 3
unfolded they are six. So you’re going to find beads that have a hole in them
like this circle and this square. So after you found your bead, you are going to get your suede cord, match the two ends together, and then pull that cord through the hoop, like how I’m doing it right here, and then tug it tightly. So you are going to try and find beads that have a really big holes you can fit the suede cord. So here the bead isn’t really big enough, so I’m
going to push this suede cord through with a push pin to the side, and do the same step to the other side The next step is to get your crimp end, and you are going to push though the suede cord inside. And then you are going to squeeze that end with a jewelry plier that you have. You are going to repeat this step on the other side So this is kind of the last step. You are going to find a jump ring and for this one you’re supposed to thread it through.
Make sure the clasp is attached to the hoop too for this other jump ring you are going to
open it, and thread the crimp end through and closed it again. And this is how the bracelet turned out! So I added a multiple jump rings, so that it would make a little bit of a chain. so that it is adjustable And that is the end of this tutorial. I hope you guys like this tutorial. This bracelet is very customizable and really simple and easy to make. So I hope you guys enjoyed designing
this because you can totally just change the beads and the cord itself To however the other person’s taste or your taste. You can totally make this for yourself! So I hope you guys have an awesome day and I hope to see you guys in the next video! BYYYYEEEEEE!


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