DIY: Minimalist Thread Bracelet with Seed Beads

DIY: Minimalist Thread Bracelet with Seed Beads

here’s a quick diy for making this super dainty and delicate beaded bracelet
it’s adjustable with these cute little tassels on the back
and it’s super easy to make all you need is a thin piece of thread and
some seed beads okay now without further ado
let’s get started for the materials you will need
a thin piece of thread in the color of your choice
and some thread wax or if you have pre-waxed thread
like ones you use for macrame you can go ahead and use that
I just prefer to use embroidery floss ‘cause sometimes the macrame threads can be really
stiff and for this bracelet I wanted it to be more
delicate you will need seed beads in the smallest size
you can find just make sure your thread can fits through also some slightly larger beads
I’m using fire polished beads here ‘cause I like how they give a slight boho
feel to the bracelet but you can really use any kind of bead you
like the important thing is to keep in mind that
you’ll want your thread to be able to just fit 2 times through your bead, very snugly,
since this will be the bead you’ll use to adjust your bracelet size with now quickly for the tools you’ll need a ruler, scissors, some bead
threaders if you don’t have any these, just use the
thinnest piece of wire you have laying around some jewelry glue
and toothpicks, or anything sharp to apply your glue with a pin board, which is optional, but great
to have if you work with thread a lot some pins and needles and let’s get crafting!
first measure and cut your piece of thread for the measurements, simply wrap your thread
around the widest part of your hand, and add on 10 centimeters, or 4 inches next run your thread lightly through your
thread wax skip this step of course if you’re using
pre waxed thread I like to run mine through 2-3 times, and
then with the warmth of my fingers, gently rub the wax in while twisting it, making sure
all the wax is distributed around the thread evenly this step will help make your bracelet much
more durable and less likely to fray with wear
so try not to skip it now using the bead threader, let’s string
the beads onto our thread if you don’t have any bead threaders, here’s
how to make your own simply cut a piece of thin wire, and fold
it in half, then flatten it a bit with a plier or your
nails make sure your bead slide through
and wah-la a tip for threading small beads is to pull
your thread all the way to the end and then pull the bead through
if your bead is really small, you’re most likely going to just be able to thread one
bead through but there’s nothing a little patience can’t
do once you’ve threaded enough beads onto the
thread, I did 15 beads here you want to centre your beads to the mid point
of your thread wrap it around your wrist tightly, and adjust
the placement of the beads to your liking okay
this looks pretty good to me now make a knot at each end of the beads to
secure them in place the trick to make the knot at exactly where
you want it, is to pin down the exact point, and then make a knot around the pin
secure it, release your pin, then secure some more
and do the same on the other end okay, looking pretty good
now let’s make our bracelet adjustable we’ll want to thread our larger bead through
both thread ends, right there make sure the threads are pointing in the
same direction, you can do the opposite direction too, if you’d like
I like it this way ‘cause I think it looks more like tassels speaking of tassels, let’s decorate ours
by stringing a seed bead onto each end next wrap your bracelet around the widest
part of your hand again, and secure the adjustment bead
this is where you’ll want to cut the thread ends then pull the seed beads to the ends, knot
the edges again, and glue your beads into place with some jewelry glue I alway like using a pointy object like a
toothpick to apply the glue with as this will insure precise application and
prevent bits of visible glue on the jewelry I also glued the last bead on each side of
my strand of beads in place cause I think it looks nicer if these two
beads doesn’t move about like the others okay, one final step before we snip the ends
off let’s apply a little bit more of our trusty
thread wax to the edges and finally, cut the excess thread off I like to give the ends a little puff
‘cause I think it makes them look really cute and there you have it
ta-dah! now let’s try this bad boy on it’s so simple
and there’s something so chic about how minimalistic they are
I was having so much fun I also made a mini one for the fingers
so I have a bracelet and ring set you can wear it with the beaded side up, or
turn it around and show off the tassels you know be creative and try out different
things here are a few variations that I made
playing around with different thread colors, textures, beads in different shapes and sizes,
a different way of knotting, a different adjustment method, the possibilities are endless so have
fun with it! I hope this video has inspired you to make
some lovely bracelets and have fun, that’s all thank you so much for watching, and I shall
see you next time happy crafting!


  1. I really like your (specifically THIS) video!!! You have probably heard this already, but… are awesome at demonstrating (even tho the beading is so EZ) . Your design makes those "dainty little seed beads" look so special!…Now, do MORE!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It's so helpful 🙂 I made this with the seed beads and silk thread instead of embroidery floss which I found hard to knot. Any suggestions on how to determine bracelet length if you're making it for someone else? Could you do some more similar videos? 🙂

  3. This is such a fantastic tutorial! I love how you stick to the point and give the directions while doing what you instruct us to do, your fun and cheerful personality, and how adorable and cute your bracelets, beads, color choices, and style varieties are! I’ve subscribed to your channel and will be trying out all the things you make!!! You’ve really inspired me and brighted my day! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  4. Also, one more thing…. If I am able to make bracelets (and rings!) that are cute and stylish looking, I may just add them to my Etsy shop! I’ll let you know if I do! Thanks again!

  5. Great tutorial and super cute seed bead bracelet! But I really want to know what kind of nail polish you’re wearing and what the name of the color is! I love it! So pretty!

  6. if anybody is looking to make this a cute gift, you can also turn it into a morse code bracelet! just glue down all your beads and they will act as dots and leave blank spaces for the dashes. after every letter tie a knot once in between. after every word tie two knots in between! it makes for a cute and meaningful bracelet! this video is by far the cutest bracelet i had seen and it makes the cutest morse code bracelet with personal meaning too!!! hope this is helpful to some!!!

  7. thanks for mentioning seed bead size. Ive made the mistake of ordering a bunch of colors but all different sizes haha

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