DIY Quick Wall Copper Hooks

DIY Quick Wall Copper Hooks

Meld two hot trends – copper finishes and
the industrial look – with these quick-to-make copper hooks. You will need a long board, copper pipe elbows,
a dowel that is large enough to fit snugly in the pipe, as well as a drill, screws and
hot glue. Start by fitting a pipe over the dowel. Mark a line where the pipe ends. Cut the dowel at this mark and repeat it so
that you have one dowel piece for each pipe section you plan to use. Next, screw the dowel pieces into the board
at regular intervals. You can use as many or as few as you like. Finally, apply hot glue into one end of the
copper pipe and fit it over the wooden dowel piece that is attached to the board. Repeat for the remaining pipe pieces, making
sure that the elbows are all facing the same direction! Now, just mount the board and hang whatever
you like. These are great for the kitchen, bathroom,
or entryway – anywhere you want to add a piece of industrial décor.

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