DIY Rings & Earrings Jewelry Display Box Organizer {Tiffany & Co inspired Theme}

DIY Rings & Earrings Jewelry Display Box Organizer {Tiffany & Co inspired Theme}

(piano music) – [Woman] Hi everyone, today is the updated jewelry box tutorial from my older one I made about two years ago. Since my stackable ring collection and stud earrings are
just growing in numbers, I thought I should store them in a place that would prevent them
from fading or tarnishing. This is a great way to see
your jewelry and store them. So, let’s begin, shall we? If you guys would like to
see a tutorial on how to make that actual wooden
box without using nails, then comment below and let me know. So, for the most easy
method and quickest for those of you guys who do
not want to build a box, I recommend for you to find a shadow or showcase box that opens at the face. I found mine’s from Michael’s craft store. It was buy one, get one
free, which was awesome. I could show you how
to build your very own showcase box without using nails, but that would have to
be another tutorial. If you’d like to customize your box, then this part is optional. I wanted to paint my jewelry box a Tiffany’s blue so I found this color that was kind of more on the greener side, but I still loved it. You will also need a gloss finish, otherwise your paint will
look very flat and matte, unless, you know, you’re
going for that look. Of course, with paint you
will need some brushes. For tools, I will be using a ruler, a pair of sharp scissors, and a Sharpie marker. Next, you will need some cushion foam that you could cut up. These can be found at your fabric store. For fabrics, you can
pretty much use anything, use some old scarves, whatever it is you have at home. I’m using my old leftover fleece. Alright, so moving on. If you want to paint your box, then I suggest for you to remove any hardware on the box and cover the areas where you don’t want the paint to reach, with some scrap papers or masking tape. Then, paint away. I used about two different coats of paint, depending on the area I was painting on, and plus I was painting on a dark surface. So, for the hardware what I did was I spray painted mine
with silver spray paint. And what I would suggest for you to do is let the paint set for about a day before applying on the gloss. I would let the gloss
set for about half a day, and then you can remove any masking tape. (piano music) To make the inside slot in your ring box, measure the inside of your box and use that measurement onto
your foam and fabric. Our measurements will be different but I will use mine as a
guide for this tutorial. The foam sheet I’m using
is about one inch thick. So, next you would need to
do is take out your ruler and make strips that match
the length of your box. Mine is 11.5 inches long so
my strips are going to be 11.5 inches long and
I will make them about three-quarters to one inch apart. Trace about ten strips
and then cut them out as evenly as you can. Next it’s time to cut
the width of your fabric. I’m applying my 11.5 inches in measurement to the width of my fabric. The length of my fabric can vary between 20 to 30 inches long. Once those are all cut out and complete, lay one end of your fabric inside your box and insert your first strip of foam. Then fold the fabric around that strip and insert your next strip. (piano music) You’re basically inserting a foam strip between every fold in the fabric. Keep on repeating this
until you’re out of space and then cut any extra
fabric that’s hanging out. (piano music) Lastly, screw back on your hardware and congratulations, you’re done! Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to like
and subscribe if you do. Also, don’t forget to send me pictures of your finished product through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Talk to you guys later. Ciao! (piano music)


  1. you have no ideas how many rings i have everytime i buy a new dress…..or anything i get 5 rings matching with it…….but because i dont store them properly i lose them……and now that i have seen this video i will never lose any i think i will have to make two of these coz my collection is so very big………………..xoxo

  2. I love this project. This is a beautiful box. Thanks a bunch! Where dis you get the mat you are cutting your material on? I really need a large mat. I will share pics of my box when finished. Continue with the great tutorials!

  3. I have so many rings and i want to make this however ill probably have to make the box myself I can't find one that's good for this

  4. I love that bright blue color. I've noticed you realllllly like blue, especially that color of blue! But it's okay, I love it too!

  5. I love your tutorial.  I tried to make a ring holder for a craft show and needless to say it turned out terribly.   Yours looks so much nicer and it did not look like it took very long to do.   Thank you for the tips!

  6. I just made a very different version of this using a wooden box with a see-through glass panel on the lid, black paint, sparkles, chains, foam, leopard print fabric and hot glue. (Waiting for spikes in the mail to add to the lid.) Love this tutorial for showing me how to make this in the first place!

  7. Hi Ann, what the name of the paint? I'm using my phone and its a little blurry to read the name. I checked description box but it didnt had the name.

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  9. Love the fabric foam idea.  Everyone else rolls foam, batting, felt etc.  When I tried that my rolls were not all even, even though I cut each piece the same size?!  Using this square foam looks like that eliminates this problem.  I'm trying it!!

  10. I know this is an older video but – wow! Great tutorial! I might try to make one of these for my mom for her birthday!

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