DIY Under $100 Marble Gold Beauty Room Makeover !!

DIY Under $100 Marble Gold Beauty Room Makeover !!


  1. איזה מהמם!!!
    יצא לך מעולה, ורק במאה דולרים!!!
    איך קוראים לערוץ שלך בעברית?
    וגם, יש מצב שאולי תוכלי לראות את הערוץ יוטיוב שלי, זה יעשה אותי ממש שמחה❤

  2. Love your freshness! 2000 years later cracked me up. One thing though – can you just print any picture off Google? Don’t you need to check copyright etc?

  3. I die 😍😍😍 so awesome! 😭😭

  4. Why don't you get a bigger glue gun and did you say LA you can't find any furniture at good will in Jersey they charge an arm and leg here. You gotta pay real money here

  5. I'm trying to get my room ready and buying some equipment to start my own beauty channel and I loved some of your ideas so much! You got soooo lucky at that Goodwill! I wish my Goodwill had something like that! Great video💜

  6. Wow!😍 amazing job! This gave me so much inspiration and I'll be using some of these ideas for my soon to come makeup station!❤ I love your accent and your super pretty!

  7. It's so funny how you thrifted all of the furniture and they're all from Ikea;) Everything worked out so perfectly! I want that vanity

  8. Those press on lights don't last long, they fade and don't provide light after 1 week. I got some for my daughters desk area that I made for her and they lasted 6 days with only about 1 hour use each day for her homework time before they didn't shine as bright. I even replacEd batteries and nope. LED faded

  9. Literally just paid 200 for the table she found for free (plis 70 dollars shipping) FML. Nice work though..I was impressed with how you stayed in budget

  10. New subscriber!!! I really liked this video because I didn't believe that we can make any room to our liking and still be on a certain budget. One just has to research and have a plan in place and in mind. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. I was in ikea today i bought a small plant, a small chair and a picture frame and it cost me well over a $150 CAD. What part of this whole wide world do you live in ? LOL

  12. For your kind of walls u can use toggle bolts!! It holds alot of weight n is super easy to put in? Love ur video btw

  13. You shouldn't just record a phone conversation and publish it without the other person's consent. And unforntunately, the audio was a little annoying, I had to adjust the volume constantly with the different voice overs.

  14. Found you today, my plan is to redecorate my room within the coming weeks, this is totally what i want plus on a budget, thank you so much ❤❤❤ .. p.s. of course i subscribed straight away 😊😊

  15. Hey guys ! a lot of you were asking about some items I bought in this video. There are links to everything in the description box so you can get them as well

  16. I wanted to see the whole room. You should have shown a final shot of the whole room at the end so I could see how everything came together.

  17. 3:53 ..took the display one lol. Great content.. great details..I like how u share the process, not just put it out as an easy thing. Reallife, thanks!

  18. סרטון נדיר ועוזר ממש למרות שאני מישראל 😍
    אין עלייך 🤩 ⁦❤️⁩💗

  19. You’re so gorgeous and smart! Omg I’m so doing this to my room. Are u Hispanic? I love your accent. I got so much inspiration on this video

  20. Tysm I’ve been wanting to redo my room for a awhile except the colors don’t really match my room so I’m gonna have to convince my parents to lemme

  21. One of the very rare videos that I’ve seen on your tube that is realistic w/he budget and receipts. Thank you for your transparency. I’m in the process of renovating my bedroom. I didn’t want to pay $200-400 for 1 tree stump table. I was able to find& pick up 3 ea. free pine trunks on fb marketplace at a local residents home . All
    I have to do is sand it down and put a coating on it. The tables should be $70 and less once I buy all the materials . It’s a great when you can get 2 side tables and a plant stand from 3 trunks

  22. You can attach things to a plaster wall!!! You need the screw brackets! They go in around the screws and lock into the plaster and make everything SUPER sturdy.

  23. Thank you for doing one of these with a budget because it gets annoying when people do room makeovers but they spend so much on them so it’s like I can’t make my room look like that if you spent like 10000 dolllars on it 😂

  24. Oh my god I'm so happy seeing how much you can buy with 100$. I live in Malaysia and trust me 100 amount of money can only got us 2 or 3 things. I'm so sick of how pricey things in Malaysia are!

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