DIY Under $100 Marble Gold Beauty Room Makeover !!

DIY Under $100 Marble Gold Beauty Room Makeover !!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] there are so many things the guys can do with $100 only you can either buy 100 items at the dollar store or you can actually get a good perfume but today we’re actually not doing any of these and I’m here just to show you how I made an entire Beauty room from scratch on a budget of only you guessed it $100 so if you guys like to see how he did then please stay tuned and Karen watching so when playing on a budget you guys it’s very important to first and foremost to visit the goodwill tada it’s a really good story you guys want to find something you know for very cheap and as you guys can see I found this tool for only 399 and it was pretty awesome I also find other stuff so I’m gonna show now so I actually just found this one right here it’s like I think it’s like a nightstand kind of a thing but it can totally work you know for makeup storage it’s really deep and it’s you know it’s really wide so that’s gonna be really cute and I mean you guys we can’t argue with this price though so I’m gonna get this one right here so after I finished with Goodwill I went to Ikea as you guys can see because they also have really great and affordable stuff so of course I already knew what I wanted and I did my research so right now I’m in a key and here is juicy with me so first thing first we’re gonna grab some of these small chef’s can be super cute you know with the idea that I have in mind I’m gonna grab maybe two maybe three I don’t know well see what’s in the budget and we shall see okay guys so basically this is a marble top now the cost for that is only $40 so what are we going to do I’m actually going to create some sort of a floating table because I already got the drawers so and the drawer was like four dollars and that can be really really dope look how perfect that is you guys look what it is just found so this is basically the almost the same kind of chair that I got at a goodwill for like four dollars but then so clearly if you don’t have that kind of chairs you know that kind of stool your own eye goodwill I guess because it’s like you know the chances you will find it it’s like I don’t know but then you can totally get this one for $4.99 and just put Luffy pillow on top of it and just make it the same so this is just another idea so that you guys can make it for the drawers I actually just thought that it will be probably really cure to just add some knobs so I thought I’m gonna get this one it’s a gold I know you can really see cuz the light here is not the best but as you guys can see here better so yeah so I’m gonna grab this one so of course it will not be a beauty room without a closing rock so this closing record here it’s $12.99 but I’m gonna make it really pretty and acute for the room to match the rose gold marble kind of a theme look what I just found here for only $9.99 so basically this is like a full-body mirror and it’s only as I said $9.99 so I’m gonna make it so pretty and so damn great you know for a beauty room so that you know you can take those selfies for Instagram and it can be super cute and yeah of course I’ll take two so you guys this is a plan pod which basically costs 49 cents and all I’m planning on doing this is basically gonna be for my brushes it’s gonna be so bummed after I’m gonna do it with marble and gold and everything so I’m gonna take two so that’s gonna be one dollar has cheaper than a dollar store yes give it to me give me the two of these so you guys everything in here I came to 7114 so I’m gonna go back home right now and we’re gonna start work juicy is working her tail yes what a queen six hours later so of course we’re gonna start with easy stuff you guys so the first thing I did I took those plant parts and all I did with the first one I just spray-painted gold super easy super cute and it looks so cheeky Dickie you know and then I took the other one and all I did with that I took my marble contact paper and dot all I did I basically measured it and just like cut it and just wrap it all around it looks super super cute and I mean you guys $1 for the both of them I mean who came please that show me I I want to know who can complete that not even the dollar store you guys so there it is super cute super easy super fun yes and moving on to the star to show you guys of course we have the stool for $3.99 tada no it’s not 399 trust me goodwill does not sell these kind of prices things okay now moving on so the only thing I did here as you guys can see I took my gold spray paint and then I just pray paint the legs of the stool super easy I mean you know even a baby can do it I mean and if a baby can I can and you can you know all this kind of stuff and then taking my fur fabric kind of things that I bought in downtown LA I just measured it you know just to make sure that I’m not messing up because you know I kind of did but who cares I mean I was on the only one to see it and probably now you as well so I’m just taking my glue gun apparently there is a lot of things you can do with glue gun you guys like honestly I saw some random things going on on Facebook right now I saw people making I don’t know I guess shoes with glue guns and I don’t know earrings and apparently even fake nails so it’s clearly 2018 so you know who am I to argue but anyways here all of doing it’s just the basic stuff you know basic things just like gluing fabric into a chair so yeah and just like anyways now moved on to our $4.99 you know nightstand I guess I took a marbled contact paper and then all I did as well as you can see pretty much super easy just fill the paper up and just stick it or not all over it I just did it on top cuz it was kind of messy and there was a few parts that I couldn’t either clean or you know make it look cute or whatever and yeah that basically all there is to it you’re just gonna got and then you guys here is a hack from me to you just use your come if you don’t want to have any bubbles in these things so yeah super easy and you don’t have to spend your money on some random stuff on I’m sponsored of course because yeah it’s a comb and you probably have it at home so oh so you can use it you know why not and there you have it very pretty I guess organizer moving on to my closing rock you guys I just decided to live it all white and not to painted gold with marble as I planned before because they kind of feel like these looks better with my aesthetic so when it’s white already and basically they just assemble it real quick and I put my clothes on it to make it look all cute and now we’re gonna move into the biggest fail of 2018 you guys as you guys all know I bought this marble countertop whatever and so I was trying to take two brackets and basically just plug them into the wall and to put these on top of that to make it like a floating kind of table so as you guys can see I was trying to measure it to the wall all these kind of things just to figure out in the end that my wall is a plaster wall therefore it did not hold the table so I was in a major problem because I already almost reached the budget but you’re gonna see in a minute what I’ve done is you guys can see it you know but it time I figure it out honestly it was already sunset you’re gonna see me here trying to put the outer shelves and you can see that the light is pretty different right now I was basically trying to take the measurements for the two shelves and I just you know put him on the wall this was pretty easy honestly and it only took me a few seconds and now we’re gonna move to the table situation so I totally forgot to tell you guys but I didn’t got the knobs for the seven dollar Nettie IND up getting these from the self section at IKEA this is just a frame you know for like any type of image that you want and it was only 490 so basically you know I have extra three dollars to spend and what I’m gonna do right now I’m just gonna put a really nice picture inside and I’m gonna show you how I’m doing this okay so basically all I’m doing right now as you guys can see I’m gonna Google and then let’s just you know just for the fun of it let’s just do lipstick I guess and let’s see what’s gonna come up in images and basically you can just you know you can choose whatever picture you want you can print it out this looks really cute I really really love this swatch right here you can pretty much pretty print it out and you know just put it in your frame or you can take any other preacher you know that you want if you like lipsticks like so or just maybe a lips picture just that alone this is also really cute oh that’s the picture I chose you guys and basically as you can see this is literally a paper you know from my printer it’s nothing fancy and so all I’m gonna do I’m just gonna put it right here and I’m gonna close it one second and then I can hang this picture on my wall and there it is so going back to my table if you ask you guys I went on Craigslist real quick as you guys can see here there’s a section called free there’s all the good people that will give you their stuff for free if you only come to pick it up so of course I search for word tada a table so it took me a while and this is why the video was you know delayed by a few weeks I can say because you know I found this table but then I was like mmm this will be just too big too much I will have to paint it and it will be too much of a job so I gave up on that and I waited until I found this table right here and this would look pretty great for what I needed it so yeah so next thing I need okay so I’m going to call this person right now see if this is still available so let me see mmm let’s pray everyone and see if this available cuz it seems like it’s gonna work I’m gonna put it on speaker battery you guys battery life is over okay hello hi how are you um I have a question so I’m one of your ads on Craigslist right now and I see that you’re giving away like a table yeah I was wondering if you still available and it says on the edge that you’re living in Central LA could you tell me exactly where it is because I live with it oh okay that’s actually great that’s only like 15 minutes away from me so would you mind like texting me or address to this to my phone and then I maybe you know have the address and I can go there okay awesome thank you so much you too bye-bye much much much later but this table is actually from Ikea okay like I mean I’m so shocked right now and I mean it seems like this gonna fit exactly to it the only thing I mean my guys thought it was a complete fail these wall is plaster so I couldn’t feed anything to keep it together and I couldn’t really make it floating table as I wanted it to be but I mean you could do it in your own house if you’re gonna have plaster wall I just couldn’t do it and now yeah all I have to do is pretty much like put it together like that and look how stunning that is look at this marble once again you can buy any table for like ten dollars I can’t even have like $10 table I think and you know just like put like that contact marble paper or whatever daddy’s I mean the only thing is that I didn’t want to do it because there are so many YouTube videos on that so I was like mmhmm no we’re gonna do something special we’re gonna do a floating table but I couldn’t so so we have this marble table and it’s super pretty and cute and right now I’m gonna continue with my own things 2,000 years later for my vanity mirror you guys again I went on Craigslist and I think I can see I found these but then as you guys all know this was out of the budget so I kept on looking and looking as you guys can see I found many and this is why the produce grab really did I as a guest can see it was posted two hours before like and it was like yesterday so 24 hours later take the mirror right now and just instead of just like hanging it I mean which it can clearly can I do you know I’m just gonna put in here on the table like so the only fingerprints is on it right now and yes there we have it one utility later okay so we only have one more thing left and it’s the vanity mirror so since it’s not looking the best you know it’s just like pretty simple as a guys can see all I wanted to do I thought it would be really cute if it’s gonna have these lights and this is actually LED lights and then it works with batteries so it’s like super easy it’s not even take your own electricity so all you have to do is just like put on and then it has a seeker in the back the way to turn it on and off it’s like so and all I’m gonna do right now I’m just gonna peel the sticker tada and all you do it’s basically put it on the wall and we’re gonna put the first one right here and tada so now we’re gonna do it all over here so it’s look all smashed and I think we’re done so that is it for this video guys if you guys like this video please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below here for more of me I guess and for more of these type of videos and that is it I’ll see you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching [Music]


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