Djiza – Radar | رادار (Official Lyrics Video) Prod. by Djiza

Bad friends Each time I trust you turns to be a bad trip I listened to her once and was a bad tip You say but you don’t do, seems to be a lie Alexandria remains above the stars The city and its people are much appreciated Your brain wants another to get my lyrics Vibes’ high waves plunge into the beat I came to make a wave in the scene, so get it I know my selfworth even my drink know that She told me once “The demon inside you gonna win” I told her that what inside me is a joint, playing 100 melodies on the Organ No time for enemies No hate, but legacy Zoom into the movie (my life) Bad luck as a bad bitch I calculated it cuz I’m a math nerd But still can’t resist the green life Big moves Whatever I do, my homies got my back Moving along with no distractions and no rules I am winning, there is no lose I write what in my mind to free my soul I steal her peace of mind by taking two puffs to write two songs Living the vibes since the Boom Bap era Living my life doing music and programming Fighting against the world to be rich Chasing dreams until we reach our goal One more night, just one more night No time for enemies They saw me and asked, “who is he?” They need me like vitamins Doing my best inside the scene Moving towards my dream Hommie! we proved ourselves Big dream in the HipHop scene We drink 7up with no lean Preparing myself as I used to prepare for high school exams Germany is on fire because of me After the party, everyone gonna leave And I will be alone playing you my songs And trying to hide my depression from you It’s dark away from my homeland But when I play on the piano it lightens my way There is no sleep until the song is finished Vibe above the moon New wave soon Stay tuned Alexandria is once again on the Radar I see it clear as a lighthouse My heart is divided by a wall I left my soul in my homeland’s airport And that was the toughest decision ever Go hard or go home I am shooting calmly on the target scoring my goal I am not waiting for any call Either from you or 100 other souls 100 soul You asked me who are those girls Your jealousy won’t benefit anyone Because my lies gonna increase more What about those ignorant famous people Their replies to me feels like painkillers Just ask them who made them famous? Their drama feels like watching Turkish series Easy, I am just gonna ignore them It’s a trippy life, so only trippy goals ahead I want cash, I want gold Either money call or daddy call Always take care Life is scary From a mile away you can fight it I do fight my demons with my MIDI My plan has been started but still from a mile away Wanna be ready when they zoom on me Composing music at midnight From the middle of the wave, I am coming out to flash you Ready mind Fresh head Steady mood Some people always hustle and others always asleep People who accept anything and others want a specific thing But for me, I only want my money in cash We gonna do bangers She told me once “You gonna win the title” I told her “I just wanna win people”

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