do PRATA ao GLOBAL #1 (FalleN CSGO)

do PRATA ao GLOBAL #1 (FalleN CSGO)

Hello guys, fallenzão here in the area. Some will follow this through the youtube, other with the stream I’ll start now a series where our goal is level up an account from the beggining to global Okay? In this course the idea is try to teach for you the things I am doing and thinking In a similar style of the ”mind of the pros” video that already have in my channel where I try to give hints But this will be in realtime and longest video, because I will show the whole match Okay? So I just have bought an account of CS:GO, downloaded my CFG (configuration) If you want to get my CFG is pretty easy, you just need to enter in and write !cfg, so the bot will send you a link where you can download it So you will download the cfg and put it in your CS and execute it. It’s the first thing you will do And then how you will do that? You will put here download through the browser It’s a pretty small file that you will download, and you will drag it, after you have executed the game for at least on time Otherwise the past won’t appear in the CS paste, so you will drag it to the config paste switch the cfg name to fallen or let it in the original name. Then drag it to C:Program filesSteamsteamappscommonCounter strike Global Offensivecsgocfg Throw the file into this directory, when we open the CS guys When we open the CS guys, it’s nice to right-click the CS, click in Properties, Set Launch Options and put these commands -tickrate 128 What is this guys? The default of CS:GO is 64, so when you create a server to practice alone If you haven’t this command in the iniciatilzation of Counter Strike, you won’t play with the maximum performance that CS can reach with the maximum rate of data streaming, so it’s important to put this comand if you want to play it appropriately you can’t feel much difference if you are laic in the game, but it’s a thing that we do Ok? other command that I’m used to put in here is the -novid Doing this the game won’t open the loading video everytime, that for me is annoying Ok? Another command that I’ll put in here , that is more specific, is the -refresh 120 This one works for these who have monitors of high quality, which have higher hertz Only for the guys that paid an expansive price for the monitor, for the people who have a gamer monitor particular with these high hertz, so you will play with a higher frequency What this kind of monitor changes ingame? A better efficiency of the monitor’s update You feel the game more flowing, okay? Basically these 3 commands is what you need You will enter in the CS:GO, will open the game Let me open the last thing missing here Done Well, let’s play the game, let’s go to CS:GO Okay? Opened the game, now you will configure the video of CS:GO guys What happens guys? These is a lot of video options in here that makes the game heaviest How we professionals uses to set up in here? Everything in the lowest possible Twitch message from mitoso: Send a greeting to jimjimmacacão. Thanks mitoso, greetings for you and your friend too! So, in general, you will let everything in the lowest, except for the rendering multinuclear What is this? You are letting your processor uses more than one core You will let it activated then, you want that the game uses more capacity of your processor The rest of the options stays in the lowest, some people turns the shadows into medium Alright? I don’t, I put the shadows in lower too, I like to play in this way Other options that you have in here is the Resolution and Proportion of the screen 4:3, 16:9, it’s the proportion and amount of frames horizontal and vertical. I, Fallen, plays in the options 4:3 and 1024:768 This is personal, doesn’t exist the better, but what do you like the most I play in the 1024 because it stays in a nice FPS and don’t let the graphics very ugly Althought, if you compare the 1024 with a much higher it will results in difference, ok? So you need to see which one is the better for you, this is how I like Another thing you need to do in the Counter Strike is to go in the option Configurations of the game And activate your console, it’s disabled, go to option, configurations of the game, and enable your console When you do this, you activate a line of command, now you can give commands, how you press this key? With a button that is in the left side of the number 1, the quotation marks button, below the ESC Press him, then you can execute the command The first command that we are going to execute is the exec config Which is the file that you downloaded, remember? To execute the CFG So you will play in the same way that I do, executing that cfg file, okay? In my case the name of the file is fallen, because I switched it. So exec fallen to execute it How can I know if worked Fallen? It’s supposed to change immediatly some things in your screen and you can test it either with the sensibility command, see if it’s different My cfg is a little bit out of date, I use 2.3. and there is another command that I change in here which is the width of AWP’s sight, that line when you pull the zoom, you can change the width of the line In the moment I use 2.5. There is another command that I use in here which is bind n -attack A advanced thing to make the such jumpthrow, I will explain this later, alright? So it’s in the we I’m used to play. Well, I’m in the account pratamaster In CS:GO guys, you can only play the real competitive, here in find a match, there is a lot of options Competitive, casual, demolition, arms race… each one is peculiar, right? Honestly I don’t know all of them very well. Arms race you change your weapon according to the persons you kill Deathmatch you enter in the server and respawn instantly after dying Competitive is the real match, where you play with other opponents in the 5v5 Casual is the open server 30v30 or something like this Demolition I don’t even remember how the demolition mode is played, being very sincere Demolition is when yo killing and getting new weapons Actually both of them works like this. But the arms race ends when you kill anyone with the knife, which is the last weapon Alright? So I can’t play the competitive yet. The maps in the competitive nowadays: Dust 2, Train, Nuke, Overpass, Cache and… Inferno left, then, Mirage. So these 7 maps and cbblestone. The first 7 maps are from the competitive, see? Inferno was retired for a while and nuke entered in her place, recently So when you press ready, it won’t let me play, I think… Look what it’s saying to me… (Twitch interruption) You must gain at least ‘private rank 2’ CS:GO Profile Rank before participating in Competitive Matchmaking. Which means: Fallen you need to acquire level 2 to play this kind of game Twitch message: ”Send greetings to Emito”, greetings emito. We are together, thanks brother Depending the kind of the game which you want to play, you have to level up your account My account has just been created right now, so I need to level up to level 2 to be able to play competitive Today the first episode is going to be the Fallenzão leveling up this account, okay? How can you level up the account? Anyone of these modes can give you experience, alright? Let’s start with arms race cuz I am going to massacrate these folks, I’ll kill them as fast as possible to win the game Basically is this I am going to do Another thing that worth to be said for these who just opened the CS right now There is some weapons that you can equip or not in the CS:GO. I’ll give some options for you The colt for example, there is two types of colt. There is the colt M4A1 which is the silenced It haves 20 bullets. And exists the M4A4, which have 30 bullets. So you have to choose which one you like the most I, Fallen, like the 30 bullets, ok? Because I need more shots Kidding… Because more bullets is more important for me than to shoot unnoticed from there I am shooting Basically this is the difference. You can even choose between the USP, which is a silenced pistol and the P2000. I played a lot of time with the P2000, nowadays I’m playing with the USP Another option passes through the CZ and the FiveSeven CZ have 12 bullets and seems like a machine-gun Now the fiveseven have 20 bullets and is strong too. I prefer fiveseven because I am so bad with the CZ I am really bad with she, but the weapon is really good, very powerful Another choose passes through Desert eagle and the revolver. The revolver is practically useless I don’t even know if it still exists… but it does, the revolver, being sincere use the desert eagle, olay? Although in my case I realized I am really with desert eagle, maybe I should use the revolver So in general is this. As you will experiencing the game, you’ll figure out skins, for example this one is the common AWP of the game. Suddenly can happen of some skins drop for you over the games In other words some clothes for these weapons, you can use it or not Another way of getting these clothes for your weapon is opening some boxes So you got a box, you can pay in cash in the steam the key to open it, so you open it and receives a skin may come a skin that costs 20 cents, or 1000 dollars. So the prices vary a lot It’s a risky stuff, and obviously is hard to get a nice skin.Okay? So let’s start the match, with this one I was talking about, the arms race to feel how it goes I’ll search the game in here. I expect that in our program I could be able to disable the option Which is the integration of the CS:GO and the twitch, that pressing tab you can see the number of the people watching the game I expect this wont happen because i’d like to pass unnoticed so basically during this mode – I entered as CT I will be able to kill the guys, and as I’m killing It will switch my weapons level 1 of 16 for now So basically when you get alive you keep walking forward and aiming the opponents to kill You don’t stop to think about strategy in here, try to remember where you died, if the opponents are advancing It’s not a good deal to enter the house, they don’t respawn in the house, although I have found these guys thinking well it’s not a bad idea to come in the house, I’ve just made a good play When you reach this window it turns easy to kill them, because they are right in the front In this server there are some bots, because it didn’t reached the maximum of persons in the server The benefit in these modes is that you can train your aim Public message from twitch: What is the hint to have a professional CS:GO team? The hint is to train first of all your individual abilities, to have a moderate domain of the machinics in game So you need to leave this beggining stage to join the competitive. To get a team you need to talk with the guys in the internet I recommend you to participate of the games academy, that was created for this purpose Play in the gamersclub server, where the people are already thinking in the competitive But there are many ways for you to find an equip, I think these are the better. The bot ruined with me When a player is dominating you, when he is killing you and you aren’t killing him, he gets this red color you can see him behind the walls, like a wall hack, helping you to kill him, because you are suffering to kill him When you get these bad weapons the game starts to be boring Something appeared up there, Achievement reached: Insurgent. I don’t know exactly what is this but as you will go playing, some achievements gonna be unblocked, some goals gonna be reached You’ll earn some medals. Achievement earned now: ”Look mom, without aiming”, because I just killed a guys with a zoom weapon withou using the aim For this reason I’ve got the achievement, when you kill the first opponent like this you get it There will have a lot of achievements, like defusing the bomb in the last second… and so many other I don’t know exactly where is a list with all of them, sincerly There are people who likes to complete these stuff, but it doesn’t fascinates me very much Your guys will realize that I hate runaround in game, I like to compete, I am boring with these things There are some people who likes it, and I respect it, I think it’s cool to colect these things and complete objectives As I am competing for so much time, these stuff don’t interest for me, but one day already did depends on the phase you are, I believe The advantage of the FiveSeven, that I gave one shot only in the guy, is that in close range it kills very fast with HS (headshot) it haves a penetration rate very high, so if you shoot the head of the guy in close range, it’s unerring death even an armed guy, I’ll try to hit his head, just because I talked… One bullet right in the head with close range is enough to kill and now I reached the maximum level, witch is the golden knife, if I kill one guy with the knife the game is over and a detail about stab, when you find an opponent with 100 health points, instead of… Ah another person killed with the knife, so I lost… he killed with the knife, and I didn’t but I unlocked a lot of things here, and winned a little of the level I needed, you see? I winned a lot of experience, it’s missing 2 or 3 games to complete it I think now we can vote for the next map in here, my frag was 29/14, but the frag doesn’t have much importance Let’s choose another game mode now guys, let’s play deathmatch the coolest and interesting mode to train, alright? I’ll play in the deathmatch of the CS:GO because I need the points but if you want to exercise for real, I’ll teach you how to enter in the gamersclub deathmatch because in the CS deathmatch it isn’t very well set, it doesn’t have the tickrate 128, which is the rate where the real games happens it isn’t the ideal environment to exercise, but works a little, mainly in the begginer level So later I can teach your guys how to play in the gamersclub After we reach the global level… Gamersclub is a platform outside the CS:GO, it works making the coordination of the teams, the mixes… your guys will discover later that exists something called mix which is a competitive game where 10 persons makes 2 teams but no one knows each other which is the matchmaking of the CS:GO, an engine facilitated for the mix by the way you can play for free And you can sign later if you want, to have acess for more features as to play championships, watch some classes, and so on… Basically in deathmatch you need to play seeking out enemies, you shouldn`t play hidden A nice strategy to play deathmatch is to decorate the place where the guys are born Sounds silly, but when you know it, you get smarten up with the points that you need to go targeting so if you memorize it, you can get more prepared to kill them mostly of the time Another important key to play deathmatch is the movimentation, control of recoil and know to shoot This guy I have just killed right now, I had to give one shot, when I missed it, I walked to the side, stopped and shoot again So one shot, walked to the side, and shoot again So we will exercise this in this moment. One shot, walk to the side, stop your character with the contrary buttom you are walking (if A, press D, if D, press A) and shoot again let`s just shoot this way, this is the way that made well known the player scream of G2 it`s a guy that likes a lot of this way of shooting, which we call “tap“ like a pat in the mouse click finding the HS (headshot) it isn`t my especiality, but oftentimes I use it… I prefer to trust in a spray, finalize the dude with efficiency than to find this clean shots all the time… so how can you exercise this? shot, before taking the second shot, you will walk to the side and brake, okay? How can you brake your character? There is two ways of making it: you can bring him down by pressing ALT or you can press that contrary buttom that you had just pushed Twitch message: Fallen send greeting to alisson, which is the skin you like the most in CS? I think the Dragonlore is the most beautiful in my opinion… greeting alisson Dragonlore is the skin of the AWP, it`s very beautiful and rare So how can you brake the character? if I am going to the left, I press to the right, and if I am going to the right, I press to the left and so you go training look, here I crouched, in this case I preferred to crouch, because if I walked to the left I wouldn`t see the guy in the angle I was, if I went to the left, it would block me… So you will exercise this way of shooting Fallen, I think I`ve got it, I played two days exercising in this way, I am giving nice HSs already But I feel there is some guys I`m missing the HSs, is there another way more efficient of shooting? Yes, there is, it`s the spray. How can you do it? when you find your opponent, you can even squat, you can even squat and keep moving your character Twitch message: Fallen I admire you a lot, I always watch your stream, greeting from Manaus (city from north of Brazil) Thanks for donating man How can I eliminate these guys? When I find the opponent I will stop my character I will aim on him and start to shoot and will make a movement with the mouse, with my hands, to get down Why? notice how the AK works, the shots starts to move up Naturally it moves up, held the finger and the bullets goes up I will hold the finger without controlling it, it will get up, look… So I can`t allow the sight to go up, because if I don`t control the recoil, I will just kill if I hit the first shots So naturally when you start the spray you need to take a slight drop to down like to be saying: game I know the bullets will get up, but I will control it getting down… okay? So do it, get down the sight as you leaves the finger pressed Another important hint for you that wants to control the recoil, is to not control the 30 shots hardly you need many shots to eliminate the enemy, if you are doing it, you are not being effective It`s nice that we won a lot of experience again, so one more game and we can go to level 2 So what is the ideal? you need to try to control the 5 or 8 first shots if you realize that you don`t killed your enemy with the first 8 shots, you`ll stop shooting and will resume shooting later with more 8 shots… and you will use that technique of the tap which is shot, walk, stop and shoot again So fallen, I started the spray in the guy, and I lost the control of the aim… so stop, walk to the side, crouch and start again… this is very important the BOT stabbed me in the moment, is there something shameful than this? So what you will exercise in the deathmatch? Movement to give the tap, Recoil control and this brake, these are the 3 things you need to exercise with excellence Later, you can also exercise the strafe, what is the strafe? Strafe is the technique to look somewhere, get information, without dying after you`ve got the information, so you choose your action I`ll take a look how is the back before I get in, I looked, I returned, and so I get in so this strafe works for the competitive match for so many things to identify how is the scene of the place, and then you can make a decision to force someone to miss the shots, so you can get him after the missed shots so you strafed the enemy right here, he started to spray you, you come back, and later you get in to kill him This is a important tool in CS, many times the strafe will be used to get information, is there someone coming? Yes, there is two guys coming, you see? I was just able to make this play, because I strafed and took information saw the two enemies, and designed myself to kill what I already need where it was, killed one and lugged the aim for the another So it requires technique and a nice control of your aim to make something like this, but this is the concept first you will take a photo of the place, after this you can kill them, okay? It`s the better way I find to explain this for the begginers, here, give a strafe before getting in Whatelse you will exercise in the DM? These things are the main Here for example, in this situation where I am close to the enemy A nice way to confront him is to give a shot to despair him What happens? The guy is very close from you, when he sees you, he will starts to shoot you So you call for his shot, get back, and then finalize him, understood? So you kind of kill the guy in two times: call for his shot, come back, and then finalize him This is very important to be known too, it`s another technique to kill the guys Here the guy is coming, I`ll project myself to here… to kill him Another important information here, people just sent here in the chat of stream say to the guys to don`t shoot walking or jumping Exactly, started to walk with the AK, everything I said for your guys falls through started to walk with AK, it starts to get hard to shoot at the same time, I couldn`t kill him I`ll shoot walking again, the shots vain all wrong, see? So it`s useless to play desperate, trying to shoot at the same time you run, I will never kill doing it… Just killed now because I was very lucky, doesn`t work like this, if you don`t brake your character, you won`t kill anyone So it was a nice comment there… then you have all these things to exercise… makes he misses the shots, and come back to kill him tried to use that technique, but he was with the silenced colt, and made a nice control of his shoots So the people ask: why the professional player are much better than the moderate players? Sometimes the sight of them is quite similar, but if he sins in the movement or in the notion to know where to use the strafes So there are many things you need to learn to be a perfect player I`ve just put a command in the console, which is the voice_enable 0, it means that I`m turning of the voice of the guys if the guys are bothering you, if you are not in the mood to hear them, sometimes are some annoying guys like playing with a high volume, you can use this command Whatelse can we see here? it`s almost ending the map, we have more 5 minutes, let`s play with another weapon so when I die I will get another weapon I can play with AWP for example, play with AWP in the DM is nice, okay? the guys are not killing me guys, i`m trying to die.. now I have just used a technique of recoil with this guy in close range there was one in close range and another in long range, I was controlling the recoil to kill them I`ll have to die again… when you want to switch weapon guys, you have to die, don`t move, press B and buy it so you can`t move before buying the weapon, ok? how you will play a DM with awp? you need to be quite flexible a good AWP player can be quite flexible, see? so strafe, take the picture, come back and kill When you learn to do this, you will be a more flexible player with the AWP how does it works? an awp player needs to know to play in movement, a new place you are going, you need to take the picture take the picture, found it? throw the aim in the guy the guy is near, put the aim, take the picture look at the radar, there is no one at the stairs and no one at CT connection, then may have anyone at the two sides strafed, come back, and put the aim so this is nice to exercise here, because the deathmatch is an environment where enemies comes from everywhere so playing without the aim in the DM, and exercise your movement, will help you… Now I was trying to hide behind the train wagon to kill that guy, hiding from the another When you notice two enemies in the screen, you need to make a fast analysis, to get hidden from one sometimes to project yourself to the other one, so you have chance to kill both if you keep showing up to both, you will end up dying, even if you kill one of them So if the ideal is to make the perfect play, you need to know how to run of the adversary, to kill the other one eye for eye, I just acquired an achievement here, but I don`t know exactly what it is So in the DM keep an eye at the radar, got this one, get hidden, get the another one So radar… there is another up there? Always take a look where there is no one on the radar Well, where there is no one? nobody is here, so could be a guy in my right, because there is no one terrorist there if there was any TR (terrorist) in there, it means that there isn`t any CT there to, because if there was they would be shooting many times you can see an opponent at the radar that a friend of yours saw in his screen So the radar kinds of refresh what your friends are seeing So take a look on the radar, there will be someone at the middle and at the stairs, how can I know it? because there isn`t any friend at these places, so in the DM it`s kind of easy to know where the enemies will be Just looking on the radar Look, I`m listening some steps over here now, there will be someone in the middle too refrigerator and in the middle, it would be a bad play to appear there now, because there would be two looking for me Wait for the guy to appear for you Look on the radar now, there will be someone at the back, because there isn`t anyone on the back on the radar so for the radar you`ll seeing what they are doing so isn`t all that hard, now there will be one in our base, our at the CT connection take a look at the enemy passing through here in a little while, because there isn`t anyone here you can see that there isn`t anyone for a long time in this area There was a high chance of anyone being there So in this way you`ll seeing how you will be playing For what I noticed here there isn`t the number of expectator in here, which is a good signal to the guys don`t see we playing here, so we can pass unnoticed the right would be to install some voice modifier in here, maybe? *laughs* to get a kid voice these kids you get in the matchmaking with 12 years old, killing everyone… Fallenzao already was one of these, we have to respect these kids… how can you go downstairs with more efficiency? come to the bottom and jump There is a hint which a few players in CS knows, get down the stairs, press W and shoot you`ll always regulate your shoot by pressing the W after jumping the stairs maybe getting down the stairs doesn`t work, but if you get down and press W it will work, see? the shoot will be more accurate, even with another weapons this is another hint to get down the stairs, to kill someone waiting for you Always looking for the radar, there will be someone at the back, there isn`t anyone looking for the back it`s not that the fallen knows where the guys will be, you`ll check where there is no one there will be someone at the link now look for the radar now, there will be someone in the left of the back now, appeared an “?“ there and there isn`t anyone of my team there, go with calm taking the aim well now by the radar will be there someone at the stairs in a while, stay checking someone in the link just died, received a shoot of AWP will appear someone at the stairs in a while, there is no one here In this way you will be going, there is just 20 seconds left to the map guys I think we will be able to play competitively after this, so with 3 matches already released the MM for us so we can try to get a higher level if I’m not mistaken we will play some matches in the trajectory, trying to balance us so how the game doesn’t know the level of the player who just created the account it will gets a especific number of matches, I think it’s 10, and analyses my performance in these games and then give me a patent Look, I leveled up for the level 2 and won an weapon, a P250 camouflage metallica I will leave the server, turn the voice on again voice_enable 1, and use the skin I had just won take a look at it, we won it for luck, for playing the match and completing it it’s new factory, which is the best status that it can have, there is many qualities it can have I’ll equip it, so even in CT or TR side, when I purchase P250 it will comes Alright guys? So it was the first video of this series, giving some tips of how can you prepare yourself to play CS:GO, CFG, weapons you can choose, configurations, video, all these things… And in the next episodes you’ll see the gameplay in competitive mode, alright? I hope that you enjoyed it, don’t miss the next episodes! We are together guys!


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