Do You Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox Game Pass – Can You Play Game Pass Games Without Gold

Do You Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox Game Pass – Can You Play Game Pass Games Without Gold

Xbox Game Pass is a popular service that allows
you to play over 100 games by paying a monthly subscription. And if you plan on signing up you might be
wondering whether you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for Xbox Game Pass. The short answer is no! You don’t necessarily need Xbox Live Gold
for Game Pass. But you’ll get more use out of the Game Pass
if you have Gold and here’s why. Some games are single player or offline so
you won’t need Gold for those games but there are online multiplayer games and others that
have strictly online gameplay. With those games, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold
to be able to play them. Another question people ask about Game Pass
is whether every player in your house need their own Game Pass subscription? You may be surprised that the answer is no! That’s because Xbox Game Pass can be shared. If you own Game Pass and you’ve set your Xbox
as your Home Xbox, everyone else who signs into your console will be able to play the
games you’ve downloaded from the Xbox Game Pass. And if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription,
everyone that plays on your Xbox will have Gold access even with online multiplayer games. You can change which Xbox is your Home Xbox
but keep in mind that you can only change your Home Xbox 5 times in a year. So if everyone in your home wants to play
your Game Pass games on your Xbox console, only one gamer profile needs to have the Game
Pass subscription. It really helps reduce your monthly costs
because only one account has to have current subscriptions. If you found this video helpful please give
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  1. Heyy champ can u tell me if I create a new account for the purpose to redeem welcome offer of Xbox game pass every month can I continue playing games on my primary account. Will secondary account that I create every month will share game pass to my main primary account

  2. So ur saying we only need gold if we wanna play online but the games pass u can simply put in the code and play tbh I've never use these subscription before so I don't know

  3. i am looking to end my subscriptions of gold and game pass. will i still be able to play the games that. i have downloaded before through game pass?

  4. Hey! I bought Xbox live gold for 12 months 2 months prior to me buying the game pass ultimate and I just canceled the ultimate game pass and I no longer have Xbox live gold? How do I get it back is my question

  5. This is retarded…I mean people somehow think that RENTING and playing their favorite game(s) for 10$ a month is somehow "worth it" or "better" then the ps+ deals, but they fail to realize that its essentially the same thing…i.e. your only RENTING your games you dont actually OWN them forever (like you do with XB Live Gold).

    This is the reason im sticking with XB Live Gold instead, and skip the Game Pass, cause paying 120+$ yearly for RENTING games is NOT a good deal in my opinion, and plus i dont want to give MS my creditcard info (thats the reason i buy prepaid Ps4 cards whenever i buy stuff off of the PSN anyway)

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