Dollar Store Christmas Tree Decorating Tutorial; Silver and White Christmas Tree #creativechristmas

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Decorating Tutorial; Silver and White Christmas Tree #creativechristmas

Okay guys, this year guess what we
decided to do? We decided to remake our Dollar Store tree!! The good news is
about the Dollar Store is usually they have the same ornaments every year, so if
you like last year’s tree you can still make it. Checkout this year’s tree and I want you to guess how much I
actually spent on this tree right here. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot less than
last year! So you’ll either love it or hate it, but please let us know in the comments
below! Another great part about this great Christmas Tree video is we are doing a
collaboration with a bunch of other great bloggers and youtubers! We have a
playlist, please be sure to check it out it’s called the Creative Christmas
Challenge! There’s all sorts of great ornaments and Christmas trees and it is
totally worth spending your time watching! Especially if you’re trying to decide
what you’re going to do for the holidays this year! Right now we are going to
decorate this Christmas tree! This is one of my favorite things to do every year
for YouTube videos! This year we are going to do a “Dollar Store Silver and
White Tree” ! And I think I want to do another variation on it later,
so come back for that video. Once I get it published, I will link to it
somewhere up here here! OK, so we are doing a silver and white, dollar store
Christmas tree this year, this is great for beginners! This is great for anybody
that just kind of wants to change it up without spending a ton of money! The
dollar store, specifically we usually shop at the Dollar Tree has great deals! Bonus, usually they have the same thing every year with maybe a couple new
ornaments so we did a tree last year that was red and gold from the Dollar
Tree you can still do! So be sure to check out that video over here and this year these are the
ornaments that we’re gonna be working with I spent about
fifty-five dollars, however I probably won’t use everything! Sometimes you see
something in the store you’re like, this is a great idea! We’ll see if it works if
it doesn’t then, I’ll let my kids play with it or I’ll take it back. Do they
let you can you take stuff back to the Dollar Tree?! Who knows… where the receipt is actually? I think it’s in my wallet so… that’s good news! Okay, so we’re gonna get started decorating! Now the first thing we’re gonna do, is the tree skirt. Because the Dollar Tree doesn’t have them, well I haven’t seen tree skirts there, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna use a
throw blanket that I actually have laying around. It is gray and white
it’s super furry, so it has a good texture and it’s cute and my cats will
love sleeping on it under the tree! So you know there’s that, I’m a good cat
mom! Our tree is pre-lit, unfortunately it
is either white, with only half the lights or white and color. I didn’t
realize that when we bought this tree but you know it’ll be fine for now! I
got a tree topper at the dollar store. It is pretty generic. We might add
something to it later, but for now I’m gonna go ahead and put the tree topper on top of
the tree. I do this because it’s harder to get it on afterwards. So I’m doing it now. Next step we have ribbons, I actually have four of these, There is nine feet of a mesh ribbon, this is not wired
ribbon, although, wired ribbon is nice to have. Usually I kind of do a zig zag
with my ribbon, this year I want to do more of a waterfall from the top. I hope
it’s not too distracting, we’ll see! I’m gonna work the ribbon into the
branches I don’t want it to be only on top it doesn’t look as natural and that’s when it becomes really
distracting. So kind of work it into your branches as it naturally comes down the
tree. The only hard thing with this mesh ribbon is it does kind of catch on
everything, no one’s told you that in the other YouTube videos! I watched them! I
kind of think of it as this is the waterfall, it’s gonna kind of bump
and go along on the branches. So you don’t want to do it tight you want to
work it in there and have natural progression down the tree. These
are kind of homely however, they have a nice texture to them, That is slightly different than the tree! I feel like sprays are important for that reason, so we’re gonna throw these
in there, again, they’re from the Dollar Tree. If you wanted to make these
sprays go a little longer, you could cut them apart or I mean go a
little further or spread out a little bit more, so that is an option.
I like these I feel like I like just a little like little bits of sparkly stuff. Overall,
I’m not super happy with it yet, usually I feel okay with the choices that I’m
making. Right now, I’m feeling kind of nervous! We have these white berries
and I think I only got four! I’m kind of sad that I only got four,
so I need to, I’m gonna split some of them up, so
that there’s a little more of them. I don’t know, I might put them on! We’ll
try it then we’ll decide if we’re gonna split them up because four, is kind of a
bad number I should have at least gotten five! These are pretty cheap looking so
you know, tread lightly! Okay guys, we have the tree topper, the tree skirt, the
ribbon, and little sprigs! Right now it looks super homely to me!
So sad! I’m sorry little tree! But we are going to fill it out, and it’ll look good
I promise by the end! So the next step are the larger ornaments that we have. First of all the Stars! Okay, like I said these larger star
ornaments, we have silver and white. We have five or six of each, so we’re just
gonna nestle them into the branches! These are really beautiful because they
have a different shape, and they’re really large scale! So it’ll really help
the tree fill out quickly. I don’t usually hang them. I like to actually
work them into the tree branches. Okay, we have five of these large
ornaments and we are going to put these into the tree. I don’t think they’re
gonna sit on the outside they’re going to kind of sit inside the tree. I have
six of these little stars, they come in a set of two, so that was nice they’re
$0.50 piece! That was some quick math in case you’re wondering! So we have these next, I think they’re kind of cheesy! but I think they’re going to be kind of pretty on the tree! Okay, so last thing, we have 30 of
these small shiny and matte balls, then 14 of these glittery and matte balls.
I’m going to just fill up and fill in the tree! I have a bunch
more ornaments, that I haven’t used I have another type of snowflake and a white angel. Then I have the frames that I was thinking of putting pictures in, but I
don’t have time to print pictures right now so I’m not gonna use them! Okay so that was just one of the stars, I
moved it up because I felt like the tree topper was too small! Now I feel happier!
All right, we are all pretty much wrapped up with this tree I feel pretty good
about it I feel like it could add a little more color, and that wouldn’t hurt
but for now I’m happy! Grand total $35 dollars to decorate this tree from the dollar store!!
I think that’s a really good deal! I feel like the biggest impact comes from those
big stars, and it really filled in the tree and made for a very worthwhile one
dollar purchase for a single ornament! Then all the little balls really
fill in the space, so you could get more if you wanted, just to really fill it out!
It depends on what kind of tree you like? If you like a really filled in tree, or
if you like it to be a little more sparse. You can definitely go lighter. The
things I feel like I struggled with on this tree are the ribbon and the sprays!
I didn’t love my choices and that was hard because those are the first things
I put on and I felt like I should have had a couple more options! Alright, so I
want your opinions I need you to watch this video of last year’s Dollar Store Christmas tree, and tell me in the comments below which tree you like better! Please be
sure to check out the Creative Christmas Challenge playlist here and we will see you later! Bye!


  1. Okay now, I just saw your other video of last year tree. Last year and this year are both beautiful. But because I am going to be doing my tree this year red and gold and both of your videos gave me some more good ideas. Thanks for sharing! And I am a new fan of Yours.

  2. Both styles are very nice especially for being budget friendly! Last year was more traditional looking and this year more sophisticated in color choice.

  3. I think this tree is gorgeous, especially for that money…love it even better than the one from last year…I think these snowflakes really make the tree pop πŸ™‚

  4. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous !! But please less chit chat & more decorating please !!! Too much gabbing, but the tree is gorgeous !!!!

  5. Just got back with my D.S. haul and picked the same ribbon and ornaments but adding red to my tree . T.Y. for making it soooo much easier to see what my tree will look like and how to place the ornaments !

  6. Love both , last years is a bit more classic where as this years tree has a more elegant feel to it . You are very talented and have a great eye for decorating !

  7. loved the red and gold tree, especially the topper you made. the white tree is so bright and beautiful….so I guess it's a tie! >^..^<

  8. I did a gold and white tree, decorated entirely from the Dollar Tree, a few years ago, when they featured LOTS of gold and white ornaments. Over 10 ft tall, real tree. It was absolutely stunning. Of all my different themes and color schemes over the years, that one is still my favorite! Everyone who saw it was shocked when I confessed that it was all dollar tree. Classy can totally be done on a budget.

  9. I like both, but like the ribbon placement on the red and gold tree. I did a silver and white one year and decided the problem was not enough color so I added some Icy blues and that worked better. I can't believe there was this much impact for just $35! Loving this. New subbie, by the way.

  10. So pretty! I watched last years video and really liked the colors.. I actually think both trees were beautiful, they just have different looks! Great job!

  11. My color scheme will be silver & red. I went back & watched your video from last year. I'm torn as to which one that I like the best they're both equally beautiful. I overlooked the big stars from DT but since watching this video I will be going to pick them up along with the mesh ribbon.

  12. Loved watching your tree coming together! I just bought a bunch of ornaments from the dollar tree, so this was perfect timing!

  13. I watched you do this tree then went and watched last years tree. Last years tree was gorgeous and I loved it. This years tree is gorgeous but I wouldve put more lights on cause I love lights and I know you wanted to go white and silver and its great but to me it just needs a pop of color…but you have a lovely tree.

  14. I like last year's tree better. Both are pretty but I love the red in last year's tree. Great display of using dollar tree items. Love the cat. I remember my cat loving to lay under the tree.

  15. Hi…what a pretty tree. I like how your tree turned out. Very nice for 35.00. Thanks for sharing again.πŸ™‚πŸŽ„β„οΈ I like this Years tree better 😊

  16. This turned out sooo pretty!! You asked to watch last years red/gold tree and while I like both I think I prefer the red/gold. My reason is because you had a lot more choices with those colors to balance out the big to small decorations and ribbon. Overall, such a great and economical way to decorate in a color theme without breaking the bank!

  17. Oh wow this is awesome I love how it came out. So creative!! Why can’t I think of these styles? Definitely will be checking out the dollar tree thanks for sharing.

  18. This year and last are both beautiful. I do, however, think last years just looked more expensive. I feel like that’s by no means your fault they just had more luxe looking Red and gold options. Either way, they’re both amazing. You give me such inspiration. Happy holidays!

  19. I like the white and silver theme better. It came out pretty nice! Last year i put up my first tree with Dollar store stuff and it looked horrible lol but that's because I didn't know what I was doing lol

  20. I was all set to do the silver and white tree for my office but after watching last year red and gold tree I do not know what to do! The red & Gold tree thumb nail doesn't do it justice. You have to watch the video. The tree is beautiful!

  21. Job well done! I'm so glad I found your channel. I've always wanted to see a tree decorated just with Dollar Tree ornaments . It looks great! I just subscribed too!

  22. I have a 7 and 1/5 Christmas tree made entirely with white and gold dollar tree ornaments that I have been collecting since 1995. It is fun to buy a few new ornaments every year. I have about 200 ornaments.

  23. Oh my gosh I love both of them!! I have a bow topper on my tree I made with the tale of it just dangling down wish I could upload a picture to show you.

  24. I have watched the red and gold tree and the silver and white. Are they different trees? I am a silver person rather than gold, so I would have thought I would like the silver and white one best. Then I watched the last years tree and I love it more. I think you do a great job in decorating the trees.

  25. Really great job. I was looking for a way to do things inexpensively and already planned on silver and an icy blue! Awesome πŸ€—

  26. Love this! I like how you shared your thoughts as you were going, because I think we all have those moments when decorating where is like eek is this gonna work πŸ˜‚ sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't!

  27. I Love this! I love the fact that it can be shown that You CAN have a gorgeous Christmas Tree with beautiful ornaments at a very reasonable cost!

  28. So many people wouldn’t believe what you can do with stuff from Dollar Tree. Love it!

  29. Beautiful! And SO economical! (Especially when I think about how much money we spend each year on our real tree and the mess it makes!)

  30. Okay, so I watched last year's dollar store video. Both trees are beautiful. This year's tree is more modern and last year's is more traditional. If I had to choose between the two, I guess I would choose last year's. If I lived in the city I would choose this year's, but living in northern Vermont, the more traditional would work better for me.

  31. I like the red and gold tree over the silver, I like the ribbons best. I think silver and white are very neutral so Id add a pop of color (blue?).
    I usually do a Victorian look with a lot of clear crystal, mirrors and silver (I collect snowflakes and silver) then I use burgundy/pink/cream. I do buy $1 store items to decorate outside. The value cant be beat. I make large winter bouquets , garlands, etc. dusted with white sparkly snow glitter, But I still add a pop of color like large red plaid bows to warm things up.

  32. Omg thanks i put up my christmas tree and it didnt look nice when i saw this video a ruched to doller tree thank you so much God Bless

  33. I'm so glad I came across your channel esp this Christmas decoration video. I have already decided that my theme this year will be silver and white. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  34. I loved both this one and the red & gold 1 you did previously. Red & gold was my fav, it looked fuller and I prefer that but both were pretty spectacular!

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