Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Movie Review

Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Movie Review

Is the live-action Dora too wild for younger fans? “All I see is jungle!” “I see…three more mercenaries armed!” “Oh, look. Dora brought a knife
to the field trip everybody.” Well, it’s definitely more intense than
the cartoon, but still family-friendly. In this comedy-adventure based on the popular
TV series, a now-teenage Dora sets off on a mission to find her missing parents … and much more. “Dora, your parents are in trouble.” “We’re coming with you, prima.” Even though this big screen version is more
slaptick than scary, there are some perilous scenes. Dora and her friends are gassed,
kidnapped and held at gunpoint. They also get stuck in quicksand
and face lots of creepy critters. “I’m alive! I’m alive!” That said, this new Dora is still
optimistic, intelligent and kind. Plus, the movie shares many of
the show’s good messages. Namely that: teamwork and
cooperation are key to achieving goals. “I have to keep going. No matter what.” Common Sense says Dora and
the Lost City of Gold is OK for kids 8 and up. To read our full review and tell us what you
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  1. Plz make a review on video on scary stories to tell in dark plz upload it today because for movie today at tommmro

  2. Really great review. This film was very amazing and funny. It did have its faults, but an overall enjoyable flick. I made a review of the film as well. But I do very much like your review style. Nice job. 😁👊

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