Dora and the Lost City of Gold Trailer REACTION

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Trailer REACTION

I have heard very mixed things about this trailer!


  1. If there's a place you gotta get, I can get cha there I bet, I'm the MAP. I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'M THE MAAAAAP!

  2. I am very torn on this movie. I understand making Dora a little older but it is missing some of the magic from the cartoon I watched with my kids. Hopefully, they will show some of the things that make the cartoon so fun. Swipper , the map, Boots actually in boots, etc… I am also not a big fan of changing Diego to just a kid instead of being more of a jungle person than Dora. We will see how this does. Young kids may like it

  3. I guess the target audience is the fans of the show who have grown up. Smart move I suppose and have some have said it does look better than the live action Kim Possible.

  4. It looks like it would be a sequel to Dora the explorer live action not, a first movie. Also I think this would fit better on Nickelodeon Movies channel instead of the major theater screen.

  5. LOL! Hell no, I am not going to go see this in the theater nor on streaming. This trailer makes the movie look like an unintentional parody. This is something you would expect to see on the Disney Channel.

  6. Earlier when I woke up yesterday and checked my YouTube notifications, I saw this pop up and I thought you know what, maybe if I just scroll past I’ll forget I ever saw it…….
    Tonight I check YouTube before going to bed and this is the third video in recommended……. I guess there’s no avoiding this sigh

    Edit: Ok just watched the trailer and why oh why did they make this.

  7. Idk what’s a worse idea, this or Kim Possible. It’s kinda funny how they make fun of Dora in it tho so maybe this one.

  8. Why am I laughing at this? I shouldn't be laughing at something that shouldn't (and as far as I'm concerned doesn't) exist.

  9. They made Dora much older than she is in the cartoons. I think fans of the show will have mixed feelings about that.

  10. grace would love to see you compare this to the original ARIEL WINTER dora trailer COLLEGE HUMOR made. Which one would you give the better score to? Full parody would have rocked.

  11. Some of you are captivated and some of you are laughing at the movie. I’m actually both. Let’s be truthful y’all. The idea of this movie sounded terrible and stupid. But the trailer makes it look way better than and nothing we expected.

  12. I think the college humor spoof trailer it’s what makes this so funny. I actually thought this was another spoof.

  13. This is so weird, when I was little I was a big fan of Dora the Explorer, now there is going to be a movie about her.
    Also why did they change Diego from a wild life ranger to a teen boy stereotype?
    Also Also Where is boots' boots?

  14. When I see Dora in this light, I feel like she is slightly special if you get my drift. She just doesnt work as a teenager.

  15. Hollywood time to make shitty movies on cartoons. Scooby doo, Flinstones, even they planned to make a movie on [email protected]#*ing Johnny Bravo!! And now it is Dora

    What's next?? movies on Blue's clues, Bob the builder

  16. when i heard about this, i thought it was a joke. why does it(based on the trailer so far) work? this shouldn't work.

  17. Grace, seriously, it's now several times I've heard you praise Eugenio Derbez, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. We have waaaaaaaay better actors in Mexico. Eugenio Derbez only got into hollywood through his economic leverage with the big broadcasting company in my country. I know you like seeing people who know how to play the game, but in all my life there's been like 2 or 3 of his dozens of personas and characters that have ever made me chuckle. Don't get me started on his daughter, who is also a pretty mediocre one-note actress coasting by on his father's fame. Ugh.

  18. It looks like a combination of those things (Jumanji, Tomb Raider, ect.) but it just doesn't feel strong enough of it's own thing. Like all the elements just seem a little underwhelming to me, and it's just playing second to those bigger things.
    Like it really strikes me as a TV Movie, but I don't like to say that, because I like films for the theater, but yeah, this seems like a TV film.

  19. All i’m praying for is that swiper is a fox that takes the gold at the end or something like that and not have one of the bad guys nick name as swiper.

  20. 🇲🇽 I'm going to watch at least the first 20 minutes of this in theaters. There just aren't enough Latinos in movies much less, leads in movies. My super hero is Nacho Libre even tho he was White, it was Jack Black!! 😍 The one before that was .. Desperado? @Super heroes.
    *My favs are Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Danny Trejo And I liked the girl in Logan X23 Most of the Brown people here ..I like but I haven't seen them take long strides in serious films. ('Crash' was powerful Michael Pena Cesar Chavez and 'Che' were ..good)

  21. I just can’t get over how there was a parody trailer of this five years ago and now they are making that exact thing. Grace have you seen the parody one?

  22. lmao she just said that a child has an unlikability factor holy shit. This is like studio system level objectification.

  23. I like your take on it. My children grew up watching this but I had to grow with them. So I had to watch what they did. I hope it doesn't look weird that an older guy goes to see it!

  24. I am 21 and this movie trailer is for an older audience! It has bad examples for the younger audiences and also, they are going on dangerous adventures!

  25. I don’t like Nick movies but gotta say looking forward to this one for the family

  26. Movie seems to be out .. really excited that it seems a good RT critic score and appreciation… what are your thoughts ???

  27. Hey so what do you think about the actual movie 'Dora and the Lost City of Gold'… are you too grace'ful to review it? Lol

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