Dorothy & Sophia’s Best Moments (Part 2) 👭 The Golden Girls | TV Land

Dorothy & Sophia’s Best Moments (Part 2) 👭 The Golden Girls | TV Land

– We’re a family here. Well, not the conventional one,
but we love each other and– – Excuse me, snoop. – Liar.
– Wino. – Lizard. – It’s real love, Mr. Benson. – Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner. Dorothy, this is an
embarrassment of riches. – I wanted to tell you sooner, but well, I was afraid that
you might not believe me. – And why should we,
Miss Junior Prom 1946? – Ma, you promised. – Dating the quarterback, she says. Buys her own corsage, spends the evening hiding in the basement
slow dancing with a rake. Would’ve gotten away with it too, but while she was giving herself hickies with a vacuum cleaner,
she stepped into a puddle. – To most mothers, that
would be a cry for affection. To you, it’s just ammo. – Look, Zbornak, I’m gonna
do whatever I have to do to make sure that Kevin
plays in that game. If you don’t wanna make
it easy on us, fine, but you’re not gonna stop us. I guarantee you, that boy will be playing. (door slams shut) – (sighs) Well, at least I
stood up for my principles. – This is the proudest I’ve
been of you in my whole life. – Thanks, ma. – Can you believe it? My whole life and this is
the proudest I’ve ever been. I’m depressed, I need a cookie. – Oh, look at this one. Scrunched up little frown,
kinda reminds me of my mother. (shell cracks) (tires screeching on TV)
(sirens wailing on TV) – Well, I’m off. – That would be my diagnosis. Even though your kids are grown up and act like they don’t need you, they do. – I’m not so sure about that, Dorothy. – Your absolutely right, Dorothy. And I’ll tell you something else, a mother sometimes needs
her children even more. – Thank you, ma. That’s very sweet. – Give me $20. – No. – When I was a teenager, I was gorgeous. Eyes as deep and black as ripe olives. Skin as smooth and creamy as fresh butter. Hair, flaming red like
a rich marinara sauce. – Ma, that’s not you,
that’s your lasagna recipe. – Eh, shut up. – Hi, ma. – Give me your watch. – Oh sure. What do you want it for? – I’m workin’ on a magic act for the talent show at the center. (metal clatters) Abracadabra, one, two, three. (glass shatters) – Ma! – Relax. Dorothy, was your card the ace of spades? – Ma, what the hell are you talking about? – I think I got chapter
seven and nine mixed up. (metal pieces clattering) – Oh. – This watch is broken. – Ma, Stan gave me that
watch when we got married. – Well, the marriage never
worked, why should the watch? – Oh, why can’t I ever
attract men like that? – You can, Dorothy. – Oh, ma. Ma, you really think so? – Of course not, but you
think I’m gonna tell you that? I’m your mother. – [Audience] Ooh! – Well ma, what do you think? – Pussy cat, you look sensational. – You really think so, ma? – I really think so. I’ve never seen you look so beautiful. – Aw, thanks ma. – Who’s the designer? He deserves a Nobel Prize for Miracles. – If you’re not gonna take this seriously I’m just gonna do the history by myself. – Hey, keep away from there. – What are you? What’s in the box? – Mexican jumping beans. – You don’t want me to know? Fine. I wouldn’t dream of
infringing on your privacy. Look, Rudy Vallee!
– Where, where? – If you will excuse me, Becky and I are having
breakfast on the lanai. We’re still bonding. – Dorothy, how come we never bond? – We’re from before
bonding and quality time. We’re from when people stayed together because they had no choice. – You’re still my little girl, you know, no matter how big you get. – Aw, thanks ma. – By the way, how big are you gonna get? – Pop was a pretty good father, but I never really told him I loved him, so I wanna make sure I tell you. – Oh, pussy cat. “Dear ma, thanks for giving me life “and thanks for making it good. “I love you.” And I love you too, pussy cat. – And I love you too. And I’m glad you’re my mom. – And I’m glad you’re my baby. (doorbell rings) – That’s probably the schmaltz police.


  1. The Golden Girls are "Vicious". Thanks to Deadpool they are brought to light again to a new audience of people. I just ordered the complete series from Amazon Prime.

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