Double E – Gold Series Knife Holders

Double E – Gold Series Knife Holders

Hi, I’m Kyle Willis – Product Manager for Mario Cotta knife holders and slitting systems at the Double E Company. Today we’re going to talk about the GOLD Series knife holder. The Gold Series knife holder was designed to achieve consistent slit quality and ultimate operator friendliness. The GOLD Series Knife Holder is our flagship model, and also the most versatile knife holder in our product line. The setup knob allows the operator to position the knife holder against the anvil, with consistent results. The red position is used when the machine is not running. The blade is in the “up” position. The yellow position is used to setup the knife holder. The blade will make its vertical descent, and half of its horizontal approach. The blade can now be put in contact with the anvil. The green position is used for running the machine. The blade makes its vertical descent and then its full horizontal approach. This properly side loads the blade against the anvil. The standard blade size for the GOLD Series Knife Holder is 150mm. When blades are re-sharpened, they come back at smaller diameters. The Vertical Depth Adjustment knob automatically adjusts the stroke of the knife holder to match the diameter of the blade, maintaining consistent knife to anvil overlap. Too much cant angle leads to rapid blade wear, while too little cant angle can lead to poor slit edge quality. The Cant Angle Adjustment Knob reduces operator error by using graduations of 0.25 degrees to properly set the cant angle. Simply lock the knob into position with an allen wrench when you are done. The Removable Blade Cartridge on the GOLD Series Knife Holder is perhaps the most noticeable feature. By simply lifting a lever, and pressing a locking key, the cartridge can be removed. The blade can be changed with no tools by depressing a button on the back of the cartridge, and removing the knurled lock nut. By performing away from the machine, and without the use of tools, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Additionally, the cartridge can be reversed when it is replaced, so that the knife holder can be used to cut on the other side of the anvil. The 360º protective shroud fully encapsulates the blade when it is not running. Operators can safely handle and position the knife holder without the risk of injury. This completes our short demonstration of the GOLD Series Knife Holder. For more information or in you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website at Thanks!

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