DOVETAIL TUTORIAL || Friendship Bracelets

DOVETAIL TUTORIAL || Friendship Bracelets

Hey guys! My name is Masha Knots and in
this video I’m going to show you how to segment knot to this beautiful bracelet! So I was actually in the middle of
filming the tutorial for this bracelet when I found out that another person who
makes videos on YouTube was also making a tutorial on the same bracelet and her
name is Alex and her channel is Alex’s Innovations and I’ll have the video that
she made on this bracelet in the card and in the description down below and I
loved her video and I love the fact that there are other people as well on this
platform making videos about bracelets, so go check her channel out, I really
like her videos and let’s get on with this tutorial. So these are the colours
that I chose for my bracelet and once again, you don’t have to use these exact
colors, you can use any colors that you like, but in case you want to, I’m going
to label them from 1 to 6 and I’m going to leave the brand and the color code
down in the description, so you can use these specific threads if you’d like to.
So to start this bracelet I decided to make a loop at the top and then do
triangle ends at each of the ends of the loop and then I’m going to connect them
when I start making the pattern. I will leave tutorials to both of these things
in the description so you can check them out, but you don’t have to do this if you
don’t want to. You can start your bracelet however you like. I’m going to
show you from this point onwards how to make the pattern. So I’m going to start
by connecting the two triangles with a knot between these two threads. This is a
knot from a row which is further in the pattern, so we’re going to get back to it when we circle down to it. So from row one to row six we can see two very
clear-cut triangles. So we’re going to focus on those first. So this pattern is
a little bit more complex, but thankfully it’s identically symmetrical. So I’m
going to show you what to do on the left part of it and then you do the exact
same thing on the right part. The first thing we’re going to do is
we’re going to separate the two pairs on the outermost edge. Now with the thread
that is fourth for you, so we separated for two, then there’s a third one, so the
thread that is the fourth for me is a purple one, so this triangle. We’re going
to do a backward knot completing the triangle. Same for the one on the right, the purple thread, we’re going to do a
forward knot, completing the triangle. Next we take the two strings that are in
the center, which are for me the green ones, and we do backward knots on the
left side and forward knots on the right side, but we don’t touch the purple ones
because we’ve already left them behind. And then according to our pattern we
just have to make on one knot in the center. So now that we’ve made a knot in
the center, we bring it out, just like we did in the previous rows and we make one
final knot in the center with the blue. So now that we’ve completed all the
inner triangles, we’re going to make the outer triangle and we take the yellow
either side. And at this point we’re just doing a regular Chevron. So we’re doing
forward knots onto each of these strings with the yellow and then backward knots
onto each of these strings with the other yellow and then connecting them in
the middle. And then we do the exact same thing on
the right side. So for me, I’m bringing all my strings out, I’m doing forward
knots on the right side, backward knots on the left side, but I’m not going
further than the blue string. So I’m doing a forward knot onto the blue
string and then I stop with each of the colours. So with the green now I need to
do a forward knot on the yellow and the blue and then I do the same on the left
side so purple to blue, green to yellow to blue and then for the last triangle
I’m just going to be bringing the yellow out to the blue. And for the very last step, before I close
this section off, I just do a knot between the two blues. And once we’re done, we
take the two yellow threads on the outermost edges and we do a chevron
until they meet in the middle. So now we’re heading into the middle bit and we’re gonna take the two strings that we have in the middle, which are for me the
pink ones, and we’re gonna bring them out into an inverted triangle as well. So
we’re gonna make a knot between the two first and then we’re gonna make forward
knots right up until the yellow one, but we’re not gonna make a forward knot on
the yellow one. And on the left side we do the same, but
with backward knots. So it is backward knots up until the yellow string, not
doing a backward knot onto the yellow string. Now with the yellow string we do
a forward knot on the left side onto the pink string. And a backward knot on the
right side onto the pink string. So now that we’ve gotten to the center bit we
do the exact same thing as we did in each of those: so we take all the middle
strings and we bring them out up until the blue string. So starting with the
purple one we do a forward knot in the middle, connecting the two purple ones
and then we bring the purple one out to the right and the other one out to the
left with forward knots on the right, backward knots to the left, up until the
blue string, including the blue string. Next comes the green one. A knot between the green one and then forward knots to the right, backward knots to the left
until we reach the blue string. Next is the yellow. A knot between the two yellows and then forward knots to the right, backward knots to the left until
we reach the blue. But since the blue is the next string, we just do one forward,
one backward and then of course one knot between the two blue strings. I managed to shove my hair into it by accident.. So now that we’re finished with the inside of the little scale
we’re going to separate the two yellow strings. And once again we’re going to do a chevron with each of the yellow strings going into the center and
then connecting them in the middle. Make sure to untangle any messes that come
about. My strings tangle with each other constantly. It’s really annoying. Once we’ve finished the yellow chevron next comes the pink chevron. So we separate the pink
strings. And we bring the pink strings into the middle as well. So we do forward knots here, backward knots here, connect them in the center just like we did with
the yellow. So now that we’ve finished the center,
we’re going to focus on the sides, separating everything over there. We’re
going to leave just five strings on the left side. So we’re going to do forward
knots with the purple up until the yellow. Then forward knots with the green
up until the yellow. Now comes the slightly lighter yellow up until the yellow as
well, forward knots. And with the blue it’s just one forward knot onto the yellow. Now that that is done we take the pink string and we do backward knots onto all
of the strings that are to the left of it. And we do the exact same thing on the
right side except obviously mirrored, so backward knots with the purple up until
the yellow. Then backward knots with the green up until the yellow. The other yellow up until the yellow goes backward knots. And then one last backward knot with the
blue on to the yellow. And then the pink. We do forward knots up until the very edge, so all the threads that are to the right of the pink we do forward knots
onto them. So in a normal video I would just guide you to the end of the pattern
and then let you loop yourself, but here I’m just going to show you that there’s
a very easy way to loop this pattern. So obviously we had a colour shift, so we’re
doing the exact same thing as we did here – so it’s sort of like a heart shape
I would say, we’re doing the exact same thing as we did here, but we’ve had a
colour shift. So don’t let that freak you out. If you watched my “How to Read Normal Patterns” video you know that if there is a colour shift in the pattern when it
loops, it doesn’t matter, you just continue making the pattern according to
the pattern, completely ignoring the colours. So what we’re going to do now is
we’re going to do the exact same. So we’re going to fill in the little scales
in the middle. So we’ve done the triangle that opens up, we need to fill
it in and then close it back down again, just as we did with these two. So I’m
going to show you how to do that real quick. We’ve got the purple in the middle.
With the purple we’re going to do a forward knot in between the two and then
we’re going to bring one of them out to the right, making forward knots up until
the yellow string. One of them out to the left, making backward knots up until the
other yellow string and then we will do the same for each of the other colours, up
until the yellow string as well. So our next colour is the green one, we do
a forward knot between the two and then we bring it out: forward knots on the right
side until the yellow string, backward knots on the left side until the yellow
string. So for some reason I seem to have lost all the footage that I recorded
after this point, so you guys are gonna have to deal with my voice for the rest
of the video. But let’s get into it. So all you’re going to do is you’re going
to continue what I was doing. So you could see that I was bringing my colours
from middle outwards and you’re going to continue doing that until you reach the
last colour, on which you just do a knot in the middle and then you do a regular
chevron. So you take the outermost strings and you bring them into the
center, closing off this little scale and then you do the exact same thing on the
right side and then once you’ve done that, you’ve looped! You start the pattern
again, you’ve looped the entire pattern and at this point you can start the
pattern again. So good luck to you guys! And there you have it, that’s how you
make this bracelet. I think it’s a really cool bracelet, it’s really easy to make.
I’m definitely gonna be making more of these in the future. Some of you may know that this bracelet is actually one of the bracelets that is the prize for my
competition winners. This bracelet will be assigned at random to one person who entered the competition and if you don’t know what I’m talking about – I have
launched a competition recently it’s now closed. I post videos twice a week
usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays and I will see you on Saturday, bye!


  1. this pattern as a whole looks really complicated but you made it so much easier to understand and follow. your videos are seriously so helpful and you explain everything so well I almost feel like I could make the bracelet just by listening to the video's audio only lol. love the colors you picked!

  2. pondering my thoughts while watching… I think the name you chose for this bracelet, Dovetail, suits it well. I wanna do this in mermaid colors in an ombre sooo baadddd~! I'm looking forward to your next contest btw.

  3. I absolutely love your videos!! However, do you think that you could say how long you make your threads because I always run out before my bracelet is complete😂

  4. I wish you could do a tutorial on patterns like this where it doesn't finish with the exect same colour pattern and you would have to find where to loop it from as most desighns doesn't have that like this one
    I hope you understood what I'm talking about XD and i love all your vediose and it has helped me a lot on making bracelets 🙂

    Ps: english isn't my first language so sorry if you didn't understand ;-;

  5. esta super !!! pero la verdad no le entiendo …al procedimiento ya q lo elaboras demasiado rapido y con el idioma se me dificulta mucho aun mas … alguien q hable español para q m expliq el procedimiento. porfavor…. se los agradeceria MUCHO ya q m gusto micho esta pulcera.!! porfis… gracias….

  6. I use a little knitting hook to help me get the threads unknotted – i love the angle of it, and it’s smaller, more dexterous than my fingers.

    I really loved this tutorial! You explained really well how to approach the pattern from a different view.

  7. How do you start this bracelet, I know it’s triangle ends but could you explain how to do that because I tired to do it myself and I failed. Horribly

  8. I loved the bracelet so much I made it with the same colors and used your video to figure out how. Love it

  9. i ABSOLUTELY LOVEE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE YOUR VIDEOS!!! you post such amazing bracelets that are so super easy to follow and this one omg can i say it was beautiful! i look forward to making this soon (once i get more thread) anyway, keep making amazing videos and rock on!!!

  10. can you read patterns row by row left to right like a book? it would be a lot easier for me to do it that way but i don’t know if it messes us the bracelet. also this bracelet is BEAUTIFULLLLLL

  11. Question- do you think it’s a good idea to make this after making multiple candy stripes and chevrons? I’m a beginner but I want to try something harder

  12. I'm a little confused as to the beginning of the bracelet before the pattern start. I've watched your video on how to start with a triangle but it's only for 5 colors while this bracelet has 6. I did notice that the blue is not included in the triangles on here. My question would be where and how you omitted that while making those at the beginning?

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