1. This is even worst than Dark Avenger nice going devs! I wanna see 3rd job for Assassins where 1 skill makes your screen white for minutes! lol

  2. 1:45 What does Trapper Master do?
    Force trigger all the laid traps?

    1:52 I assume this is Dodge Enhancement B? Basically a modification of Moment Evade?

  3. i know you guys are all impressed and a little bit hyped by these new characters. but what about the old characters? don't you think that they are getting a little left out?

  4. Umm..why are there so many new characters?? I mean, the game has issues of class discrimination and this just makes it worse. Honestly, I know the feeling of not being able to play the class you actually like since…not to mention people don't accept you in pubs and it's too boring and too hard to do all the things by yourself. Don't get me wrong, all this SH stuff and like the DA are really cool. But they are too OP and seriously you can just stand in a corner and go PEW PEW and not get a single scratch. Just sayin' peace out V(^_^)V

  5. Некий сплав криоманта, Повелительницы ветра и снайпера. На русском сервере даже Мачину не ввели, мне остается только мечтать об этом классе… Ну или скачать Sea сервер (((´♡‿♡`+)))。

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