DUMPLINGS MUKBANG Soup Dumplings Xiao Long Bao Venus Eating Show

today we are at Imperial Lamian and I’m here with the mom’s and moms gonna be our camera specialist today and we are going to be
having the combination combination soup dumplings xiao long bao soup dumplings. we’re gonna have shanghai, szechuan, gruyere, duck, truffle, and crab. It’s 13, not of each. but there’s going to be a combination and we’re gonna get more truffle. yes, definitely. and we decided to
get some crispy spring rolls as well and I got the special bubble tea for you
guys it’s gonna be awesome blueberry flavored tapioca pearls hibiscus tea is going to
be crazy and were just waiting for the food to come out momentarily.
all right so you’ll tune back in the bubble tea is
here you guys, look at this I do not expect so much deliciousness in one cup. so what’s in it again? it’s hibiscus with some blueberry flavored tapioca pearls. very interesting the blueberry very much has an
interesting taste to it. it’s kinda infused with the hibiscus tea mmm, oh my god, I just got a taste of the pearls. it is insane, it like pops in your mouth. like a firm bubble but then it has a burst of, like a gusher, like a blueberry gusher. the baby so we have both intricate his hasty addicting
flavor excellent very good though
I saw to review it all the ones the duck look pretty good I had an interest in
two flavors well very good sir my life achievement it was the practically
powderized SP tation bill SPG little very good and now I’m on the same and
Nia palpable how’s that versus work how is it I don’t like gotta get the triple oh you’re nice and hot looking good this sizzling waiting to
get somebody Benny yeah it was pushing out get that soup y’all look at us like a
nice sauna I brought these on how it is with the sauce talk about when every minute it’s pretty car that must be degenerate it’s like an even tart or soy sauce those who just want to eat it whose
delicious you should have saw mom punch a couple
minutes ago I have gushed out of her mouth she has such a soup ladle but
that’d be such a good thumbnail y’all my commandment lunch what and that bike concludes our downtown
journey it has been awesome cats a delicious soup dumplings yep even as a vegan vegetarian you have
fun under dr. savings dive yep well tune in next time and be well
and happy eating

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