Duo Chrome Gold-Green Glam Using The Natasha Denona Gold Palette | NATASHA DENONA BEAUTY

Duo Chrome Gold-Green Glam Using The Natasha Denona Gold Palette | NATASHA DENONA BEAUTY

Hi I’m Natasha Denona, I’ve created
this Duo-Chrome gold-green eye look with my new gold eyeshadow palette. If you
want to recreate this look keep on watching (Apply SPARKS in a wide area on the brow bone, using a finger or eyeshadow brush) (Using a blending brush, apply PYTHON to the lower lash line) (Then use PYTHON to create a wing and fill in the Outer V of the eye) (Using an Eyeshadow Brush, blend PYTHON out into the outer lid, and even a bit into the middle lid) (Then come in with BRASS on the middle and inner lid, using a finger or brush) (Next is LIME CHROME, which can be applied to blend the PYTHON and BRASS together) (Adding in DIJON, to blend out PYTHON into the above crease) (Apply SANDSTONE to the crease and inner crease for depth) (Bring PYTHON back with a smudge brush to bring out the wing more) (Still using PYTHON, go along the lower lash line) (Apply AURUM to the inner corner and tear duct, blending it into the PYTHON) (Top it all off with your favorite Mascara)


  1. Amazing!! And an easy look to replicate for the holidays! 😍❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  2. Love the look. I will be recreating this look in my channel tomorrow. I have already played with my Gold palette and i love it! β™₯️

  3. GORGEOUSNESS😘😘. I just recently purchase the gold palette it was my first ND palette purchase.I LOVE IT!!!!!. Since then i have purchased another palette which was Safari. Will try this look.😁😁 wish me luck.

  4. I love your products and your beautiful models but can we see some tutorials with you putting makeup on your own face? Or maybe some people who don't have huge perfect lid space? Maybe even some more "mature" (I hate that word.) People. Regular every day folks instead of models with perfect lid space, maybe.

  5. Omg luv it ! I dont buy nd products because of bad quality but she id talented. Secondly i think makeup and fashion is for regular people so i would like to see a real person instead of a pretty model with perfect lid space. U know not everyone is blessed with perfection..

  6. I love the looks of the gold palette but hope that ND comes out with a smaller version of it with some of the gorgeous golden/mustardy shades and maybe some olive greens in there for folks who just can’t afford a $130 price tag for an eye palette. That’s some tough sticker shock in one go. I love luxury makeup but will have to wait for either a sale or a smaller version of this (fingers 🀞🏻)

  7. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I have tried this look a few times and it never stays. Just this morning I tried the look again and 2 hours later all of the Python is gone, which is now a grey-ish color πŸ˜’
    Can someone help a sister out!? I love the palette but I wish the pigment would just stay.

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