DW – Blue Peter – Script to Screen 2012 – Good as Gold HD VOSTFR

DW – Blue Peter – Script to Screen 2012 – Good as Gold HD VOSTFR

doctor listen the intrepid universe traveler handbook if you want to properly call yourself a space traveler you’re supposed to have an adventure at least once a week well well we haven’t had an adventure in ages you’re absolutely right Adventure it is exactly what you asked me to I set the TARDIS to adventure setting pre sure you didn’t set it to kill Amy the doctor say so I’m sure it was perhaps I should take it down just a smidge cottage crunching so early I’m sure it appears as though we’ve landed in the middle of an Olympic running track we’re up what the heck’s up into your head yes yes yes from the look of you you’re an Olympic torch bearer London 2012 if I’m not mistaken I’m doctor this is Amy and welcome to my spaceship the TARDIS Oh a my hair well that’s a story for another time wait there was something chasing me that’s why I didn’t see your box don’t blink how to do that doctor what the dude it’s trying to steal the Olympic flame to destroy the very spirit respect excellence and friendship it represents this is trying to Wow thanks doctor they’re going on I’ve got like the Olympic flame here you deserve this oh thank you very much good it’s cold you up right where are we ah yes


  1. Don't blink LOL
    (I thought he was not supposed to go back in 2012 at the risk of seeing himself with Rose?)

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