Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls – 925 Sterling Silver Vermeil Gold Plated

Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls – 925 Sterling Silver Vermeil Gold Plated

Most cufflinks today are functional and they
have cheap T bar closures which look rather unexciting. On the other hand these eagle claw cufflinks
with a deep blue lapis lazuli are truly stunning and very different from anything else you
can find. Why, you may wonder? First of all, the lapis lazuli used is of
exceptionally high quality because the balls are truly round. They are very blue and they have a minimal
amount of inclusions. Therefore they are very expensive and most
of the lapis has inclusions or is a lighter shade of blue. For that reason we priced it above our carnelian, tiger’s
eye or onyx cufflinks. We chose to pair them with gold because the
tiny inclusions that are gold in the lapis work perfectly with gold. Rather than going with a solid gold that would
put the price up to 3 or 4 thousand dollars, we chose to use solid sterling silver that
was then gold plated. The plating we use is very thick and should
not wear and it prevents the silver from tarnishing. For designs of the claws and the cufflinks
we were inspired by actual eagle claws which are masculine, elegant, timeless and overall
the cufflinks are inspired by nature. They were hand carved by a master goldsmith
in Germany. They are completely made in Germany by hand
and they have never been inside a factory. The intricate detail is very proportional
and realistic and the large ball has a diameter of 12mm and the smaller one of 8mm and with
the claws it goes perfectly easily into buttonholes in your cuff but they won’t come undone. Because they are handmade, every piece is
truly unique and the color combination of these deep blue with gold is a true statement
piece. For that reason, it is a true conversation
starter. They go well with dark suits, with 3 piece
suits, pin stripes, chalk stripes or glen checks. But you can also pair them with casual sport
coats and tweeds and flannels. If you want a true piece of art in your cuffs
that is functional and at the same time that earns you compliments, look no further, these
are the cufflinks for you.


  1. I wonder who really dresses like these gentlemen , I mean I watch all the videos but I keep wearing a sweater haha , keep up!!

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