Easy Copper Glitter Smokey Eye Tutorial!

Easy Copper Glitter Smokey Eye Tutorial!

hi everyone and welcome back to my
youtube channel I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas today we are doing
a glittery copper smokey eye tutorial I’m not sure what I’m going to call this
yet but I really hope I get this up before New Year’s Eve it’s a really nice
New Year’s inspiration if not it’s a perfect night out look or an everyday
makeup looks depending on what you like so I really think you enjoy it let me
know if you do down and a comments below don’t forget to subscribe as well and
please give it a big thumbs up and if you want to see how I got this whole
face today then keep watching we’re going to be doing
eyes first today because we are using glitter I will make an absolute mess if
I use glitter after I’ve done my base so I’m going to prime them with this concealer
this is the Maybelline instant anti age the eraser eye concealer and I also
do apologise if I do sound and maybe look a little bit groggy because I
do have a bit of a cold but I really wanted to film this video so we’re just
going to power through I’m going to use this little flat brush just to apply it on
I’m going to slightly like carve out my brows at the same time but I can always
make them look a little bit better later on and then I’m just going to use my Beauty
Blender to blend a little bit better for eyeshadows I’m going to use the
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern renaissance palette because I haven’t
used this in ages but do you really want to pick this up a
little bit more so I’m going to start with burnt orange I want to keep this eye look
quite simple in the fact that I’m not using a lot of shadows but I do want it
to be quite dramatic at the same time so I’m just taking a big fluffy brush and
this is going to be our transition shade so I’m working this into the crease I
always end up taking a little bit on the outer corner as well because we are kind
of going from dark to light and I’ve been wanting to do like a copper glitter
eye shadow look for so long and it is going to be New Year’s Eve so I
thought that would be like the perfect opportunity I always see a transition shade as the
colour that is going to help blend out all the other shades that you’re going to
use especially the darker ones it’s going to help make a nice gradient so I
always take my time in buffing the transition shades out so they are really
seamless but you can come back later on and work on them it really doesn’t
matter it’s just however you prefer to apply them I’m just going to pick up like
a medium brown shade I’m just using this one from the Kylie Cosmetics is this the bronze palette
yeah this one is the bronze palette because I don’t want you to realgar
because it is a little bit too orange and cypress umber I’m going to use later on
because that one is quite dark so I’m just going in with a tiny bit of that
one it’s like a reddish brown you could use like cocoa bear from makeup geek or
something like that because I don’t want this to be too like warm at orange
because I do eventually when I get round to it want to do a red smokey eye
so and don’t want everything to be like to samey so I want this to be more
focused on the browns and then the copper in the inner corner so I’m
basically going in exactly the same places with this I’m just not blending
it up as high as the first transition shade we used I’ve also switched to
like a slightly smaller brush as well so all I’m doing is just going back and
forth and just letting the brush blend everything out for me I’m not blending
upwards I’m just keeping it following in the socket just going side to side so now
we are going to go in with a cypress umber I’m taking the same brush that we
just used and all I’m doing is patting this first on the outer part of the lid
and then with any access that is when I’m going to go into the crease with it
and I’m using a really light hand because I don’t really want that much in
the crease but I do want it to look quite seamless
then I’m just quickly going back in with that shade for one second and I’m just
darkening up the crease a little bit with this one I do you feel like the more
times you go in with a shadow and just really carefully build it up layer by
layer the more seamless are the more blended your eyeshadow will look so I
think just taking your time is key and then once more going back and
just doing the exactly the same steps all over again but I’m not bringing this
into the crease anymore I’m just patting it on the outer part of the lid okay so
now I’m just going over the lid with a bit of concealer this is where the
copper eyeshadow and glitter is going to be you don’t have to cut the crease at all
if you think that’s going to be a little bit more difficult you can just wet your
brush and apply your eyeshadow just straight over the top of this I’m not
amazing at all at doing this but I do find it makes your eyeshadow pop just a
little bit more so it is worth just trying it out I’m using a small flat brush and
the same concealer that I used earlier you are basically just outlining your
natural crease or you could go a little bit higher with the concealer and then
just filling it in that’s all you are doing so over the top I’m going to use a
copper eyeshadow the only one that I’ve got is this one here from the Jaclyn
Hill palette all the rest that I’ve got are a bit more on the gold side so I’m
going to use that one I have already sprayed my brush as well with some fix+
I’m also using a flat brush because I just find it a bit more precise and then just to help blend over where those two
meet I’m going back in with that reddish-brown blending over where
those two meet okay now moving on to the glitter I’m going to use the nyx
glitter glue with that glitter as well this is in the shade number four it’s a
really nice copper I’m going to apply the glitter glue literally everywhere
all over this copper eyeshadow and a little bit where it ends as well just so
it kind of tapers off and I’m concentrating most of it on this inner
corner it is so nice and sparkly and then when you feel like you have enough
on this inner section any excess just pat over to this side and it’ll just
taper off nicely over that darker shadow and then I’m going back in with
cypress umber and just patting it on this very outer corner okay so I
don’t feel that we’re going to be making a much more mess now so I’m going to clean
all this off and sharpen up this line as we do that and I’m going to do the
rest of my face now before I finish the eyes so I’m gonna use the Milani two in
one conceal and perfect foundation and concealer for my concealer I’m using it the same
Maybelline age rewind I’m also going to use this to sharpen up those
edges as well with that foundation as I forgot to say I mixed the shades six
and two and again just bouncing that in
with my beauty blender sometimes I find it easier to blend my concealer
with a little brush when it gets closer to my eyes because I like a full
coverage under my eyes but in here it does get quite creasy so the brush kind
of like sheers it out a little bit for me and like stops some of the creasing in
there I’m going to set my under eyes first this is the Laura Mercier
translucent powder I’m going to contour with this stick from Rimmel in the shade
medium I’m just setting the rest of my face
with that powder and sharpen up that contour for bronzer I’m using MAC give me Sun and I do like
to use mine as a blush as well so I always bring it up onto my cheeks I’m
just gonna use a little bit of luminoso to add just a little bit of colour okay
so my camera battery went dead so while I was waiting for it literally
all’s I’ve done is applied my mascara and lashes the lashes I’ve used are the
Koko lashes Amore to finish the under eyes I’m going to first
use the coaster riche pencil from Mac and I’m just going to line my waterline with
this and then on a little flat definer brush
I’m going take cyprus umber which was that really dark brown I’m going to press
this right into my bottom lash line and I’m joining it up with this outer
flick that we’ve created as well and then I’m using the brown from the Kylie
palette and just blending underneath then finally I’m taking a really light
fluffy brush with burned orange and just going right underneath okay I feel
like I’m using like a hundred different palettes but I really don’t mean to I
just don’t have what I want all in one so now I’m going to use the Carli bybel
Palette I just want this gold shade here because it’s my favorite highlights at
the moment and I also want to use it for my inner corner I’m just putting that
into the inner corner and then I’m also going to highlight up here with that as
well and then I’m going to use this to highlight my cheeks as well I’ve also
just realised I forgot to do bottom lash mascara so I am using the selfie
lash from Tanya burr so for lips I’m going to use the Kylie cosmetics lip kit
in the shade Exposed I’m hoping this isn’t gonna be too light I don’t think it will so that completes this copper glitter smokey eye
tutorial whatever I’m gonna call it I really hope you enjoyed it let me know
if you did down in the comments below and please give it a big thumbs up as well
and subscribe and I will see you in my next one bye


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