Easy Gold Foil (with Laminator)

Easy Gold Foil (with Laminator)

Hi there everyone! It’s Jennifer. A few days
ago I shared a video where I showed 5 easy ways to add gold foil to your projects. There
were 5 very different ways. The 5th technique was my favorite and the one that I got the
most questions about. So I thought I’d show more detail here today. This technique of
adding gold foil uses a laser printer and a laminator. Now don’t let that intimidate
you. It’s very easy to do; I’m going to show you how today. The results are fantastic.
You can see the intricate gold foil that that I get again the card stock here in any image
that you would want. There are other colors of foil to if you don’t want to use gold.
In this video I will show you very easy way to create an image that you can print on your
own. Now you need to use a laser printer. A printer with toner in it in order for this
technique to work. I have a very inexpensive laser printer at home. Just a black and white
laser printer. I’ll link to the one that I use. It works great for this technique. However,
if you do not have a laser printer you can take your image to like a Kinko’s and they
can print it for you with the toner that’s necessary to do this. So it’s very easy. You
will also need a laminator, but I use just an inexpensive one and it works great. I’ll
show you that in this video also. This technique actually has been around for a long time and
is nothing new, but I will warn you that it extremely addictive. I’m finding myself wanting
to print out all kinds of things and adding foil to it, because the results are so fantastic.
The most challenging part of this is creating a print out. Something to print like this
birthday wishes message. If you don’t use photo shop or illustrator or have any kind
of software like that it may seem intimating. In this video I’m just going to show you how
you can open up an image in word, resize it there and change it into black and white and
then just print it right to a laser printer or you can take it to Kinko’s to have them
print it for you. By the way this technique will not work with an inkjet printer. Okay
so I’m going to show you how to download a free printable, open it up in word and change
it just to get it ready for this technique. I’m going to be using this circle of words
that you see here. Now, keep in mind that there are many ways to do what I’m about to
show you, but I wanted to be able to show you how to do this in Word. Okay, so let’s
go download our free printable. I got this from Studio Calico. I’ll put a link in the
YouTube description below. I love their downloads. Their digital downloads. You just go into
shop and then go to digital. Many websites have digital sections so I encourage you to
look around. What’s nice is here they have lots of free ones. So I’m going to go down
to free and you can see lots of things pop up. The first printable is the one that we
are actually going to use. This is a Valentine’s Day printable. I filmed this before Valentine’s
Day, but didn’t get around to the voice over until after Valentine’s Day, but I think it
works all year round. What you need to do is add this to your cart and then you go and
you check out as if you were buying something, but it doesn’t actually charge you so you
just sign in and check out and then you’ll be able to download this printable and save
it to your desktop. This adorable image has lots of great colors that you could print
and color and hang on the wall if you wanted to or could use it on a card, but I’m going
to show you how to re-size it and turn it into a black image so that you can print it
out on your black laser printer and use the technique I’m going to show you today. So,
I’m opening this up in Word because this is a software that many of us have. You go to
the top and click insert and then picture and then do from file. You find that file
that we just downloaded. I have it on my desktop. Go down and choose that one and then click
insert. So I’m just opening this picture up in a word document. Just because this is a
software that many of us have. So now I can take these little corners and I can drag it
either bigger or smaller. I’m going to drag this a little bit smaller here, because I
want to use this on a card. Again you could open this up in any kind of photo editing
software and work with it, but I wanted to show you in Word, because many of us have
this software. Now when I print this for this technique I want the image to be solid black
or really dark so I get a lot of that toner on my paper for the technique. So I don’t
want this to print in gray. So I am going to go under Format and then choose picture
and then all these options come up. I’m going to click the option again that says Picture
here. This will allow me to covert this to a really dark almost black image. So I am
going to click Picture and I’m going to take the brightness and drag it all the way to
the left, all the way down. That makes my image dark. There are other ways to covert
this to just a black line image, but I thought this was the quickest to go with today. So
now I’m going to click okay and this guy is ready to go. I can print this on my laser
printer and then onto just white card stock or whatever color card stock I want and it
will be good to use for our technique. If you don’t have a laser printer you could just
save this on to a little thumb drive and take it to Kinko’s and they can print it for you.
You can use a copier machine too. So if you have an image and you just want to Xerox copy.
Copy machines often have the toner that’s needed for this technique. So I’m just going
to go ahead and print this to my laser printer on to some Neenah white card stock. There
you can see the results here. So I’m just going to trim this down so that it’s ready
for a card. Believe it or not we are almost done with the foiling technique at this point.
The next thing we need is the laminator. There are many laminators out there and you can
try whatever laminator you may have with the technique we are using today. I have found
that this Royal Sovereign is very inexpensive and works very well with this technique. So
this is one that I would recommend. I’ve had great success with it and it has a release
button in the back too. So if your piece has gone through far enough for the technique
you can pull it out. It kind of releases it. It has two settings, both settings actually
work with the technique we are doing today. Next you need some foil. Some transfer foil.
I’ve been using Deco Foil. This is from Therm O Web. It’s kind of hard to find these days,
because it’s in high demand again. But this comes in many colors, it’s inexpensive. There’s
a lot in one roll and I just absolutely love it. The shine is beautiful. I have also found
success in Ranger’s foil. So that is another one that you can try. But here you can see
that there’s many sheets of this inside the roll. So I cut a piece of the gold that’s
big enough to cover our image here. You want to put it so that the color that you want
is facing up. So the matte silver side is facing down. My laminator is warmed up. The
little ready button is showing here. I’m taking a piece of typing paper. This is just going
to be a carrier sheet. I’m folding it in half and I’m going to put my printed piece and
the piece of foil inside that carrier sheet. I’m going to run this through the laminator.
It just takes a couple minutes for it to works its way through the machine. It slowly goes
through, puts pressure and heat on it and does the gold transfer for us. Now, if you
don’t have a laminator you can use an n iron, but I don’t think the results are nearly as
good as you get with a laminator. I think this laminator is only $20 and I’ve used it
for many different things in our house. You can see the carrier sheet starting to come
out the other side of the laminator and once you’re sure your gold piece is all the way
through you can release it or you can just let it ride all the way through. I’m just
going to wave this a little bit until it’s cool and then I just peel off the foil and
check it out. Everywhere there was toner I now have gold foil. Check out the negative
space too. You could glue this onto a project. I think that’s beautiful also. I just think
this is gorgeous and so easy to do. I wanted to also show you I did this with a teal color
too. Look how beautiful this is also. These foils come in many colors, even rainbow. So
you can get a lot of pieces in one of the packages and use it for many many projects.
Now this is another download that I got from Studio Calico. It says Birthday Wishes. If
you want to you could just use your on fonts and create your own messages in Word and then
print them out. On this one I decided I wanted to do two colors of foil. So I’m doing the
teal and the gold. I just kind of positioned them where I want them to be and then put
them in the carrier sheet and run them through the laminator. By the way I wanted to say
a little bit more about the laser printer. The laser printer I use is one that I’ve had
for a long time. It’s an inexpensive black and white Brother Laser printer. It’s the
one that I use for my everyday printing. For all the school stuff and things like that,
so I didn’t buy a printer just for this technique. It’s a good printer to have just on hand anyways.
So it works for this technique and that makes it even better. You just peel off the foil
and check it out; you can get multi colors with this technique too. I just think that
is beautiful. I have one more example here. This is another download from Studio Calico.
So keep in mind that anything that you can print on to a laser printer. So any download
or anything that you type up, anything at all. You can turn into foil using this technique.
I also want to mention that this technique may vary from printer to printer and laminator
to laminator, so you just need to try it out. If you find that you have a laser printer
and the foil isn’t transferring completely you may want to try printing it at a higher
quality, so that it puts out more of the toner and that may give you better results. So let’s
go ahead and turn this one into a card here. I have a 5″x5″ card base that I’ve created.
I’ve also cut a piece of white Fun Foam, that’s a little bit smaller then my foil panel here.
That’s just going to give it some nice even dimension. So I’m putting adhesive on to the
two areas, putting the Fun Foam in between them to sandwich it in there. You can see
it gives it a little bit of dimension. Then glue that onto my card. I just love that white
on white with the bit of dimension. Keeps it simple and let’s that gold foiling shine.
I also wanted some simple embellishments on here, so I die cut a bunch of red foil hearts.
This is just some red foil card stock, from Die Cuts with a View and I’m adding them with
some Foam Tape and some Multi Medium. This is a great liquid adhesive. Just kept this
simple with the red hearts up against the gold. These would be great cards to like mass
produce for the Holidays, because you can print off a bunch do all the laminating and
then just add simple embellishments. On this one I did a gold foil mat. This is the Gold
Foil card stock that I like from Die Cuts with a View. It comes in a lot of beautiful
colors and it matches nicely with the foiling technique. I did a little heart on this one
too and kept it quite simple. Now for the blue piece that I showed you earlier. I went
ahead and die cut a large heart from it and this I’m just going to keep like this and
write a note on the back of it and stick it in my son’s lunchbox. I think that when you
have all that shine you really don’t need to do much else and you have a finished project.
This technique becomes very addictive. But it can also save the day. I wanted to tell
you a funny story. The other day I found out last minute that my two year olds class was
actually doing a valentines exchange and they’re Montessori. I didn’t know it and I needed
to come up with something quickly. I can’t really do store bought, since I make cards
for a living so I decided to use this technique. I went online. I found a Hello Kitty coloring
page, a free download online and I downloaded it and then I went in and I added the words
Happy Valentine’s Day From Lila. I printed out a bunch of them with my laser printer
on white card stock. Then I put pink and purple foil on it and laminated them and then just
glued it on pink card stock. In 45 minutes I had all 15 Valentine’s done and my daughter
was thrilled and I was happy to use this fun technique. So there you have it, lots of information
on how you can use your laser printer along with gold foil to create really awesome results.
If you’re interested in the products I use, I link them below in my YouTube description.
You can head over to my blog at jennifermcguireink.com where I have a lot more information. If this
video is helpful, please let YouTube know by giving it a thumbs up and I hope you’ll
return again soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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