EASY GOLD GUIDE 2019 ► 50 Gold in 30 Minutes Daily | Guild Wars 2 | Beginners’ Friendly

EASY GOLD GUIDE 2019 ► 50 Gold in 30 Minutes Daily | Guild Wars 2 | Beginners’ Friendly

You can make a lot of Gold in Guild Wars 2, even if you are lazy I am going to share with you 10 tips to make quick and easy Gold, up to 50 gold daily in only half an hour. You don’t need to invest any gold at all to do this; you don’t need any skill. These tips are very beginner friendly. However, if you want more ways to farm Gold, you can check out my How I Make Gold Video; link is in the description Subtitles are available on multiple languages so be sure to activate them (on the YouTube settings). Let’s go. I have exactly 10 THOUSAND GOLD. I am going to share my daily routine with you, and we will see how much I earn with it. First Tip: Just log in each day. Yes, you don’t even have to play, just log in and you will earn a Daily Reward Chest. The login rewards follow a specific cycle where each day you log in, you get a specific reward. The cycle repeats itself after 28 claimed rewards. And the rewards are VERY cool. Especially 2 of them. First : mystic coins. You will earn 20 Mystic Coins in a month. This is about 25 gold. Second thing : Laurel. You will earn 55 Laurels in a month. 35 from the regular daily rewards, and 20 more in the final chest (if you pick the Bag of Laurels option). And you can make a lot of Gold with the Laurels. Just go to this NPC, in the PvP Lobby. You can buy expensive crafting materials with them. Purchase the Heavy bags from the NPC, open them and sell them. You can make about 40 gold in a month selling these materials. Let’s come back to my Daily Routine. Today, my login reward is 10 laurel. Let’s convert them into Gold. That’s 5 free gold for today. You can also earn 2 additional gold by completing the Daily Achievements. This is very fast to do, especially the PvP Dailies. In addition, you also earn Spirit Shards, I will explain later how to convert them into gold. I already earned 7 gold, in 9 minutes. Let’s go to the next step. Alt Parking. If you have multiple characters, you can just place them at the end of a Jumping Puzzle, near the End Chest. End-Chest rewards reset every day. Log in each day on the parked characters, take the chest rewards, and then switch characters to go to another End-Chest. Here are my 6 favorite spots where you can park your alts and gather quick rewards every day To get there, you can complete the jumping puzzle normally, or you can use the Teleport to Friend item, or use a Mesmer portal 🙂 If you are lucky you can make a decent amount of gold, in only 1 minute. The End Chest from Living Story Maps also offers specific map rewards, like here, you can use them. I will explain you later how to convert this into gold. Next Step: Home Instance. You can unlock lots of Nodes in your Home Instance from Achievements, from Trading Post (with Gold), and from the GemStore. If your Home Instance is not full, you can join a friend’s full instance, or find an open Home Instance with the LFG Tool. You only need your gathering tools to collect everything, but remember you can upgrade your permanent tools with glyphs. I use the Volatile Magic Glyph. You can earn a few gold in only few minutes if you do it daily; it’s a very nice bonus. Two tips here: first, you can harvest some of the Living Story Nodes to earn some Volatile and Unbound Magic. This magic can be converted to gold. I will explain how to do this, later. Second tip: you can use the Hero Point on your Home Instance, if you have one, to create a single Charged Quartz. For this, you need to have 25 Quartz Crystal inside your inventory. Charged Quartz can be crafted only once daily. You can make some nice profit with it, I will explain how to do this later in the crafting Chapter. Also remember, if you have a Guild with an upgraded Guild Hall, you should visit it daily, because there are also some Nodes in there to collect Here is what I gathered today in my home Instance AND Guild hall, this is 4 gold in 3 minutes. Now, Daily Crafting. Some items have a time gate which limits the number of times an item can be crafted in a period of time. This is usually for high level crafting materials like ectoplasm refinement. The purpose of time gating is to make crafting valuable for players who have invested into crafting. All items have a limit of one per day (that is once daily) I am going to tell you the 5 items I craft each day, to make decent profit. The first one is Time-Gated because of the Charged Quartz. remember, I told you earlier in the Home Instance section to craft it. You can make 1 gold profit with this recipe : Ley Line tool infused. Just craft it, & sell it. You just made 1 gold. I also craft a Heat Stone: you craft it with tailor, & earn somewhere between 1 and 3 gold. It is very important to NEVER sell instantly on the trading post: always offer at a higher price or you may lose gold. When you craft something, always check the item’s price on the trading post. Because, when I make this guide, it is profitable to craft & sell this item, but in few months, or even tomorrow, it may change. Also, remember this is not the only Time-Gated Craft you can make; there is much more than 5 profitable items In addition, I craft 3 others things. They are account bound, but they allow me to craft other ascended materials that I can sell for good profit. I craft a Lump of Mithrillium, which is used to craft (and later sell) Deldrimor Steel Ingots I also craft a Spool of Silk Weaving Thread, which is used to craft (and later sell) Bolts of Damask I also craft a Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, which is used to craft (and later sell) sell Elonian Leather Squares Crafting is done, I and I made 6 gold in 3 minutes. Next step : Volatile & Unbound Magic. Unbound Magic is the currency for the maps from Living Story Season 3, and Volatile Magic is the currency for the maps from Living Story Season 4. Thanks to harvesting the Living Story Nodes in your Home Instance, you will have earned some of both Magics, which you can convert into Gold. First, for Volatile Magic, go to the Istan map, speak to the NPC near the Waypoint. You can buy the Trophy Shipment and make some nice profit. Here, I am lucky, I got FIFTEEN TIER 6 materials. I can just sell them and a 1 gold profit. For Unbound Magic, go to the Ember Bay map, speak to the NPC near the Waypoint, same thing. Unbound Magic is less profitable than Volatile Magic, but this is still about 1 gold profit. I just won, 2 gold in only 1 minute, thanks to Magic currencies. What about Karma? You can make quick, easy gold thanks to Karma. Pact Supply Network Agents are special karma merchants that become available by training the third level of the Pact Commander mastery. Unlocking Tyrian masteries requires a Guild Wars 2 expansion. There are six merchants in total, one per region of Tyria. Each of them moves to a different location every day. You may only purchase one item per vendor per day for Karma. To know the location of these merchants each day, simply visit the Guild Wars 2 Wikipedia (link in description), and copy-paste the Waypoint’s in-game link from the Wiki to the game. Then, go to each location. Pact Supply Merchants have a specific logo on the map. You can buy one Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials from each merchant for a total of 6 per day. This item can be converted into gold: Double click on it and you will gain map rewards (which you can sell). Rewards depend of the specific map, check the wiki to know which map is the most profitable; link in description. Here, I earned nearly a bit more than one gold, in only 3 minutes You can make this, each day. Daily converters. Converters are a type of gizmo that provides bonus rewards in exchange for a currency or item. However, some of them are useless, and some other cost a lot of gold to earn. I am going to show you only the easy-to-get converters: they don’t cost any gold, and you only have do make events to acquire them. If you want to know how to get each of them, links are available in the description. The good news is that they can convert your useless trash such as bloodstone, empyreal fragments, and dragonite ore, into gold. Just make sure you have some of the mentioned trash inside your inventory and double click on the converter. You can use them only a limited amount of times per day. Look at all the loot I got. Most of them are trash but there are also some cool things, such as rare weapons, or Charged Lodestones In only 1 minute, I made nearly 4 gold thanks to Daily Converters. Spirit Shards are a currency you gain each time you level up with a character that is already at the maximum level. You also gain 3 Spirit Shard each time you complete your Daily Achievements. This currency can be traded with Myani, near the mystic forge, for Philosophers Stone. Use Philosophers Stones with other components in mystic forge to create more expensive items, and sell them to make profit. First, I’m going to buy some Crystalline Dust and tier 5 Blood, then I will transform them into Tier 6 thanks to philosophers stones. The link to all available recipes, is in description. I am buying at the lower price than the materials I need. Now I just need to combine everything into the Mystic forge. Let’s speed this up. 5 minutes later, I got more than 600 TIER 6 BLOOD. Let’s sell them, at the highest price available Here is the gold, I just earned 30 gold in only few minutes, and with only 50 Spirit Shards. If you don’t play a lot, you won’t have so many Spirit Shard, but they are very easy to get, you only need to play the game. VERY IMPORTANT: not all tier upgrade recipes are worth it. Always check price on trading post, & calculate if you can make a profit or not. VERY IMPORTANT RULE REMINDER. To prevent you from losing out on gold and optimize your profit. NEVER INSTANTLY SELL OR BUY ON THE TRADING POST. Always buy at a lower price & sell at a higher price than instantly. Just be patient and you will save A LOT OF GOLD 🙂 LAST THING. It’s free. Some people, myself included, are doing giveaways on YouTube. You can participate if you want to. All you just need is good Luck, Crazy Luck, or a lot of Magic Find, and a few seconds of your time. I myself am doing a Legendary Weapon Giveaway Each month, so feel free to participate. Check the Description, there is a link to my current Giveaway. Good luck to all those who participate! Thanks for watching, I really hope this Guide will help you in-game. If you want more ways to get Gold, be sure to check my « How I Make Gold In Guild Wars 2 Video ». There is no daily cap on that Guide, and I explain the best way to farm Gold for both beginners and for more advanced players. Link is in the description Tell me in the comments section if you discovered new stuff thanks to my video 🙂 Be sure to subscribe and activate the Notification Bell! If you enjoy using Discord, feel free to join my Discord Community for all GW2 Players. there are already 2000 of us in the discord server, link in description. Don’t be shy 🙂 I now have a Patreon, If you want to support me and to help me to make more videos with better quality, you are more than welcome. Thanks everyone!


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    ► #1 – 0:40 – LOG IN DAILY

    ► #2 – 2:30 – ALT. PARKING
    Best Spot 1 – Searing Ascent : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Searing_Ascent_(jumping_puzzle)
    Best Spot 2 – Abbadon's Ascent :
    Best Spot 3 – Sorrows Eclipse Sanctuary (Underwater, farm Coral Nodes) : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sorrow%27s_Eclipse_Sanctuary
    Best Spot 4 – Tomb of the Primeval Kings (Multiples Chests) : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tomb_of_the_Primeval_Kings
    Best Spot 5 – Sanctum of Nabkha : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sanctum_of_Nabkha_(mini-dungeon)

    ► #3 – 3:30 – HOME INSTANCE

    ► #4 – 5:05 – DAILY CRAFT
    – Time-Gated Craft : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Category:Time_gated_recipes

    ► #5 – 7:15 – MAGIC CURRENCIES

    ► #6 – 8:20 – DAILY KARMA
    – Pact Supply Network Agent Location : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pact_Supply_Network_Agent
    – Map Rewards Profit : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Map_bonus_reward/profit

    ► #7 – 9:45 – DAILY CONVERTERS
    How to get converters : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Converter

    ► #8 – 10:55 – SPIRIT SHARD
    – Mystic Forge Recipe : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Philosopher%27s_Stone/crafting_materials

    ► #9 – 12:20 – TRADING POST ADVICE

    ► #10 – 12:45 – CURRENT UPDATED GIVEAWAY :
    – ETERNITY GIVEAWAY : https://youtu.be/qMRY2h-ktfw

    ► If you want another Gold Farming Guide : "How I Make Gold" Farm Guide : https://youtu.be/ScOrA6ylpFM

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